Find below the top 25 most popular Australians on YouTube in 2024 list. The top 25 most-followed Australian channels on YouTube. The top 25 Aussies on Youtube in 2024 list.

By Mau, a Senior YouTube Marketing Specialist at eDigital.


Before you dive into the top 25 most popular Australians on YouTube in 2024, let me tell you a truth you probably do not want to hear.

Social media platforms’ business models are incredibly sophisticated “money extraction” machines.

They will deliberately let you build a big organic reach, then change the algorithm to lower your reach and make you pay to get you the same level of reach you previously had for free.

Even marketers working in some of the top fastest-growing industries are now having to spend plenty of money – boosting their YouTube videos – to reach their hard-earned subscribers.

Serious marketers and business owners who have taken my marketing strategy training sessions or are subscribed to my exclusive newsletter are already putting into practice real & proven marketing techniques to build audiences they own, increase their sales and not get distracted by top YouTube influencers.

The actual gains of collaborating with top Aussies on YouTube can be minimal if you are not executing a well-crafted marketing strategy, not delivering the best customer service and not meeting your marketing objectives.

Two reminders:

  1. You do not own your followers’ data on YouTube. You cannot transfer your hard-earned subscribers to another platform. You must build raving fans and followers on platforms you own. 
  2. YouTube wants your business to pay for ads. Full point. The YouTube algorithm will deliberately make it harder to show your content to your followers for free. Stop wasting time and activate proven growth hacking techniques.

Yeah, that’s right, marketers and business owners (like you) are getting tired and bored of posting videos on YouTube and not getting sales.

You have to be crazy/mad/loco to rely on just popular Australians on YouTube to get your marketing campaigns producing sales for your brand.


If your social media strategy includes partnering with the most popular Australians on YouTube, make sure these names are included on your best social media brief to be presented to your social media marketing agency.

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25. Racka Racka (Danny & Michael Philippou)

6+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the Racka Racka channel (@TheRackaRacka)

Danny & Michael Philippou are the Racka Racka duo.

According to their YouTube bio, they are wannabe filmmakers on a rampage. You will enjoy watching their funny “Star Wars in Public” video. 

Racka Racka Danny Michael Philippou popular Australians on Youtube

Racka Racka Danny Michael Philippou popular Australians on Youtube – In Feb 2020, Racka Racka pranksters were charged for  filling up a car with water before driving it to a bottle shop – Cat snorkelling – Coppers beer from Adelaide, South Australia.

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24. YL Toys Collection

6+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the YL Toys Collection channel (@YukiToysCollectionYoulikeit)

YL Toys Collection YouTube channel is a bunch of learning videos for kids. This channel teaches children in a fun way.

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23. Xtreme Gamez

7+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the Xtreme Gamez channel (@XtremeGamez)

XtremeGamez popular Australian Youtube channel video games

XtremeGamez popular Australian Youtube channel for video games

Thomas and Johnathan (Jonny) are XtremeGamez, a young Aussie male duo who play all sorts of video games from Poppy Playtime to Minecraft and more.

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22. Hebbars Kitchen

7+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the Hebbars Kitchen channel. (

Hebbars Kitchen is all about Indian veg recipes. You will learn interesting Indian recipes in short videos.

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21. Fresh

7+ million subscribers

Fresh popular Australian Youtube channel video games

Fresh popular Australian YouTube channel video games

Channel category: Video games.

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