As a professional football player, you know your social media channels have become an extremely important part of your professional branding.

However, most football players do not know how to plan, manage and optimise their professional sport brand on social media. 

That’s ok.

Our Social Media Management services for football players can offer you that support or training.


Boost your fanbase and win global commercial and sponsorship deals by hiring one of our exclusive social media managers for professional football players.

eDigital offers the best Social Media Management services for football players. We will source, create, design moderate and curate your social media content.


Some of the key benefits of hiring an exclusive social media manager for your accounts are:

  • Increase your fan base. You know the more fans you have the more opportunities for global sponsorship deals. Look at the money paid to Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar.
  • Get the best sponsors. The more fans you have the more chances you can hand cherry-pick the right sponsors.
  • Become a power brand. Having a professional team of Social Media Football Specialists will help you ensure all your captions and visuals are top quality and on-brand.
  • Reduce celebrity crisis. Twittering the wrong words can cost you millions of dollars. Knowing how to talk to a global audience requires a lot of respect for your fans. We can help you ensure your brand voice and tone are correct to the demands of multi-religions, ethnicity, race, gender, etc.
  • Keep your reputation in check. You do not want to be Figo (The Judas Iscariot of football). We can also offer you social media listening services and measure the global sentiment around your name and the products you sell.
  • Build a unique social media account. The unique expertise of your Social Media Football specialists will make sure you have a unique Social Media account other Football players cannot copy by unmercifully designing powerful branding elements.
  • Free up your time. You are too busy playing, training and stuck between airports, family and business demands. We know the last thing you want is to be on social media. Delegate that job to us.
  • Sponsor agreements support. We will publish the content you have agreed with your team or sponsors to respond to any social media requirements agreed upon in your current contracts. We can also help you better negotiate future social media obligations with your team and/or sponsors.
  • Collaboration. Do you have a favourite designer, illustrator or videographer? We can work in collaboration with your preferred suppliers of content.
  • Fan engagement. When managing your social media accounts we can respond to direct messages, comments and/or tagged content. One of our social media management specialists will be responding to the most popular fans’ comments and enquiries and when appropriate passing them to the right people within your team.

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  • Football/soccer only. We are crazily passionate about Football. We do not take clients on any other sports.
  • Top-league only. We offer support to players in the Premier League (England), Serie A (Italy), La Liga (Spain) and A-League Men (Australia).
  • Certified expert social media specialist. 16+ years working in social media marketing.
  • Multi-language support – Our Social Media Football Managers speak 3-4 languages.


Some of the most popular tasks a Social Media Football Manager can complete for you:

  • Curate and publish specific content with pre-defined captions and hashtags.
  • Respond to comments from pre-defined accounts.
  • Respond to direct messages from pre-defined target audiences: ie. potential sponsors.
  • Create reports to be handed to you or your sponsors.
  • Monitor the web for controversial commentary around your sporting brand.

If you have any questions, just contact us and we will provide some guidance.


We know the most important thing for you is to increase your global fan base and defend the reputation of your personal power brand.

We will do this by ensuring we fully understand your business and brand personality before we start managing your Social Media accounts.

To find out our prices, please contact us today! 

You will have the best Social Media Football Specialist crafting a cohesive strategy and a tactical plan to support your Instagram marketing goals.


Elite football players’ fans on social media are just not only interested in Football (Soccer).

Millions of followers and fans also enjoy interacting (like, sharing, commenting) on pictures and videos showcasing their fun activities, fitness and health routines, relaxing at home or enjoying the exclusive brands they have access to.

For example, professional football players get millions of likes on posts showing off their luxury cars, exclusive holiday destinations or expensive watches, etc.

Interestingly selfies (photos of players relaxing with their families or working out in the gym) and sponsored posts are more likely to get more engagement than their football success (photos of them actually lifting trophies)

By fully understanding the core reasons why people love to “like” and “comment” on football players’ content, we can help you build your ability to maximize your social media earning potential.


The marketing power of international soccer stars is in the sight of top football clubs and global brands willing to embrace a player who cultivates an online following.

Juventus’s acquisition of Ronaldo (€100 million) meant Juventus FC  was bringing Ronaldo’s social media channel with a global reach bigger than Juventus itself. Juventus’ shares increased 15% meaning Ronaldo’s sign added around €300 million to the club’s market value.

The benefit of having star football players with strong social media followings that brands want to use to reach their target market will be greater.

The reach of professional football players on social media is such that they rival or beat traditional sports marketing platforms. For example, the Super Bowl is considered to be the world’s top sports event and the most expensive sports advertisement placement. During this sports event, marketers launch new brands and campaigns during the highly-priced television ad breaks. This year the Super Bowl audience (around 100 million people) was not even a third of Ronaldo’s fans’ total count on Instagram.


Professional football players compete for attention with football content creators & influencers who have large social media followings based on professionally crafted football-related content.

These influencers – with smaller audiences than star football players – may be more effective for brands than a professional player with a larger following.

Examples of some of the World’s top football influencers on Instagram (non-players):

  • 433
  • BRFootball
  • Fabrizio Romano
  • FTBL
  • Iran Ferreira
  • Sofa Score
  • Best of Football
  • Goal Global
  • OneFootball app. German app that delivers football content from hundreds of leagues and competitions worldwide, including free and pay-per-view live-streamed football matches and on-demand content clips.
  • Oh My Goal
  • Visubal
  • Globe Soccer
  • The f2
  • Sport 360
  • Football Joe
  • SoccerBible
  • Transfers
  • Proper Football
  • Sporf

As the main job of football content creators (not professional players) is to produce content ( not play football professionally), their content is generally more engaging than professional players’ content. This is another key reason professional soccer players should get support from a social media/content agency to help them craft and publish the best content that will resonate with their audiences and win extra fans.

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The other key people competing for the same eyeballs can include:

  • Professional players and athletes in other popular sports such as basketball, baseball, rugby, boxing, UFC, etc.
  • Content creators in other sports
  • Ex-professional players. Yes, their fandom is still alive and active. See David Beckham’s popularity on Instagram.
  • Popular commentators and pundits
  • Celebrity coaches


To get the best sponsorship deals and brand endorsements, elite footballers must hire social media managers who know how to promote professional footballers on social media. Are you a footballer ready to hire a social media management specialist? Contact us

Need training on how best to promote your, Contact us today! 

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