Find the top 25 Australian women on YouTube in 2024. The most followed Australian YouTube female video creators ranked by most subscribers.

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Ready to find out the top 25 Australian women with the most success on YouTube in 2024?

These top Australian female video creators on YouTube touch many industries and can be influential partners for key brands. Some of the industries they can work with include food, travel, luxury fashion, cosmetics, fitness, comedy, art, education and dancing among others.

Recently I did the ultimate driving Brisbane to Cairns road trip visiting top stops and had plenty of time to watch some of these popular Aussie women’s content and I enjoyed some of their videos. If they fit with your brand goals do not be shy to contact them for brand collaborations.

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25. Ulya Plays

2.4+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Ulya Plays’s channel. 

Ulya Plays is an Australian girl who likes to have fun playing games, playing musical instruments and creating songs for other kids on YouTube with the help of her parents. 

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24. EllieV

2.5+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to ElliV’s channel. 

Elliev is an Australian female Youtuber who shares all things cute, tiny, clever and crafty, oh and a bit of Lego.

Fine, she *might* have a massive Lego obsession.

Lego is an artistic medium and no matter your building expertise there is something on Elliev’s YouTube channel for everyone!

Stick around and take LEGO out then beyond the box with new creative builds. There are also set reviews, making her own things (MOCs) and painting stuff.

She tends to geek out about new pieces, get excited about learning new and interesting building techniques, giggle too much and just generally ramble. Ellie gets easily distracted so things can get a bit hectic, but she is sure you’re down for that.

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23. Bella Fiori

2.5+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Bella Fiori’s channel. 

Isabella Fiori is a popular Australian woman on YouTube from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Known as “Bella Fiori” on YouTube, she is also popular on Instagram. Bella started posting videos about beauty and travel in 2015, but lately, she has pivoted to true crime commentary videos and continues to publish videos about fashion, cooking and lifestyle.

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unrealistic influencer comparison Australian women Youtube feel inadequate funny meme

unrealistic influencer comparison Australian women YouTube feel inadequate funny meme

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22. Chloe Morello

2.6+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Chloe Morello’s channel. 

Chloe Morello is one of the most followed Aussie women on YouTube because of her makeup, lifestyle and fashion videos. Chloe is an alumnus of the Skip Ahead initiative, a mentoring program run by Screen Australia and YouTube Australia. She owns a beauty brand called: Sireni Beauty. 

Chloe has collaborated with brands including Matter of Fact skincare and olehenriksen skincare, Maybelline New York glow, Bondi Sands self-tanning foam, Briogeo Hair Care and others.

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21. Bianca

2.9+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Bianca’s channel. @heyiambee

Youtuber, gamer, twitch streamer and adult content creator.

Bianca is one of the most popular Australian female content creators in Onlyfans following some of the best Onlyfans promotional ideas and tips

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The most popular Australian females on YouTube influence thousands of consumer choices from what they buy, where they go on holiday, what causes to donate to, what to wear, what companies to follow, what to eat and how to be healthy. No doubt, they have the power to increase sales as long as there is a right fit.


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The top 100 Australian women on Youtube list

The top 100 Australian women on YouTube list

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  • Relatability. People have to relate to your content to follow you. There are different strategies to achieve that. Some might include producing video stories people normally feel guilty about or can connect to someone who may be guilty so they can experience the pleasure of sharing the story.
  • Fun. There is a strong positive association of fun elements with the level of fans, followers and subscribers. An example is the Australian trio SketchSHE which has produced fun videos that their audience likes.
  • Great branding: Popular Australian YouTube channels ensure all videos are branded via watermarking each video with a logo, web address and some great cover images for both the channel and the video’s thumbnails.
  • Content tilt: As our friends at Content Marketing Institute call it, popular YouTube channels find a unique flavour to tell your stories. One of the most popular videos by an Australian YouTuber in 2016 was the  “How to Masturbate” video by the  How to Basic channel. The channel offers a different perspective on “how-to’s” which you might find weird, amusing, strange, bizarre or cool.
  • Creativity. Most Australian channels with over one million subscribers ensure there is a creative angle not only
  • Collaborations with other creators. Flume music producer and Youtube channel collaborate with other popular artists for his music including artists such as Moon Holiday, Jezzabell Doran, Chet Faker, T-Shirt and others.
  • Surprise. For example, the Planet Dolan channel offers 535 videos with 1.092 billion views in total. Most videos “surprise” people with cool content they might never be exposed to otherwise.
  • Youtube branding. Promote the new YouTube logo on all your online properties and link to your YouTube channel.

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Some of these top 25 popular Australian women on YouTube can help your brand reach new audiences. These top Aussie female Youtubers come from different backgrounds and work in different industries.

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