The top 10 social media marketing trends in 2024 list. The best and latest global social media marketing predictions, movements and new developments in 2024.

By Mau. Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at eDigital.


Thousands of marketers in some of the top fastest-rowing industries are looking for new possibilities, movements and shifts driving social media in 2024.

Our best Instagram virtual assistants are sharing below some of the top social media trends marketers can expect in 2024.

And, whether your customer service has not been that great or your brand is yet to meet your marketing objectives, becoming aware of the best social media trends in 2024 is a great way to increase brand preference and trust which ultimately will boost leads, sales, profits and brand equity.

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Social media will be the stage to showcase the diverse groups of global consumers in 2024.

Celebrating human diversity will be a top trend on social media for 2024 and acknowledging any groups based on ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, religious beliefs, age and physical or mental abilities/disabilities will be a top trend on social media.

Harry Styles fashion dress popular British singer

Harry Styles fashion dress popular British singer

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Both marketers and consumers will use social media in 2024 to promote a diverse group of customers enjoying their favourite brands.

Mark Bryan genderless fashion freedom no gender mutable identity

Mark Bryan – genderless fashion – no gender freedom –  mutable identity – 600k+ followers on Instagram

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Zaachariaha Fielding genre defying Australian music artist

Zaachariaha Fielding genre-defying Australian music artist – Electric Fields music female brothers duo

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Parade, an NYC-based women’s lingerie brand that knew most women were not really enjoying visiting lingerie outlets. The brand celebrates all types of women who just want comfy undies.

Cherie Louise Parade lingerie Instagram

Cherie Louise Parade lingerie Instagram

A brand’s social media ads that are constantly showing the same type of people or bias towards a specific look may feel miles away from potential customers.

Think twice before using a specific modelling talent style. For example, you are about to hire only white, straight, thin and young models for your next photoshoot or video.

In a bid to reach younger audiences, Clinique launched a TikTok campaign called #ZitHappens to remove the stigma that surrounds acne. According to this popular skincare brand: Clinique; this campaign not only reached new audiences but also boosted sales.

Clinique #zithappens TikTok campaign acne face

Clinique #zithappens TikTok campaign acne face

Clinique created the #ziphappens campaign after noticing organic conversations about skin positivity on TikTok, as well as conversations about maskne or acne that develops from wearing a face mask. The campaign was run in partnership with HerCampus, a global network of college women.

Example: 19/99 is a Canadian beauty brand that launched during the pandemic and has already caught a lot of attention for staying true to its word of being age-inclusive. As its name indicates, all products are made for women between the ages of 19 and 99. A simple scroll through their Instagram feed will show you just how generationally inclusive this new brand is.

19:99 ethnic and age inclusive cosmetic beauty brand

19/99 ethnic and age-inclusive cosmetic beauty brand

There is a new breed of model agencies representing models with disabilities, visible differences, alternative appearances & LGBTQIA talent such as Zebedee Talent Agency and others. Alternatively, you can also hire some of the best animation artists on Instagram to create a graphic that conveys the same message.


Queensland Tourism on Instagram is well known for only depicting blond hair white “body fit” females wearing the same fedora hats, while the type of people – I saw while travelling around QLD – were actually local and travel women from different ethnicities, wearing “non-trendy” styles, at different life stages and comfortable with their unique body shapes.

“It seems Tourism QLD got some young models out of Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC and flew them over down under with their fedora hats to be featured on its social media posts. They probably want to just reach that demographic: white fit young women from developed countries. Other non-white-skin travellers may not be that important” a marketer told me. 


For many years, content pieces have been created by marketing teams or agencies and then shared on social media in order to drive connections with customers.

In 2024, marketers will work the other way around.

Marketers will be offering the tools, space or budgets required for customers to create the experiences they want with their brands and let customers decide how those experiences will be curated, staged, documented and shared.

