Find below the top 10 event trends in 2024 and the future. Corporate and social event industry trends. Best event marketing and event planning trends. New and latest event trends for event managers. Corporate, social, and outdoor event design & event decor trends.

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Thousands of marketers working in some of the top fastest-growing industries are looking for new ways to sell their next event.

With the help of our best virtual assistants, we have found that some of the top reasons event managers want to become better at marketing events are that events can directly increase sales, profits and brand equity. Whether you offer poor customer service or your brand is yet to meet customers’ expectations, running a great event for your potential or existing customers can help you meet your marketing objectives.

Your event is unique and the way you do marketing to it too. This year new event trends, opportunities, and challenges facing event organisers are often the same — whether you’re running a large congress or events for a small not-for-profit or community organisation.

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Using some of the top event industry trends and insights for 2024 to run their events could be the key to taking your events to the next level.

You are about to discover the top event trends for 2024


Incorporate elements like immersive installations, surprise guest speakers, interactive challenges, and opportunities for hands-on learning.

Consider how attendees will feel, what they’ll learn, and the overall impact the event will have on their perception of your brand


With more people participating in in-person (outdoors, indoors), virtual and hybrid events, event marketing is now a critical branding channel to reach your top marketing objectives.

As part of the process of planning a future event, event marketers will find creative ways to make their events stand out from hundreds of others, resulting in bolder experimentations with the format, content, technology, and attendee engagement strategies.


Making events “environmentally friendly is now a high priority when planning a successful event in the future.

Events are using less printed material (that sadly goes into the bin), event planners are using decor from natural and compostable materials and are ordering compostable dinnerware.

Vegan catering will likely remain popular.

However, it may end up that simply continuing the trend of virtual events could have a bigger overall impact on the environment.

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We will see more in-person events popping up in 2024.

New Orleans’ annual Mardi Gras celebrations have once again drawn millions to the city this year and England’s Cambridge Folk Festival, one of the longest-running folk festivals in the world. The future is surely demanding in-person events again.


The last two years have made event planners and organisers value their local community more than ever. The “Diversity” trend looks at marketers creating inclusive events that focus on different people and the local community.

People from different ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and physical and mental abilities want to celebrate together, so events that help people celebrate, nurture, and grow will be a top priority on marketers’ lists.

Virtual events will continue to bring new audiences from broader age and ethnic groups, from different geographic regions and include the differently-abled who found online attendance more accessible.

Popular commentary sparked by the Black Lives Matter protests, un-vaccinated Novak Jokovic being deported from the Australian Open tennis tournament event in 2021 and the Russian invasion in Ukraine have encouraged event organisers to reassess how welcoming their events are to those in alternative groups or disadvantaged communities.

Many event organisers are also interested in diversifying whom they hire as event entertainers and presenters (MC Master of Ceremonies).

Marketers in rural areas may also curate their events in a way that is easier for their communities to participate in.

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Following event trends is important for running relevant events, attracting attendees and differentiating events from competitors.

Knowing about some of this years top event trends can help you improve your event attendee experience, boost event tickets sales and creating networking opportunities.

Having been informed about the latest event trends can help you adapt to changes in the event industry.

By staying informed and proactive, event organisers – like you – can create more successful and memorable events that resonate with attendees.

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