The new official Vogue logo PNG black in 2024. The latest Vogue black logo on a transparent background HD. The official Vogue Magazine logo in black colour.

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You can use the new Vogue logo and use it on your marketing materials, website or email signature as an effective way to promote your fashion business.

The new Vogue logo is used by fashion designers, fashion marketers and fashion business owners who are featured in the Vogue Magazine or website.

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The latest Vogue logo is one of the world’s most recognised fashion logos, bringing brand equity to the company: The new Vogue logo’s black version can easily compete with some of the world’s most popular logos, from top luxury high fashion brands to global fashion publishers’ logos.

Find below the new and latest official Vogue logo in black. Click on the Vogue logo black to see it full size

vogue logo png black

The new Vogue logo PNG black

The latest Vogue logo is much more than the name and the logo – it’s the emotional and cognitive connection Vogue has with its daily fashion fans.

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You can promote your business on Vogue by placing the Vogue logo black version in the following assets:

  • Your website. Add the Vogue logo icon on the header and footer of it.
  • Your printed marketing materials. Add the Vogue logo at the back of all your brochures.
  • Email signature. Add the Vogue logo below your email signature so it is easier for your customers and partners to find your brand on Vogue magazine or website.

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The Vogue logo black version is a great addition to a simple and minimalistic web page”


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Most fashion marketers use the latest Vogue logo black version to be added as a key part of their brands’ marketing visuals. Using the right Vogue magazine logo becomes particularly important for fashion sales and promotions you send out on key dates such as Valentine’s Day, Bicycle Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, End of the Year campaigns, January sales, Earth Day, Refugee Day, etc. As people will get bombarded and distracted with hundreds of fashion marketing messages during these celebrations, you should ensure your fashion images that include the Vogue logo look great.

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The new Vogue logo serves as a visual representation of the Vogue brand identity. The latest Vogue logo sumps up Vogue’s values, style and personality, creating an iconic and recognisable fashion symbol.

The latest Vogue logo is more than just a visual branding symbol; it’s an important marketing tool for building brand reputation and trust.

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