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Fashion is all about inspiring creativity, celebrating self-expression, and bringing joy into everyday life and so is marketing.

That’s why people love to share their personal fashion styles on social media, making digital marketing a perfect fit for fashion brands.

Both user-generated and branded content on social media gives fashion shoppers a playground of new ideas to try on. Social media – especially Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest –  have become fashion display windows where the thrill of discovery never ends, and where new looks can go viral in a heartbeat. From high-fashion looks to low-effort loungewear, social media is where fashion trends are being born.

Fashionistas are flocking to social media to fuel their creativity, and this trendsetting crowd is finding inspiration with every scroll.

Read on to learn how to connect with fashion buyers through vibrant content that tells your brand’s story—and gives fashion lovers exactly what they’re searching for.


Fashion influencers have distinctive attitudes and interests, and they’re right on the cutting edge of style. They stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and are always excited to try new products that fit and enhance their lifestyles.

Playful and expressive, their entertainment and social media habits reflect an inclination toward all things digital. Mobile is their go-to medium and digital is their primary channel for information. Compared to the average fashion buyer, fashion influencers are more likely to use social media to research products or find things to buy.

And no matter where on the planet these fashion stylish shoppers call home, their purchase behaviour is driven by similar motivations:

  • Speed and convenience: Fashion influencers don’t like to wait around when it comes to online shopping. They want it and they want it now. Easy-to-find buy buttons and live chat for support will give users the instant gratification that they crave.
  • Exclusive content and services: Trendy fashion influencers love to feel like they’re on the VIP list, with insider access that sets them apart. Exclusive perks create a sense of specialness that spills over from purchases into brand loyalty. Exclusive content is among the top three purchase drivers for them.
  • Always-on presence: Maintaining an always-on strategy to communicate with digital natives is the secret to winning their hearts. Fashion moves fast and style never stops evolving. The most beloved brands are always ready to provide new inspiration whenever a fashion influencer picks up their phone. With a combination of organic content and paid media, you can connect with the in-crowd on a continuous basis.


Discovery drives purchase behaviour on social media, where fashion shoppers find a constant stream of fun try-on videos, shopping hauls, novel challenges, and the latest trends.

Fashion brands can foster a new level of love with meaningful content on social media, their websites, email marketing, events and digital marketing campaigns. From videos by creators to spontaneous posts by your fans, social media can make your message resonate with the larger fashion shopping community.

Whether the content is focused on a product or an experience, it will make the greatest impact when it’s relatable, engaging, inspiring—and most of all, entertaining.


Product-focused videos hype up your products and demonstrate their value in exhilarating ways:

1. ⭐️ Must-haves & customer reviews

Reveal the reasons why they just can’t live without your product.

Louis Vuitton must have bag Instagram post

Louis Vuitton must-have bag Instagram post

2. 🛍 Unboxing & hauls

Shoppers flaunt their recent purchases and spark Christmas morning-style excitement for everybody who watches the video.

fashion marketing idea unboxing haul video

fashion marketing idea unboxing haul video Youtube

3. 🎟 Deals & promos

Users share their smartest tips for stretching your fashion budget—and looking good doing it.

big Sephora sale

big Sephora sale

4. 👗 Product styling

Demonstrate the different ways to wear or use a product while adding personal style.

Experience-focused videos highlight the diverse experiences behind your brand, from game-inspired shopping challenges to makeovers and behind-the-scenes action. Here are some tried-and-true formats popular on social media:

5. 🎬 Outfit transformations and styling

This genre of videos shows how to turn basic clothing items into unique, customised looks with accessories, cute pairings, plus the right shoes, makeup, and hair.

6. ♻️ #ThriftChallenge

Share clever ways to upcycle products, find new ways to use them, or DIY them into something else entirely. They may show you how to turn a tee-shirt into a tank top or how to create a pair of shorts from a hoodie.

7. 👨‍👧 #ClothesSwap

Two fashion customers switch multiple outfits, often with funny and ill-fitting results due to their different body sizes or genders. But sometimes the opposite is true: The clothes look great on both fashion influencers despite their physical differences—or maybe the swappers look so similar, they could be siblings. As with everything, variety rules and creativity is king.

8. 👠 #ShoeFlip

One example of several popular outfit transition challenges is when the user tosses a shoe up in the air or spins it on the ground and then transitions to catch the shoe on their foot wearing a totally different outfit or look. Endlessly satisfying to watch when synced to the right music, this challenge exploded in 2020 and continues to inspire.
This last trend is also celebrating the process or journey over the end result: rather than just showing off picture-perfect looks, the right fashion influencers love to contrast the way they looked beforehand and the steps they took to get ready, highlighting the effort and skill that went into their transformation.

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  • Transparency. your brand should express the human self, not a cold, faceless shopfront, but a team of real people sharing laughs, advice, looks, or workplace hijinks.
  • Similar values. fashion buyers like to support brands that share their outlook on life, so let your purpose shine through.
  • Incentives. From special discounts to exclusive extras, giving users extra motivation to engage with your brand can yield big results.
  • Inspiration. fashion buyers love it when brands put their personality and creativity on display in a way that’s helpful, enlightening, and entertaining.
  • Convenience. What’s the price? What’s the promo? fashion buyers want to be able to find this information easily and understand it at a glance.
  • Genuine partnerships. Authentic collaborations with fashion influencers and creators feel effortless and natural—they just make sense.


Some of the latest social media formats on Instagram or TikTok are suited for fashion lovers who are searching for the freshest styles. And your website and social media posts should make it easy for your brand to give fashion buyers what they want: convenience, exclusive content, and an always-on presence for right-now inspiration.

The same creativity and flair that fuels your fashion brand can make big waves in your marketing, where every piece of content, image or video has the potential to go viral. When it comes to content, the right fit can connect you with the global community of stylish shoppers browsing online and generate a whole new audience for your brand.

“Inspire creativity. Your fashion brand should let buyers create their own style”



  • Materials: Some of these brands may use cheaper synthetic materials that are harmful to the skin and body.
  • Fairtrade: Using suppliers who do not pay fairly to their workers.
  • Disposal: Using materials that cannot be recycled or upcycle or very hard to give them another life.
  • Setting unhealthy beauty standards. Paying top salaries to anorexic runway models who may also be suffering from eating disorders.

A quick question: Is your marketing bringing sales and profit for your business?

You can start a successful marketing strategy with clear and defined objectives that will make you grow your business.

In fact, a well-crafted marketing strategy will:

✔︎ Free up valuable time for you
✔︎ Make you produce far less but better quality marketing campaigns content
✔︎ It will increase sales, profit and brand equity

If you believe you have a creative, passionate and curious mind and you are seriously ready to grow your business, I invite you to craft a successful marketing strategy today!

I guarantee you will never go back to the same old way you were doing marketing. 😀

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best fashion hashtags Instagram

best fashion hashtags Instagram