About our brand

Our branding process started with one single question:

How do we want to offer value to our clients?

As a bespoke digital marketing agency, our clients want effective digital marketing campaign support and training in a way that is personally delivered and solves their unique marketing challenges and issues.

eDigital branding

Our brand framework is made up of expressive colours, visual elements, funny personality and clear language.

The eDigital branding uses unique visual characters in the form of “funny cats” and a few other animals who reveal shocking, embarrassing, goofy, interesting or untold perspectives on popular marketing issues and challenges.

The cats express honest opinions, sometimes silly, ridiculous and irreverent thoughts on both popular and controversial marketing topics; provoking the reader to think twice about what they are reading and how they are going to act on what they have read.

“Animals are our teachers: they are fully connected and in balance with nature. I personally love wildlife and animals that live freely without the orders of a master”

Mau – Global Head of Marketing Strategy at eDigital

The bright colours and elements of our brand celebrate free creative expression.

Our unique approach to illustration, collage, storytelling, animation and photography allows us to bring an emotional element to every piece of content we offer to the 1+ million marketers consuming our content from different parts of the world.

Affiliate marketing guidelines funny creative meme KFC McDonalds cats

Affiliate marketing guidelines funny creative meme KFC McDonalds cats

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Our brand colours

The eDigital brand is anchored on the below main colours, used with the purpose of driving consistency across all properties.


bright red #EA5153

bright red #EA5153

HEX: #EA5153
TONE: soft red
RGB: 234 81 83
HSV: 359° 65% 91%
CMYK: 0% 65% 64% 8%

Bright red is our main colour, a soft and expressive colour that helps us build brand recognition making our brand clear and memorable.


vivid cyan #00F1FF

vivid cyan #00F1FF

HEX: #00F1FF
TONE: vivid cyan
RGB: 0 241 255
HSV: 183° 100% 100%
CMYK: 100% 5% 0% 0%

Vivid cyan is our complementary colour, an energetic and fun colour that helps us create contrast in our visuals.

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dark grey #535353

dark grey #535353

HEX: #535353
TONE: dark grey
RGB: 83 83 83
HSV: 0° 0% 32%
CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 67%

Dark grey is our preferred colour for titles and headers, a fantastic colour that is nice for reading.


light grey #F2F2F2

light grey #F2F2F2

HEX: #F2F2F2
TONE: light grey
RGB: 242 242 242
HSV: 0° 0% 94%
CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 5%

Ultimately, we use the above light grey colour for all backgrounds.


  • Green #53ea51
  • Blue #5153ea


  • Orange #ea9c51
  • Purple #ea51a0

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eDigital logo

Taking the challenge of bringing a personal approach to the digital marketing activities we offer, we decided to use a “hand-written” style typeface (Bakerie Soft) that contrasts and offers balance to the meaning of “Digital”.

eDigital logo horizontal 441x185

eDigital logo horizontal – 441 x 185 pixels

If you have a deeper look, you can see our logo has three distinct elements:

  • The initial (e) character is popularly associated with all things on the internet.
  • The (eD) has been slightly moved to the left to break the joint characters.
  • The two dot points at the end (..) are used to symbolise the end of a hand-written note.

“Digital marketing alone will not hit all your marketing objectives. To grow a successful brand, you need to design for both on-screen and off-screen experiences across your customer journey” 

Mau – Global Head of Marketing Strategy at eDigital

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