Tip: dig deeper into your customers’ skills, stories, issues and challenges. Invite customers to take the lead for the content you want them to share on social media.

classic tales VANS video series customer funny stories Youtube

Classic tales VANS video series customer funny stories Youtube

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In 2024, professional marketers will take a step back, challenge their own assumptions about the social media platforms they are using and rethink what social media platforms are best to grow their brands.

The key will be to defy distractions that prevent you from making smart decisions about the time, resources and investment you put in on social media marketing.

As driving real business value from social is the top priority, marketers will push back against unjustified expectations to do everything on every platform.

A well-executed social media audit will unlock marketers’ top-performing channels based on ROI, and focus their attention on those—and only those top social media platforms hitting their marketing goals.

A social media audit should also help single out the platforms that may be doing more harm than good – in other words – eating up a lot of your time but not giving you results that make it worthwhile.

If you find any major flops, it may be time to scale back on those channels or even shut down those accounts. But these decisions shouldn’t be made lightly, share your findings with key stakeholders within your organisation so you can make the call together.

Surely, we will not be surprised to see some marketers abandoning one or two social media platforms altogether.

Focusing only on a few social media platforms will give you more time with the platforms that make the cut—time to understand their audiences, experiment with content to see what resonates (what content increases engagement), do social listening, stay on top of trends and algorithms, and get up to speed with all their new features. Because mastering a few key platforms is surely better than being so-so at many.

Apart from helping you focus on a few platforms, a well-done social media audit will also uncover your most engaging posts, your highest-performing content formats, and other patterns that will help you decide how to approach your social strategy moving forward.

In the last year, here at eDigital, we have experienced an unprecedented demand from clients requesting us to run social media marketing audits and training that help them optimise their time, resources and budgets allocated to social media marketing. In most cases, we have discovered marketers wasting time, money and resources on platforms that are not generating ROI.

social media strategy celebrity funny meme

social media strategy celebrity funny meme

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In 2024, different definitions of beauty will be celebrated on social media. From abstract expressionism to wonderful creative solutions to the most basic “everyday” issues and challenges.

Brands and customers will use social media platforms to showcase their ever-changing definitions of “beauty”, creating an inclusive environment and welcoming unique perspectives on what “beauty” means.

Opposite views of what “beauty” is – within similar groups of people – will be accepted.

Tip: Use your brand’s personality and values to showcase the different definitions of beauty within your communities.

Example: Below is a photo posted on Instagram by one of the world’s top 25 high fashion brands, Jean-Paul Gaultier showcasing a different view of beauty.

Jean Paul Gaultier Witchy Cleo Ghetto Hot Mum photo Hajar Benji Instagram post

Jean Paul Gaultier, One of the world’s top 25 luxury high fashion brands – Witchy Cleo Ghetto mum photo Hajar Benji Instagram post.

We predict more fashion marketing campaigns follow this trend.


In 2024, we will see more social media-powered collective actions and movements fighting against any type of abuse, exploitation, harassment, persecution, social exclusion, humiliation or intimidation, even if they are coming from good people just behaving badly.

Social media will be used by thousands of people to create movements that break the silence of a pervasive issue affecting thousands – if not millions – of people. And brands will support some of these movements.

Below is an example of the power of a tweet (1.1 million likes) about the U.S.A. abortion laws issue that gathered a lot of momentum in June 2022.

abortion laws rights popular tweet

abortion laws rights popular tweet

These collective actions on social media will offer a voice empowering vulnerable or marginalised individuals through empathy and solidarity by visibly demonstrating they are not alone and that “change” is not asked but demanded.

These social media movements will begin to spread virally using specific hashtags on social media (as happened with the famous #Metoo movement in 2006 or #blacklivesmatter in 2020) and offer people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

Once top influencers and celebrities join in, these movements will get widespread media coverage and gain government discussion because of fear of public criticism and backlash. You can check out some of the top 25 most popular celebrities on TikTok to see what causes they actively campaign for.

Expect both local and global new social media movements in 2024.

