Find the top 10 Brazilian women on YouTube in 2024 list. The most popular and most-followed Brazilian female YouTubers in 2024. The top 10 Brazilian female YouTubers and video creators ranked by the most subscribers.

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10. Bela Castro (Bela Bagunça)

12+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Bela Bagunça (@belabagunca)

Bela Bagunça is a popular Youtube female Youtube creator who loves to share a lot of trolling, fun challenges and funny stories.

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Ready to find out the top 10 Brazilian women with the most success on YouTube in 2024?

These top Brazilian female video creators are using some of the best YouTube marketing tools and have mastered how to use the YouTube recommendations algorithm to touch many industries and influence consumers as they know how to make a video go viral.

These Brazilian women on YouTube are getting top-paid video production briefs from top brands in many industries including food, travel, luxury fashion, cosmetics, art, fitness, comedy, education and dancing among others.

You may find a great influencer fit for your brand and do not be shy to contact them for brand collaborations.

The list is ranked by the number of YouTube subscribers.

How Youtube recommendations algorithm works

How the YouTube recommendations algorithm works

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9. Ana Clara Rios (Anninha)

14+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Anninha.

Anninha is a popular Youtuber in Brazil for her content related to fitness and food. 

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8. Emilly Victória Martins (Emilly Vick)

15+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Emilly Vick (@emilyvickof).

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7. Crescendo com Luluca (Luíza)

15+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Crescendo com Luluca.

Luíza is a Youtube creator who has risen to fame for her Crescendo com Luluca YouTube channel. 

Luíza’s channel on Youtube is followed by millions of subscribers for her kid-friendly brand of sketch comedy, slime vlogs, and challenges.

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6. Camila Loures

15+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Camila Loures.

Camila Loures is a Brazilian YouTuber, actress, and singer.

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5. Juliana Baltar

17+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Juliana Baltar.

Juliana Baltar is a Brazilian Youtube creator. She is a toy aficionado who made a name for herself on YouTube by sharing her videos on her YouTube channel. With films about Barbies, Polly Pocket, and a variety of other products, she has amassed millions of subscribers on YouTube.

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4. Anitta

17+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Anitta. 

Larissa de Macedo Machado, known professionally as Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and TV host. She has received numerous accolades, including four Latin American Music Awards and eight Latin Grammy Award nominations.

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3. Dudu e Carol

24+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Dudu e Carol.

Dude e Carol is a couple and Youtube content creators known for publishing food and snack challenge videos on their shared channel. 

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2. Valentina Pontes ofc (Tina Pontes)

24+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Tina Pontes.

Tina Pontes is a Brazilian YouTuber who is famous for her channel named Tina Pontes, formerly Erlania e Valentina Pontes.

She has earned many views for her toy reviews and hauls alongside personal family vlogging alongside her mother Erlania and her brother.

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1. Marília Mendonça

26+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to Marília Mendonça.

Marília Dias Mendonça was a Brazilian singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, posthumously recognised in Brazil as the Queen of Sofrência, a subgenre of sertanejo music, and has been recognised for her contribution to female empowerment by revolutionising the universe of sertanejo music.

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