The top 10 graphic design trends for 2024 list. The latest global graphic design predictions, movements and new graphic design developments in 2024.

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Thousands of professional designers and art directors, marketers and creative professionals in some of the top fastest-growing industries are looking for new graphic design opportunities,  possibilities, movements and shifts driving the whole graphic design industry in 2024.


Generation Alpha and Gen Z are the first digital native generations.

Their expectations for graphic design and visuals are completely different from predecessor generations (Gen X, Baby Boomers).  This means marketers who are targeting the youth need to adapt their branding, visuals and graphic design to resonate with these young audiences.

And, whether your customer service has not been that great or your brand is yet to meet your marketing objectives, becoming aware of the top graphic design trends for 2024 is a great way to increase brand preference and trust which ultimately will boost leads, sales, profits and brand equity.

Being aware of the latest graphic design trends does not mean you gotta follow them blindly. Consider the below examples more as a source of inspiration or as a creative exercise you can experiment with and see if you can fuse them as part of your business branding.

One final point before you get started, you may also find some of the below trends featured in articles from top design studios, design schools and design agencies. The names may vary but the trend is still the same.

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Below, our best virtual assistants are sharing some of the top graphic design trends marketers can expect in 2024.



sexy vintage americana graphic design trend

sexy vintage americana graphic design trend

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The power of words in life is as powerful as well-designed typography.

Contrasting fonts have been on trend for some time now – but this year, it’s all about adding different typefaces to a single word or sentence. The result is fresh, fun, and rebellious.

Experiment with pairing modern fonts with slab serifs, or elegant scripts with a simplistic sans serif. The bigger the C contrast, the better the result.


twisted typography contrasting fonts graphic design trend

twisted typography contrasting fonts graphic design trend – Nike


breathe font typography

breathe font typography – Canva ad – 1 million+ views

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Also called the realistic plant life trend, the Botanica graphic design trend tries to create a sense of peace and calm in the eyes of viewers and consumers. In a way, the Botanica trend brings balance to the Anarchist design trend you just read about.

Designers will take inspiration from natural plant forms and colours that are real delight to the senses.

botanica graphic design trend plant floral leaves aesthetics

botanica graphic design trend plant floral leaves aesthetics


Graphic designers did not have enough of the Maximalism graphic design trend in 2023 and they are taking it to a new level in 2024 to create complete visual chaos.

The Anarchist design trend in 2024 will break any rules of graphic design with excessive graphic elements, complex photographic collages, high saturation, deconstructive use of typography and no empty spaces.

Think opposing patterns or crazy pop art styles will catch your audience off guard and you will be on the right track to a great Anarchist design.

maximalist graphic design trend

the maximalist graphic design trend

The Anarchist design trend rejects traditional design principles and aesthetics.

Your audience’s senses will be challenged by asymmetry, colour clashes, bare interfaces, stark fonts, and busy patterns in this top graphic design trend.

Anarchist design (related but not entirely synonymous with Brutalism) spirit of rebellion can apply in any design context.

This popular graphic design trend has been criticised for appearing ugly just for “ugliness” sake. However, to its supporters, it results in projects liberated from the beauty standards constructed by conventional designers.

The Anarchist design trend breaks the traditional design rules entirely in 2024.

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Deconstructivism design follows deconstructivism architecture to surprise the viewer and consumers with broken, crushed and smashed images, photography and typography to bring a new life to catalogues, brochures, flyers, posters, banners, social media ads, and other promotional materials.

digital deconstructivism design trend

digital deconstructivism design trend

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Fans and influencers are building their communities with their own rules and creating and owning the content and conversations in them. If you are lucky – they may invite your brand to participate. Fans can create content for you but they will co-own it and expect payment for it.

These fan-built worlds will visually be promoted as fan tokens, NFT collaborations, fashion & collectibles, NFT avatars, crypto gaming visuals, voxel art (3d-pixel art), LARP (Live action role-playing games), cosplay images, role-playing designs, virtual product pics.

Example: In January 2022, Adidas – in partnership with luxury fashion brand Prada – launched the first collaborative NFT: Adidas for Prada re-source in the Web3.  The below image is a digital art creation project comprising 3,000 individual tiles created by fans. adidas invited fans to contribute to the artwork by capturing an image showcasing what “play” means to them. In an open raffle, with an allocation of places for Into the Metaverse NFT holders, 3,000 images were selected to participate, with each creator receiving a revenue share of the final artwork, and secondary market royalties from their tile NFT.

From there, digital artist @zach.lieberman created Adidas for Prada re-source by Zach Lieberman: a final artwork based upon an immersive patchwork of decentralised community image tile contributions. Zach Lieberman’s final art piece was minted as the final artwork NFT and auctioned on After auction fees, all proceeds will be distributed among all individual image tile creators, Zach Lieberman and Slow Factory: a non-profit organisation working to create education to drive meaningful solutions and inclusive communities.

adidas prada NFT user fan generated digital art

adidas & luxury fashion brand: Prada NFT user ad fan-generated digital art – Source: Instagram

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generative graphic design example

generative graphic design example – Patrik Houbner – Tumblr

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Yo soy otro tú graffiti collage black women

Yo soy otro tú graffiti collage black women

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Following the glowing colour palettes design trend in 2023, we are about to now enjoy heat map colour palettes through different types of graphic design executions including illustration, collage, typography, web/app design and print media: packaging, books, magazines, signage, posters and flyers.

heat map design trend

heat map design trend

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There is no surprise graphic designers will be looking at activist and protest art design to find inspiration in 2024.

The activist design trend has been heating up in the last few years due to the global injustices that people want to have a voice and fight for.

Both brands and creators will be open to using activist design clues to support their causes and inspire action and change. You will see Activist design on popular public spaces and advertising.

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Following design trends in marketing is important for staying relevant, standing out and building trust and credibility with current and potential customers and brand fans,

Adding some of the top design trends into your marketing can improve user experience, increase engagement and enhance brand perception.

This year’s top design trends reflect evolving consumer preferences and can inspire creativity and innovation in your marketing and design teams.

By incorporating design trends into their marketing strategies, you can create visually compelling content that resonates with their audience and drives positive outcomes for your marketing and brand.

Last but not least, most of the time these top design trends in 2024 do not appear in isolation.

Often, you will find them blended and/or mixed.

Instead of thinking of them independently, try to think of ways that you can combine certain aspects of them and come up with something unique that potentially can be the start of a new graphic design trend 🙂

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