The best premium event sponsorship proposal template in 2024. Find below this top, exclusive and premium event sponsorship presentation template on Google Slides which has been carefully crafted to help you win high-pay sponsors for your next event.

Once you make a copy of this exclusive template on Google Slides, you can also download it as a PDF or PPT file in seconds.

Hundreds of event organisers and event marketers are using this professionally designed event Sponsorship Proposal Template to double or triple their sponsorship dollars!


You are about to find the best proposal structure I have been personally using for more than 10 years when crafting successful event sponsorship proposals.

What I discovered in this process was that most of the principles for writing a winning sponsorship proposal remain the same regardless of industries, company sizes and changes in the way brands connect with consumers.

However, one fact emerged:

You should always design a unique brand experience for your potential sponsor and have specific metrics defined to measure the success of your sponsor’s investment. It is in this format that you ensure you drive the best results for your sponsors and make it easy for sponsors to continue the partnership with you. 

That’s exactly what I do.

Whether I am about to run an event or meet a new potential sponsor; I will design a compelling event sponsorship proposal for my event. 

You know you have designed your event sponsorship proposal correctly when you offer tailored solutions and tactics that best reach, convert and nurture your sponsor’s most valuable audiences.

With our unique and premium template, you will be surprised at how easy it is to craft it. 

This exclusive template will take the complexity out of the process while it will show you how to successfully design an event sponsorship proposal even if you have never written one before.

In fact, the most popular comment I get from professionals who get this Premium template is:

Thank youI now realised how important and easy is to write an event sponsorship proposal with this template”

That’s right, being able to write a successful event sponsorship proposal is a powerful tool that will serve you for the rest of your life.


There is one simple reality: The most amazing events and the so-called “loyal” sponsors come and go.

Having the perfect event is not enough to get the right sponsor and professional event organisers – across different industries – are finding it hard to secure and maintain sponsorship dollars.

One of the hardest tasks about hosting an event is figuring out how to fund it as you will need cash to book a venue, hire entertainment, and promote your event.

Thus, you need to have a plan in place to finance your event.

Landing the best sponsors for your event will mean crafting a thoughtful sponsorship proposal.

This process will include treating your proposal like you would a great cover letter.

All great cover letters are written specifically for the job you are applying for, as should be the case with sponsorship proposals.

Each proposal you create should be tailored to the sponsor you hope to win.

Drafting a sponsorship proposal that is broad and vague is not going to attract anyone.

In summary, writing a winning event sponsorship proposal is important for attracting sponsors, communicating your event benefits effectively, showcasing professionalism and demonstrating the value of the event for the sponsor’s marketing/business goals. 


Sponsors will provide their money, brand or free products; expecting something in return.

That is where incentives come in.

The best way to incentivise sponsors is to offer them marketing in exchange for their sponsorship.

Make marketing a key part of your sponsorship negotiations. Just adding the sponsor’s name or logo on all professional banners and flyers or mentioning the event sponsor in all blogs, social media posts, or e-mail blasts about the event may not be sufficient.

Solution: Create a unique sponsor brand experience that no other event could offer to your potential sponsor.


If you’re a small brand with a loyal following should aim to partner with sponsors who appreciate that loyalty.

You can also team with a bigger company in your category or vertical (non-direct competitors) to make the sponsorship opportunity more attractive to larger sponsors.

Partnering with a well-known brand to host a unique event with you will make the process of finding sponsors easier.

funny sponsorship proposal template meme

funny sponsorship proposal template meme


Whether you’re running a small networking evening for 50 people or you need a 7-figure festival headline sponsor, the principles for a winning sponsorship pitch are the same. Below are some of our top tips and information you should include in your event sponsorship proposal:

  • Your Story. Create an emotional connection. A video execution will be the best option to tell your story.
  • Mission and Vision. As mentioned before this is a key part of making your sponsor understand why you are running the event.
  • Audience overlay. This is only achievable once you have met with your potential sponsor and you are sure and clear of the exact audience they want to reach.
  • Sponsorship investment. Describe how you are going to use the sponsorship dollars.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: what exact exposure and brand engagement activities you will offer?
  • Testimonials. Add a few past partners and sponsor testimonials who can tell a great story about working with you.
  • Clear contact details. Make it easy for your potential sponsor to contact you.

Get our customisable Event Sponsorship Proposal Template and open the doors to more, better and more premium sponsorship opportunities! This template offers a winning structure used by some of the World’s Top Event Organisers to consistently land high-paying event sponsorship deals.

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This template gave us so much value as we were not sure how to structure a compelling yet simple sponsorship story. Thank you. 

