Find below the best 10 social media analytics tools in 2024 list. The top 10 social media analytics software and platforms, apps and plugins in 2024 rank list. From free to the best premium social media analytics tools in 2024.

Written by Mau, a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at eDigital.


Thousands of marketers working for some of the top fastest-growing industries are looking for new ways to extract the best data and insights from their social media platforms.

Some of our best Instagram virtual assistants have done the research and are now sharing the best social media analytics tools marketers should be using in 2024.

And, whether your customer service has not been that great or your brand is yet to meet your marketing objectives, choosing one of the best social media analytics tools in 2024 is a great way to bring new ideas into what it is working on your social media channels that get you closer to your marketing goals.

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10. Cision

cision logo png

cision logo png

Cision is a social media management and listening tool. Cision gives users a solution for listening, engaging, and analyzing social streams to gain insights into a brand’s image and engage a community. Cision acquired ViralHeat in March 2015 and social media and PR listening platform Trendkite in Jan 2019. Cision also used to own a social media listening tool called: Visible Intelligence. Cision currently owns BrandWatch and

Cision’s top clients include Adobe, H&M and Volvo Cars. 

  • Brandwatch (Owned by Cision)
brandwatch logo png

brandwatch logo png

Brandwatch was bought by peer index in 2014 you can identify social influencers by topic. Brandwatch is a social intelligence and social media listening and analytics technology platform that gathers millions of online conversations every day and provides users with the tools to analyse them. In June 2017, Brandwatch launched “Image Insights” their new image detection and analysis tool to help marketers discover and analyse how, when, and where people are sharing content with your logo. With image insights, marketers can discover how people are using your products even if they are not typing the exact words on their content allowing them to see all types of content: the good, the bad before it goes viral. In October 2018, Crimson Hexagon merged into the BrandWatch umbrella.

    • Signals. Signals is part of the BrandWatch offering allowing companies to analyse media mentions in real-time and automatically alert you via email when there have been significant changes, such as an increase in volume, a trending story or an influencer getting involved in the conversation. The “Signals” tool doesn’t require you to know what changes you’re looking for in advance – so it’s great for unearthing stories or issues you might otherwise have missed. Signals can be set up to alert multiple people – even those without a Brandwatch login.

Brandwatch’s top clients include Walmart, Nestle, Unilever, AstraZeneca, PepsiCo and Havas Media Group.

9. Sprinklr

sprinklr logo png social media marketing tool platform software

sprinklr logo png social media marketing tool platform software

Sprinklr is an enterprise-level social media suite with features for social media management, social media listening, social advertising, and social analytics. Sprinklr can access a variety of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Sprinklr offers users customizable social media components to integrate with many departments within a company. Sprinklr offers AI AI-assisted content. Overcome writer’s block with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Let AI instantly generate ideas for your social posts while you decide the brief, tone and audience.

Sprinklr top clients include L’Oreal, SAP, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Ikea, Uber,, Cisco, Prada, Lenovo, Honda, McDonald’s, Ferrara Candy, Sonos, Acer, Groupon, Philips, Clemson University, Telefonica Brasil, Norse Atlantic Airways, Evri, Boston University, Havas Media Group and Arnott’s Group. 

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8. AppsFlyer

Designed to work with paid social posts and other ad media to drive mobile app installs, this app gives you real-time data on a host of important metrics – clicks, organic vs. non-organic installs, revenue, average revenue per user, even custom in-app metrics to help you track interactions after app installs (booking a hotel room or building a shopping list, for example). AppsFlyer offers a free trial if you’d like to test it. Some top companies using AppsFlyer include HBO, Macy’s, The Wall Street Journal and Samsung.

Thanks to the tool’s extensive mobile analytics and attribution-centred focus, you can easily track a full suite of attribution metrics. AppsFlyer works well with all attribution models, this way you can get a more complete understanding of your mobile marketing ROI and present clear results that highlight areas you can improve your social media performance – and ensure you’re investing the most where you’re most likely to profit over time. The tool is fully scalable and boasts 99.99% uptime, making it a reliable choice to help you keep the attribution data flowing.

7. Clickmeter

ClickMeter offers more than 100 features to assist marketers with marketing attribution and analytics. The software is fully integrated with social media and is developer-friendly, playing nicely with AdWords to SandBox. The maps and reports it creates provide detailed insights into your audience (including clickstreams – i.e. what people are clicking on while on your site). You can turn any URL into a short tracking link for easy sharing on Twitter and other social channels and keep an eye on where and how your content spreads on social media and beyond.


Shortened URLs can provide a whole host of metrics on who’s clicking on your social posts, revealing their geographic locations, devices, platforms, browsers, OS, language settings, and more so you can hone in on your audience and build rich personas based on real data. The tool also uses pixels to track conversions, run targeted campaigns with QR codes, and try A/B testing your URLs. helps take the headache out of these complex yet powerful social media marketing tasks, so you can track the effectiveness of your strategy and tweak it accordingly.

