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Music moves and shapes culture, communities, and people from all ages and backgrounds. Forget racial protests, music is the antidote for real human connection and music artists have immense power and opportunity to not only entertain and get people together but also make a living from it.



When the COVID hit in March 2020, the music industry changed forever. With live concerts cancelled and venues closed, artists and fans went to online platforms and music video streaming quickly grew in popularity. For example, more than 2 billion people visit YouTube each month to listen to music.

Just as music fans are adapting to the new reality, music artists must find new ways to reach music lovers, especially without live events and concerts.


Social media is the most favourite place to follow artists and learn about upcoming concerts and shows

While live music events connect people to one another in the physical world, much of the experience surrounding the show happens digitally. According to a 2020 Facebook and Kantar research report, the vast majority (85%) of US gig participants discover these music events online, and 63% say they like to know more about upcoming music gigs that they might be interested in attending via social media.

Almost half (49%) of US concertgoers discover shows on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp, making Facebook platforms* the top source of digital discovery.

Most popular channels to find upcoming music concerts:

  • social media (49%)
  • ticketing websites (31%)
  • search engines (31%)

More live music fans turn to social media because they can connect with fellow fans as well as their favourite artists and stay informed about the latest music artist news and tours.

Amongst those who discover concerts on social media, 59% say that content from friends and family is how they typically hear about shows they might want to attend. Additionally, more than half (53%) of US music listeners follow artists on Facebook or Instagram to learn about upcoming live performances, and more than a third (35%) do so to feel like part of the musician’s community.

Fans also turn to Facebook platforms to share their concert experiences with others, both during and after performances. Amongst weekly platform users, 54% of concertgoers post pictures or videos from concerts on Facebook, and nearly one in three watches Instagram Stories about live music.


YouTube Music is the world’s largest and most comprehensive music platform with 70+ million official tracks, more than any other music service. Some interesting facts and insights for musicians and singers are:

  • Watch time on TV screens of recorded live music performances on YouTube jumped more than 100% globally between July 2019 and July 2020. All over the world, people are finding ways to replace the experience of a live concert by getting together for live concerts right in their living room.
  • YouTube Music allows bands and artists to tap into global audiences. K-pop has taken the world by storm, with artists like BTS and BLACKPINK topping the music charts and breaking records.
  • Hip-Hop continues to dominate the top charts and show its universal appeal. In Q2 2020, hip-hop commanded a 48% share of all Billboard Hot 100 top 10 songs, ahead of pop music’s 30% take. First Nations 17-year-old rapper The Kid LAROI from Sydney, for one, has taken the world by storm. Last year his debut album opened at #3 on ARIA’s album chart and reached #8 on the US’s Billboard 200 — the biggest result since Iggy Azalea. On YouTube, views of his music videos like without you have reached over 15 million.
  • The best way to tap into the most popular music artists on Youtube is through the YouTube Top 100
  • Marketers who want to target Gen Z audiences know music as a top passion for this segment. They like to partner with popular musicians on YouTube. You can earn money from brand partnerships such as creators like Addison Rae who creates videos featuring trends influenced by social media. For example, clothing company American Eagle leveraged the Top 100 ranking list to identify the most popular music artists and trending music moments to engage its audience. This strategy led to an increase in branded search and a lift in product interest, according to Youtube.


Do you have your first track ready? Or release upcoming on Spotify? With Spotify Audio Ads, you can take your music marketing to the next level. If you are having trouble finding an audience for your music, Spotify Audio ads can help you by targeting your specific niche and playing your music in the form of thirty-second previews to thousands of users on Spotify.


Music fans have paid artists $700+ million using bandcamp. bandcamp app actually pays artists every time a track is listened. Some of the bandcamp app key features include:

  • Total artist Control and flexibility. Charge whatever price for your music and change it whenever you like. Sell for a fixed price, specify a minimum and let fans pay more if they want (and yes, they do pay more, a whopping 50% of the time) or give your music away in exchange for an email address. You retain complete control over your fan information.
bandcamp logo png

bandcamp logo png


Patreon is an online platform that connects musicians and other creators with fans. Patreon makes money by taking a 5-12% fee from music creators, depending on which of the company’s services they use.

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