Note: The #stopasianhate was the most tweeted social movement in 2021, led by the Korean music band: BTS. The below tweet was retweeted one million+ times.

BTS music band #stopasianhate tweet twitter letter announcement March 2021

BTS music band #stopasianhate tweet Twitter letter announcement March 2021

But this was just one, check out some other social movements and videos that went viral on social media.




i do not care about trends cat

Cat says: “I do not care about trends”

But you love trends:


By 2024, marketers will become much better at sourcing and briefing influencers and make full use of the power of user-generated content and influencer marketing to share unique stories and connect with their key customer segments.

During 2024, influencers will join resources and audiences to pitch and collaborate with popular brands. This will mean branded content cross-pollination on multiple social media platforms; making it easy and faster for marketers to achieve their objectives.

In 2024, YouTube launched ads in Short feeds, meaning YouTubers not only get paid by brands for creating and publishing Shorts but also they can increase their earnings from YouTube every time someone clicks on the ads shown within their Shorts.

Affiliate marketing and influencer marketing will merge as both can provide unique content that drives leads and sales.

best snorkeling selfie smile pii gopro Instagram

The best snorkelling selfie – smile piigopro  – Instagram posts – Zamami island, Okinawa Japan

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event marketing plan funny cat influencers meeting

event marketing plan funny cat influencers meeting


As social media platforms’ importance is moving up from secondary channels to primetime channels, marketers are launching serialised content directly on social media platforms to reach their key audiences.

The process involves taking one concept or topic and turning it into many smaller chunks, episodes or instalments, so you develop a “snackable” series based on one idea.

The live branded episodes promote your brand on your social media channels without the need to release them on Prime TV or a streaming service (Netflix, Foxtel, Disney, Stan, Amazon Prime, etc).

Case study: Scattered Series is an Australian series for queer, lesbian, gay and lgbtqia+ audiences, only available on TikTok. It became one of the most-watched branded series on TikTok.

Case study: The BBVA bank “Aprendamos juntos (let’s learn together) campaign has successfully driven massive audiences to the bank (earning them 2+ million subscribers on Youtube), helping them increase their brand trust and equity. The campaign features many long-form videos.

Aprendamos Juntos BBVA Youtube

Aprendamos Juntos BBVA on Youtube.


3.1. Video memes. The rise of video memes is a natural progression. Video memes are funny stories/jokes offering more room for storytelling. It also keeps your audience on the post for longer, waiting for the next piece of reliability. As social media platforms continue to prioritise short-form videos above all other formats, video memes are set to be one hot ticket for viral success.

3.2. Video auto-captions will become normal. The new Twitter auto-generated captions will make videos more accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing users. Auto captions will be available on the web, iOS and Android in over 30 languages. Captioned videos are expected because they make it easier to scroll through feeds when you’re in a public place and headphones aren’t within reach. But unlike the video caption features on TikTok and Instagram Reels — which allow users to edit the captions’ text before posting — Twitter won’t let users tweak its captions. That means users won’t be able to correct any errors to make the automated captions more accurate. Something we expect Twitter to fix at some point during the year.


If you have read our “The top 10 graphic design trends right now article you know your social media must have the creative flair to inspire viewers on social media and continue to use influencers to tell your brand stories in unique, inclusive and imaginative ways.

Shanger Danger Youtube profile photo

Shanger Danger Youtube profile photo

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Timothee Chalamet actor Venice Film Festival 2022 Haider Ackermann fashion designer male red backless dress jumpsuit Ray Ban sunglasses scarf black loafers Zendaya chimp funny meme

Timothee Chalamet – actor – Venice Film Festival 2022 –  Haider Ackermann fashion designer

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In 2024, consumers will be saying to you: Do not talk, show us!

In other words: walk your talk!

It will become more common for consumers to vocalise on social media their views about every part of your business and that powerful consumer voice should be taken into consideration even when writing your business plan.

