Find below the world’s top 25 sports athletes on Instagram in 2024 list. The latest ranking list of the world’s top 25 most famous and popular sports people, players, celebrities and influencers on Instagram with the most followers.

By Mau, a Sports fan and a Senior Instagram Marketing Specialist at eDigital.


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25. Antoine Griezmann

Football – France – 41+ million followers

Antoine Griezmann is a professional football player currently playing for Atletico de Madrid F.C. Antoine Griezmann is surely one of the most popular football players on Instagram.

Antoine Griezmann wallpaper

Antoine Griezmann wallpaper

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24. Vinicius Jr

Football – Brazil – 43+ million followers

Vinicius Jr is a Brazilian-born football player. Vini is one of the best football left-wingers in Europe who currently plays for Real Madrid F.C.  The talented soccer player is one of the world’s top 10 most-followed footballers on Instagram. Vinicius has been a frequent victim of racial abuse mainly in Spain. 

Vinicius jr caricature cartoon Vini anti racial abuse ear plug sun glasses

Vinicius jr caricature cartoon Vini anti-racial abuse ear plug sunglasses

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23. Andres Iniesta

Football – Spain – 43+ million followers

Andres Iniesta football player three black kings cartoon

Andres Iniesta is a professional football player famous for his passing skills at Barcelona F.C. He currently plays for the J1 League club Vissel Kobe in Japan.

Back in January 2019, a controversy was created after he posted a photograph of himself with two people with black painted faces as part of Epiphany celebrations in Spain. He surely needs one of the best social media management services for football players.

22. MS Dhoni

Cricket – India – 46+ million followers

MS Dhoni Indian cricketer caricature

MS Dhoni Indian cricketer caricature

MS Dhoni is a professional cricket player. Passionate, humble and smart, MS Dhoni continues to win the hearts of many cricket fans. Dhoni still is among the front-runners of the Indian cricket team and brings in the rich experience of winning many tournaments.

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21. Conor McGregor 

Fighter – Ireland – 47+ million followers. (@thenotoriousmma)

Who does not know who Conor McGregor is? Is Conor a bad guy trying to do good things or is he a good guy who (sometimes) does bad things

He is notorious by name but more notorious by nature. The UFC fighter has had a roller coaster life. This Irish MMA fighter has sparked media attention for his verbal assaults, fights in public spaces, warrants for arrest, you name it.

McGregor has collaborated with top brands including Lamborghini boats, Road House movie, the popular Irish pub Mc&Sons in London, Forged Irish Stout drink and The Black Forge Inn bar in Dublin. 

Conor McGregor Irish Instagram UK

Conor McGregor Irish Instagram UK

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Some of these top 25 most popular sports athletes on Instagram have a large and dedicated fan base as fans often have a strong emotional connection with them.

Partnering with them can significantly increase your brand’s exposure as their followers are likely to pay attention to their endorsements and collaborations and they may be more inclined to make a purchase.

These sports stars are seen as role models and admired for their sports achievements and skills.

By selecting the right sports celebrity that aligns with your target audience, you can effectively reach and connect with your desired customer base.

When working with some of these top 25 sports athletes on Instagram, you should leverage their personal experiences, achievements, and values to tell a captivating narrative that resonates with your target audience.

Authenticity and relevance are vital for a successful collaboration with a sports athlete on Instagram.

You may want to consider the long-term impact of the partnership, as the association with one of the top 25 sports celebrities on Instagram can have lasting effects on your positive brand’s reputation and perception.

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