5. Crowdbabble

Get Analytics reports for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Snapchat with Crowdbabble.

4. Segment

Great asset for any marketing team that’s starting to think seriously about attribution. Segment works nicely with most attribution dashboards and models. The segment software was initially designed to help businesses send data wherever they need it, this is a smart pick for getting started with sophisticated social media marketing attribution. The segment social media analytics software is especially useful to marketers working with multiple types of paid social posts. Compared to display advertising, sponsored social posting is a relatively new media type, and as a result, not overly saturated. Less competition, greater exposure, and excellent ROI are great reasons why today’s marketers are turning to paid social, which only highlights the greater demand for viable attribution solutions.

Segment’s top clients include Intuit, Vacasa, FOX, Sanofi, IBM, Dominos, Levi’s, Adevinta, Trustpilot, Vista, Amasim, CrossFit, Televisa Univision, Zalora, CampingWorld and ChartMogul.

3. Khoros

Your team can use Khoros to plan, collaborate, report, and surface insights from social media—in one platform. Some of it is key features include:

    • Insights: Inform content and campaign planning with social data.
    • Planning: Organise content into the campaigns it’s fulfilling, then report on those campaigns.
    • Content Management: Control the content used to populate your social media posts.
    • Collaboration: Chat or assign tasks to work together efficiently.
    • Governance: Route your content through the people who need to see and approve it.
    • Reporting. Create space for your teams to track what they make and how they work together
    • Publishing: Schedule and publish your content across your global teams and accounts.
    • Community Management. Engage one-on-one with your customers, at the scale you need

Khoros was formerly known as “Spredfast”

Khoros’s top clients include Sony, Microsoft, SAP, Orange, Zoom, Three, Adobe, BMW, Intuit, Bank of England, AGL, AutoDesk, Samsung, Sky, SANE Australia, Intel, Schneider Electric, Telstra, Visa and Cisco. 

2. Sprout Social

sprout social logo png new social media instagram scheduling tool platform

sprout social logo png new social media Instagram scheduling tool platform

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that includes Instagram management and post scheduling created to help businesses grow their social media presence. Try it free for 30 days.

Key features:

  • You can easily plan and schedule Instagram posts, monitor the top 25 most popular Instagram hashtags, manage and respond to comments and run reports to show rich analytics and insights.
  • Manage and publish engaging content. You can save time and optimise your Instagram planning with creative tools, intuitive workflows and powerful scheduling features all within a single platform.
  • Build great customer relationships. Easily engage followers, track campaigns and source user-generated content with a unified inbox to monitor comments and hashtags.
  • Benchmark your Instagram performance. With Sproutsocial you can analyse post and profile level data, hashtag usage and performance and track audience engagement across one or multiple accounts.
  • Streamline your Instagram posting process. Receive push notifications alerting you when it’s time to post.
  • Simplify creative development. Ensure your brand Instagram posts stay on-brand and meet quality standards with editing tools and a centralised asset library.
  • Great collaborative content calendar. Manage Instagram posts efficiently from a team content calendar with campaign tags and a notifications feed.
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts. Connect and manage multiple Instagram profiles from one social management platform without logging in and out.
  • Foster brand loyalty. With the best CRM software that helps you engage with customers quickly and personally.
  • Track and respond to posts published in your business location. Find and engage with customers posting media geo-tagged at your business’ location by tracking Instagram locations.
  • Instagram Post Performance Insights: Quickly identify top-performing posts with Sprout’s analytics and track comments, likes and engagement.
sprout social media dashboard brooks running

sprout social media dashboard brooks running

Sprout Social’s top clients include Shopify, UNICEF, Havas, HP, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Florida.

1. Brand24


brand24 logo png

brand24 logo png

Brand24 is a market intelligence, social media listening and analytics tool. Brand24 can monitor any topic, keyword or brand name mentioned on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Linkedin. It also combines features for gaining market and social insights, engaging audiences, and detecting sales opportunities.

Some of Brand24’s best features include:

  • You can track and engage in online conversations relevant to your business and
  • Brand24 offers you analysis on reach, sentiment and influence.
  • Many companies of different sizes ( not only enterprise-level) use this tool to identify and analyse online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors.
  • Great tool for listening to your brand or blog.
  • Brand24 gives you instant access to all public mentions on the internet.
Brand24 review testimonial

Brand24 review testimonial

Brand24 top clients include IKEA, Intel, Uber and Divante. 

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Some of the above social media analytics tools, software and platforms can offer the insights you need to make better and more informed decisions about your social media marketing. Before you decide on a tool, it is important to discuss with your team the exact data needs and insights required to inform your social media strategy. 

eDigital can help you conceptualise, plan, develop, run and optimise successful social media marketing campaigns that generate leads and sales for your brand.

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  • Celebrity and influencer marketing campaign strategy. 
  • Brand development. Logo creation, brand personality development and design of marketing materials.
  • Consumer contests/competitions/giveaways.
  • Email marketing. Dip sequence design and deployment. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation. It is also called “path to purchase” optimisation. 

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