Find below the best 10 live shopping apps in 2024. The top 10 live-selling software and platforms in 2024. The best 10 live-stream social commerce tools and live video shopping apps in 2024.

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Whether you’re an e-commerce manager, marketer, business owner, creator, blogger, influencer or entrepreneur, you can boost your sales and increase brand preference by using some of the world’s most popular live-stream shopping apps and live-selling software.


Thousands of marketers working for some of the top fastest-growing industries are looking for the best live-selling apps to use to run a successful live shopping show.

Our best virtual assistants have discovered marketers are embracing new ways of selling and one of these is live shopping shows.

And, whether your customer service has not been that great or your brand is yet to meet your marketing objectives, creating a live selling event experience for your customers is a great way to increase brand preference and trust which ultimately will boost leads, sales, profits and brand equity.


In an age where the binge-watch generation has taken over, brands are streaming professional, crisp live video flash sales through apps, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Tiktok Live shows and other online platforms that offer live streaming.

The rise of “Live stream” shopping (also known as live selling) is a rapidly growing online and e-commerce trend.

Live streaming is a part variety show, part infomercial, part group chat — a format pioneered in China that has grown in popularity in the last couple of years.

Livestream shopping means products are presented by influencers or celebrities and viewers are encouraged to buy them. The coolest part is that viewers can interact with the sellers, making the relationship far more personal than just watching a video.

The live stream content is designed to entertain rather than only hard-sell products.

Viewers are invited to comment and interact as they watch.


Are you going live for an End of Year sale, January sale, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Boxing Day?

With the below live shopping apps, you can sell live on your website, app and social media simultaneously (simulcasting).

Just bring the inventory and enthusiasm and these live shopping apps and platform do the rest!


livery video app logo png

Livery is one of the world’s leading live video shopping software.

With Livery, you will invite customers to shop during your live stream. Create an entertaining revenue stream for your e-commerce business. Attach interactive shopping components to your live video or online event to convert your live-selling show audience into sales.

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ntwrk logo png

NTWRK is a live video shopping platform that seamlessly blends entertainment and commerce, giving our global audience unprecedented access to exclusive products from world-renowned artists, musicians, influencers, brands, and personalities. You can produce shoppable content and broadcast it directly to your customers. Create shop-exclusive product drops with live interactive panels and musical performances. Great app to live-sell collectibles, rare art and sneakers.

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It’s easy to see a convergence of live selling and the increasing control handed over to consumers.

This new trend is demonstrating that consumers are willing to pay to choose what game an influencer plays (which already happens on NewNew) and there’s and even more, consumers are willing to pay to control what the influencer does on the game for a fee.

Brands – with influencers as hosts – are producing entire live shows dedicated to:

  • Promoting their products with gamification strategies
  • Allowing consumers to choose what gets made by the hosting company and at what price (exclusive intro price for the fans watching the show)
  • The new products launched on specific sales campaigns: End of Year sale, January sale, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Boxing Day, etc.

For example, sneaker brands are using live shopping apps to get feedback about two designs to manufacture and for the “winning” design, viewers can pre-order it on the live show. Two popular influencers are invited and one pair of sneakers is assigned to each. They entertain the audience by arguing, debating, and promoting their preferred design.

A part game show, part promotion and part consumer research; a live streaming shopping show ends with a vote and viewers are invited to place their orders for the winning design. With much fanfare, the production order is placed.

In the process, the marketer has an engaged audience clamouring for their product, and a ton of feedback and consumer insight to use for future products. Sales, data, and engagement all in one.


whatnot logo png

Whatnot is a top live shopping marketplace where you can safely buy, sell, go live and geek out with collectors and other like-minded people.

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new amazon logo png transparent background 2000 x 403 pixels

Amazon Live is Amazon’s live-shopping platform, which hosts daily shows on fitness, makeup and cooking.

Amazon live shopping selling cat and nat picks

Amazon live shopping selling cat and nat picks


giosg logo png

Giosg is one of the most liked live shopping software.

You can go live and sell. The live audience watching the show will buy from whoever you decide the host be: an influencer, a sales rep, an industry leader, etc. With Giosg you will reach new sales levels and connect with your customers and humanise your entire e-commerce experience.