This may include the way you:

  • Source raw materials
  • Commit to sustainability: recycling, upcycling, waste management and the environment.
  • Assist your nearby communities
  • Pay and treat employees equally at all levels (women, interns, trainees, people with disabilities, etc.)
  • Select your sponsorships, endorsements and influencers

Consumers will increasingly read your annual reports and use social media to thumbs up or congratulate organisations that act on what they preach.

Tip: Doing good may not be enough. For example, an organisation doing a great job with the help of a troop of thousands of free ambassadors, volunteers or supporters (not earning a cent for their efforts) while paying their top executive exorbitant salaries will be scrutinised massively on social media.

eco-friendly sustainable death human body composting burial

eco-friendly sustainable death human body composting burial

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  1. Pick up the right cause. What “cause” do your organisation and its employees really care about that can also be amplified as part of your marketing and social media strategy? Whether it is sustainability, human rights, gender equality, freedom of speech, body positivity, etc, you need to identify the exact cause you think your audience will connect with. You can learn how to create an employee influencer program.

Burberry Valentines Day campaign BMINE transgender lgbt models 2023

Burberry Valentines Day campaign BMINE transgender lgbt models 2023. Burberry is one of the world’s top 25 luxury high fashion brands.

  1. Research your audience. Think of the different personas in your audience. What’s the demographic? Which generations do your products or services cater to the most? Now, put that together with the themes you think will invoke the warm fuzzies in your audience. If not sure, some of the best market research companies can help you figure out who your most valuable customer segment should be. You can also use one of the best social media listening tools to find out what your audience cares about.
  2. Be timely and relevant. Is there a last-minute “flash” trend your brand can be associated with? Start planning for these opportunities so you can put something out right away. Be the first to notice a trend and have an entire campaign, press release, and everything that goes with it running in less than a month. Your social media marketing plan should be a flexible document. Tip: checking periodically some of the top 25 trending hashtags on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter is a great source for new marketing ideas.
  3. Analyse what your customers are sharing. Find out more about the fans that are already posting about you, see which product they talk about most and their behaviour. Understanding your top fans will help you craft a strategy to leverage UGC at scale.
  4. Run a social media challenge. Ever seen how fast a TikTok dance challenge catches on? One of the best ways to ensure UGC works is to launch a social media contest/competition or challenge and encourage fans and customers to participate in it.
  5. Participate. repost, share or mention great content from top fans and customers. Your fans and customers on social media are vital to boosting your leads and sales.
  6. Define your goals. To build a proper social media marketing strategy, you first need to identify your goals and key results. This will help you work backwards and identify the content, influencers and channels that will help you achieve your goals.
  7. Make a checklist. This best digital marketing checklist can help you plan all the things you may need, not only for social media but for digital marketing in general.
  8. Find the right influencers in your niche. Micro and nano influencers, in particular, can help you engage better with your niche target audience. Equally important is to know how to brief your top influences.
  9. Use analytics to measure results. Like any other marketing campaign, social media marketing efforts need a strong feedback loop. Measure the return on investment of each campaign to build a data-backed social media marketing strategy.
  10. Be brief. Any piece of snackable content should be skimmable and easy to consume. At the same time, it should also inform your audience and entice them to engage with it.
  11. Don’t shy away from repurposing. Snackable content doesn’t have to be in complete isolation. You can also repurpose existing long-form content into snackable bites for social media. This will also drive people to your website, giving your content a nice bump in traffic.
  12. Bandwagon-jumping on trends. When the opportunity arises, your content should involve jumping on trends, pop culture moments, viral videos or popular Twitter trends or memes. Plan your long-term social media content calendar, but also be ready to piggyback from memorable social media trends or even popular events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, Halloween, Earth Day, Bicycle Day, etc.

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Using some of the latest social media trends allows you to engage and bond with your followers over a shared interest. Participating in social media trends will provide you with an extra boost of engagement due to the overwhelming interest it generates among social media users.

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