The 10 most popular TikTok songs list 2024 ranking. Top trending TikTok songs right now, at the moment, this week, this month, this year 2024. The top 10 most loved TikTok songs in 2024.

Brought to you by Mau, a Senior TikTok Marketing Specialist at eDigital.

Our TikTok virtual assistants have just completed research that uncovers the 10 most popular TikTok songs in 2024. 

Find the top trending TikTok songs below.


As you may have already noticed, TikTok is more effective at showing your organic content to your followers than Facebook or Instagram. Yes, that’s right! TikTok percentage of followers watching your content is far higher than on Instagram or Facebook.

But, regardless of the industry, even the fastest-growing industries are now having to spend money (boosting their videos) to reach their hard-earned TikTok followers.

Marketers – obviously – do not like this situation and are stressed, cannot sleep properly at night time trying to find ways to bring sales from TikTok.

If you have taken my marketing strategy training session or are subscribed to my exclusive newsletter, you surely have already put into practice some real & proven marketing techniques to increase your sales and do not rely on vanity TikTok songs.

As a result, publishing popular TikTok songs has become one of the biggest social media marketing distractions, especially for marketers or business owners who still need to improve their social media strategy, customer service or yet meet their business and marketing objectives.

Remember, the gains from trending or TikTok songs are super minimal compared to activating the best marketing strategy for your business.

Not saying more, find below the most popular songs on TikTok in 2024. 

The research was completed by some of our best virtual assistants.

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Discover below the 10 most popular Tiktok songs.

10. “Savage” by Megan thee Stallion

The “Savage” song has been added to 11+ million videos on TikTok. 

9. “Funny Song” by Funny Song Studio

The “Funny Song” song has been added to 12+ million videos on TikTok

8. “If We Ever Broke Up” by Mae Stephens

The “If We Ever Broke Up” song has been added to 13+ million videos on TikTok. 

“Globally, each social media platform offers a unique set of popular and trending songs. For example, the most popular songs trending on Instagram are quite different to these popular TikTok songs. Marketers should have a platform-specific song strategy”


7. “Lottery” (Renegade) by K Camp

The “Lottery” song has been added to 14+ million videos on TikTok.

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  • Using a popular song in your next TikTok video sets the scene. The beats and rhythm of popular songs build the story and lyrics add a layer of commentary to the visuals people find relatable and creatively rewarding. The use of songs on TikTok has also become a powerful driver for new music/musician discovery. The interaction between creator and community isn’t just about amplification but also interpretation. In this case, the TikTok community essentially rewrote the lyrics to an artist’s song and the artist responded by embracing the new interpretation and engaging with a new community of fans. A 2021 Global Entertainment Study from Material showed that TikTok was 2.5x more likely to lead people to discover new music than another platform.
  • Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has been offering opportunities for branded content to go viral. With a one billion+ global user count and the new launch of TikTok TV in the U.S.A. and Canada in November 2021, TikTok is offering brands better reach than other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • TikTok is well known for sparking trends and inspiring shoppers. According to TikTok, users are 49% more likely to post product or service reviews via mobile than the average internet user.
  • Getting familiar with the most popular TikTok songs allows you to have an idea of what songs TikTokers are using the most.
  • TikTok has a fun, inspiring and persuasive atmosphere that prompts participation with sticky songs and dances, helping propel numerous products and brands into viral status – and not just the big brands in fashion or sports but even smaller businesses selling affordable and innovative products!
  • Songs and sounds play an important role in TikTok’s marketing strategies. Using the right song or sound can help TikTok users find videos they’re interested in, join conversations they care about and meet other users with similar interests and hobbies.
  • More importantly, popular TikTok songs increase a post’s visibility in the “For You” feed, where users spend most of their time, and that visibility can push your videos to go viral.

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6. “Aesthetics” song by Tollan Kim 

The “Aesthetics” song has been added to 17+ million videos on TikTok.

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5. “Tokei No Uta” song by  Nonochan (Tokyo Children’s Choir)

The “Tokei No Uta” song has been added to 18+ million videos on TikTok.

4. “Oh No” song by Kreepa

The “Aesthetics” song has been added to 18+ million videos on TikTok.

3. “Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan” by Van Hendrick and WZ Bea

The “Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan” song has been added to 29+ million videos on Tiktok.

2. “Monkeys spinning monkeys” by Kevin Macleod and Kevin The Monkey

The “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” song has been added to 32+ million videos on TikTok.

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1. “Love You So” by The King Khan & BBQ Show

The “Love You So” by The King Khan & BBQ Show has been added to 33+ million videos on TikTok. 


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  1. “She Share Story (for Vlog)” by 山口夕依 has been added to 11+ million videos on TikTok. 
  2. “What if (I Told You I Like You)” by John Orlando & Mackenzie Ziegler has been added to 10+ million videos on TikTok.
  3. Cupid – Twin Ver. (Fifty Fifty) – Sped Up version” by Sped Up 8282 has been added to 9+ million videos on TikTok.
  4. “Girls like me do not cry” song by Thuy has been added to 9+ million videos on TikTok
  5. “Funny laugh no no no” sound effect has been added to 9+ million videos on TikTok
  6. “Sunroof” by Nicky Youre & dazy has been added to 9.2 million videos on TikTok. 
  7. “Barbie Girl” by Lady Aqua has been added to 5.9+ million videos on TikTok. 
  8. “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus has been added to 5.4+ million videos on TikTok.
  9. “Swalla (Feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)” by Jason Derulo, Nick Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign has been added to 5.2+ million videos on TikTok.
  10. “Lala” by Mike Towers has been added to 4.9+ million videos on TikTok.


You should also learn about:


  • “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran has been added to 4.7+ million videos on TikTok.
  • “Ella Baila Sola” by Eslavon Armado & Peso Pluma has been added to 4.6+ million videos on Tiktok.
  • “Dance Monkey” song by Tons and I has been added to 4.6+ million videos on TikTok.
  • “Made you look” song by Meghan Trainor has been added to 4.6 million videos on TikTok. This song won the 2023 Streamys “Rolling Stone Sound of the Year” award.
  • “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol.53” song by Shakira & Bzrp has been added to 4.5+ million videos on Tiktok.
  • “Love Nwantiti (Ah, Ah, Ah)” song by Ckay has been added to 4.3+ million videos on TikTok.


TikTok is a social media platform that thrives on short, engaging content. Music adds a dynamic element to videos and helps capture viewers’ attention quickly. Some of the above catchy and popular songs on TikTok often lead to increased engagement, likes, comments, and shares helping videos go viral

On TikTok, certain songs are or become associated with specific trends, dances, or challenges. When marketers and/or TikTok creators create content using these songs, they can participate in the latest trends and take advantage of the existing popularity of those music tracks.

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  • Brand development. Logo creation, brand personality development and design of marketing materials.
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