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This new trend of a range of apps and services where users can pay to “influence the influencers” will continue in 2024.

The NewNew polling app (which has already attracted popular YouTubers like Lev Cameron to the platform) allows users to vote on actions influencers should take.

This could be around anything from what clothes to wear that day to what their next piece of content will be about. The NewNew app launched in September 2019, demonstrating a rising trend in the increased viewers’ power, transforming them from passive spectators to actively controlling what they watch on their screens.

More brands are investing in product placements and sponsorships in live selling platforms.

However, with live-stream polling apps, brands prefer the vote to be between their own products, such as which t-shirt colour the influencer should wear, or which TV show the influencer should watch on their network.

When this occurs, brands get a fully engaging live promotion. And if retail functionality is added (like we’ve seen on Instagram), there’s little distinction between this and live selling (which itself already includes viewer polls).

Taking consumer feedback and ideas into consideration isn’t anything new, but digital technology enables and shapes it in increasingly creative ways.

For example, Lego customers upload their own custom creations to Lego’s app every 2 seconds in the hopes they’ll actually get made. In 2020, Amazon launched its “Build It” platform, where Amazon allows consumers to pre-order and then decide which ideas will actually go into the manufacturing process.


pearpop logo png

PearPop allows fans to pay for actions completed by both niche creators or hyper-popular influencers, celebrities, icons and idols. PearPop democratises creator monetisation.

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talkshoplive logo png

talkshoplive logo png

Talkshop live offers live video, real-time chat and a player with checkout, making it easy and fun to buy online. The Talkshoplive app is only available on iOS.


brandlife logo png

Brandlive is a live-selling app to broadcast to millions of registered viewers. You have control over the access of content down to the user level with multiple security options. Go global and cater to every audience with closed captioning and multi-language support across hundreds of languages. Key features:

  • Produce like a pro with browser-based tools to select layouts, backgrounds, and pre-recorded video cuts in seamless order.
  • Produce your show with multiple remote presenters or go live in person.
  • Presenter tools like notes, producer chat and an app keep content tight.

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For a winning live-stream shopping show, the hosts are surely the draw, and their audiences are then sold to.

For example, in November 2019, K-Pop band Got7 went live on the Shopee app, one of the leading online shopping platforms in Southeast Asia, during Shopee’s 11.11 Big Sale. This event caused a huge spike in retail live-stream mentions.

This live selling event was a huge sales success. Shopee confirmed some sellers saw their orders increase 10 times on the day, with one merchant raking in $744k alone. Live selling generated $63bn in sales globally between 2019 and 2020, particularly in Asia where live-stream shopping is more established.

Chinese live-stream shopping platforms, like Taobao and Tmall, Bigo Live and Mico are some of the most popular live-selling apps. Tmall recently live-streamed with American influencer Kim Kardashian. This live event sold 15k bottles of perfume in just a few minutes.


2. QVC

qvc livestreams logo png

qvc livestreams logo png

Qvc is one of the world’s most popular live shopping apps.

The Qvc live selling software invites customers to tell their stories and share their feedback. And Qvc does it live, across multiple networks and platforms.

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Commentsold logo png

Commentsold is one of the world’s best interactive video shopping platforms. Commentsold has generated $4B in total sales to clients by live selling on the platform. CommentSold gives brand managers, marketers and eCommerce business owners the necessary resources and capabilities to sell live to customers online at any time, from anywhere. 

Commentsold enables retailers to leverage the power of interactive video shopping across multiple sales channels and social media, all while keeping checkout and customer data within their existing e-commerce systems.

CommentSold unique features include: 

  • Multicasting. You can go live on your website/app and other social media channels at the same time. 
  • Comment selling. Customers can comment on a live-stream shopping video and get pulled into a purchase cycle.
  • A robust live selling platform. CommentSold delivers all that is required to meet the needs of live selling, e-commerce, inventory management and fulfilment.
  • Mobile apps professionally designed for Live Selling. You can access a white-labelled mobile app that has been exclusively designed and optimised for multichannel live selling conversions. Available for both the iOS and Android platforms, the CommentSold apps are easy-to-use and encompass everything from inventory control to shipping and fulfilment.