Zoe C. ✅ Verified purchaser


event sponsorship proposal template google slides

event sponsorship proposal template google slides


The cool thing about this premium Sponsorship Proposal template on Google Slides is that you can offer exclusive “view” access to your clients this way no one else has access to it.

You can also download it as a PowerPoint file if you want to. Most users like to keep it on Google Slides as the benefit of editing it from anywhere, even from your phone (using the Google Slides App), the instructions are within the template.

This premium template on Google Slides (perfect for cross-team collaboration) includes:

✅ “Event Intro” slide
✅ “About the Event Organiser” slide
✅ “Past events’ achievements” slide
✅ “About the Event Participants” slide
✅ “Event Marketing & Promotional Plan” slide
✅ “PR & Influencers Strategy” slide
✅ “Social Media Reach Plan” slide
✅ “Supporting Partners” slide
✅ “Sponsorship Packages” slide
✅ “Call to action” slide (offering “Tripwires” hooks)
✅ “Contact Info” slide
✅ “FAQ’s” slide


  • Receive this exclusive How to get companies to sponsor your event” Guide in which I personally share with you my top 11 secret tips to secure multi-million dollar sponsorship deals even before you start writing your sponsorship proposal. By reading this exclusive guide you will save tons of time and avoid the most common mistakes even professional event organisers do when trying to attract companies to sponsor their events.
  • Event budget template. When you purchase this template you will also get a professionally crafted Event Budget Template on Google Sheets ready for cross-team collaboration. This event budget template includes separate sheets and charts for projected and actual budgets and a sheet for comparison of your projected and actual expenses.
event budget spreadsheet template

event budget spreadsheet template

Yes, that’s right! you will get two templates for the price of one!

This premium template can also be used when re-engaging current sponsors.

The last thing you want is for your sponsors to fully pull or reduce sponsorship dollars from your event.

Hard-to-get sponsors can decide to withdraw sponsorship from you even if they are not presented with the right information, insights or results from their latest participation.

It is important you have your sponsorship proposal template updated and not just copy-paste what you presented the last time.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Save me time

This template proved to be highly reusable, iterative and easy to use. Happy with it. 

Jono G. ✅ Verified purchaser

best event sponsorship proposal template banner

best event sponsorship proposal template banner


While there might be other far “cooler” presentation tools you could use; first and foremost you want to ensure all recipients can easily open and access your event sponsorship proposal.

Google Slides presentations are fast and easy to access and most marketers and business owners ( the decision-makers for sponsorship dollars) are familiar with them.

You can create a great first impression by offering your event sponsorship opportunities in a format that it is easy for potential sponsors to receive, open and pass to other stakeholders.

Top benefits of using Google Slides for your Event Sponsorship Proposal:

  • Access your presentation from anywhere in the World. Just log in to your Google account.
  • Send a link to your presentation, instead of sending a heavy email with the presentation attached to it. Sometimes presentations with heavy images affect deliverability and recipients will not receive your Event Sponsorship Pitch Deck.
  • Google Slides software offers hundreds of very useful add-ons such as Unsplash (free stock photography) and others.
  • Craft your “only one” Master Template on Google Slides and replicate your master presentation template into different unique proposals for unlimited potential sponsors.
  • Google Slides presentations are fantastic for cross-team collaborations as you can grant access to key stakeholders who can input into your presentation ie. event managers, designers, creative agencies, marketing assistants, event assistants, etc.

✪ Expert tips:

  • Print and test. Some sponsorship deal decisions are taken by mutual agreement of different stakeholders so you need to also ensure your Google Slides presentation looks nice even if it is printed in black and white.
  • Drip emails. Once a potential sponsor has been met and all information given, including your sponsorship proposal and/or your sponsorship pack, let them digest all the information and set an automated drip email campaign with information about how your event is progressing and the new signed sponsors. These drip emails will create trust as they will know how your event planning is progressing.
  • Be flexible: Not all new potential sponsors are ready to give you the money you want. For example, once you get confirmation a potential sponsor is no longer interested, make sure you call them to find out the reasons. They may want to join your event but for a much lower fee. Maybe you can offer them a lower (basic) sponsorship package. This is especially important if you are running a new event. The key is to earn their trust.
  • Move on fast. Secure a meeting with your next potential sponsor.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Easy to customise

We fine-tuned this template for our own sponsorship packages and we managed to reach our sponsorship sales target!

Lucy H. ✅ Verified purchaser


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A well-crafted sponsorship proposal allows you to identify and approach sponsors who are a great fit for your event. By clearly defining your event goals and target audience, you can seek sponsors whose brand values align with yours, leading to more strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships.

By continually refining and improving your sponsorship proposal, you can increase its effectiveness in securing sponsorships over time.

eDigital can help you conceptualise, plan, develop, run and optimise successful marketing campaigns that generate sales for your event.


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