Find below the new and most optimal TikTok Image Ad Size specs in 2021. Please note that TikTok currently only supports video ads. However, Tiktok’s other apps: TopBuzz, BuzzVideo, NewsRepublic, Babe support both image and video ads.


The image size specs below are for the News Feed App Series ad placements on TikTok’s sister platforms:

  • BuzzVideo: An entertainment platform in Japan. Image ads appear on the in-feed, details page, post-video.
  • TopBuzz: Breaking. local and entertainment content in the USA and Brasil. Image ads appear on in-feed, details page, post-video
  • NewsRepublic: A global discovery platform for breaking and entertainment news. Image ads appear on in-feed.
  • Babe: Indonesian leading personalised news app. Image ads appear on the in-feed and details page.

You can start maximizing the exposure on Tiktok sister platforms with an image ad. The current lowest Tiktok image ad campaign you can create is $50, making it easy for anyone to try Tiktok’s image ads.

The most optimal image ad size for a TikTok Ad image is:

  • Image size: TopBuzz 1280×720 pixels | BuzzVideo 1280×628 pixels | Helo 1280×720 pixels or 1200×628 pixels or 640×640 pixels.
  • Image file size: Greater than 500kb
  • Image file type: .JPG or .PNG
tiktok ads manager image upload screenshot

TikTok ads manager image upload screenshot

You can show your Tiktok’s image ad to specific custom audiences you may have. To be able to create a custom audience on Tiktoks advertising platform, you must be an advertiser, an agency or data provider acting on behalf of an advertiser, or an Ads API partner. Advertisers and those who run ads on their behalf are ultimately responsible for acknowledging their permission to share and use people’s data.

Another option is to show your Tiktok image ads to the right audience is by selecting Tiktok’s audience-specific interest.

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tiktok ads audience interest targeting list

tiktok ads audience interest targeting list