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Millions of passionate people worldwide consider themselves creators, and the creator economy represents the “fastest-growing” small business type, according to a report by the venture capital firm SignalFire some of these live shopping apps allow fans to pay to vote in polls to control some of a creator’s day-to-day decisions.

For example, a creator can use a live selling app to post a poll asking which music show they should attend, which pants they should buy or which restaurant they should dine out at.

Fans purchase voting power to participate in the polls, and with enough voting power, they get to watch their favourite influencer live out their wishes, like a real-life “choose-your-own-adventure” game.

Some people are finding influencers’ lives so fascinating that they are willing to pay to decide what influencers end up buying on a specific day

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Alibaba’s Singles’ Day began in 2009 as a shopping festival celebrating men and women who aren’t in relationships. Today is a nationwide online shopping event of frantic bargain-hunting dwarfing U.S. sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • Li Jiaqi is a popular androgynous Chinese live-streamer known as “lipstick brother” sold US$1.9 billion in different types of products on Alibaba Singles’ Day festival. Li pre-sold products ranging from Shiseido Co. lotions to Apple AirPods. According to e-commerce data specialist, Li’s sales are a record for any show live-streamed on Alibaba’s Taobao online marketplace. Li’s show lasted 12 hours — the first day of China’s more than three-week “Singles’ Day” shopping binge — and attracted nearly 250 million views, Taobao showed.
  • Viya is another top live streamer, sold about 8 billion yuan worth of goods in a show that lasted 14 hours
  • Cherie had sales of about 1.2 billion yuan, according to

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Beginning on March 16, 2023, Instagram will no longer support the ability of product tagging in live broadcasts on Instagram. Other live broadcasting features will be unaffected, including the ability to schedule a live broadcast, invite guests to join your live broadcast and hold a live Q&A.

Have you always wondered why live selling has not taken off in the USA as much as in China? The are some fundamental consumer behaviour reasons for this.


Twitch is celebrating the end of 2022 by taking viewers on a three-part shopping spree—with a twist.

From 8th November 2022 to 10th Dec 2022, the Amazon-owned streaming hub: Twitch will debut a trio of shoppable events themed around a live game show called Pog Picks.

First stop: Canada. Pog Picks’ debut broadcast hit the Great White North on November 8. Featured creators included Canadian streamers like Bobajenny, who introduced nearly 70,000 unique viewers to a “MultEHverse” of games, demonstrations, and product giveaways. One particularly thrilling event: a chat-based challenge that gave competing viewers the chance to win a QLED 4K Q80B TV from sponsor Samsung.

Second stop: Germany and the U.K. Pog Picks will pick back up on November 25 for Twitch’s first-ever European social commerce event. Streamers from the U.K. and Germany will go live on the Twitch Presents channel to unbox underwriter products like the Google Pixel 7 and play sponsor games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Third stop: Across the U.S.A. Pog Picks will dive into Twitch’s eCommerce ambitions with a three-hour “Holiday Hive” stream. As part of that broadcast, clickable carousels will transform the site into a QVC-style shopping channel, with available products displayed for purchase as they appear in-stream.

Given Twitch’s close relationship with Amazon, viewers should have plenty of products to choose from during that 10th December 2022 event—meaning even last-minute shoppers will have a chance to scoop up some quality gifts.

Honourable mentions:

  • HSN live-shopping app
  • Klever live selling software
  • Some of the best live-shopping apps for the Chinese market are Bigo Live ( and Once your live stream is completed, you can upload it on Bilibili (a video-sharing service based in Shanghai).

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Apps, software and platforms that allow marketers and creators to monetise their daily activities directly feel safer than building businesses solely on social platforms like TikTok, Youtube or Instagram as their algorithms and community standards can change, as can their monetisation rules.

Creators and marketers who exclusively rely on TikTok, Youtube or Instagram for monetisation always have concerns about being demonetised and having their channel cancelled.

Therefore, all marketers, creators and influencers are looking for new alternative ways to earn money or increase sales and one seems to be live-selling apps.

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