Find below the new peace sign png large. Download the peace symbol sign black with a transparent background on a large-size file for free

Written by Mau, a Senior Logo Designer and Linkedin Marketing Specialist at eDigital.

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Before you start using the peace sign black png largelet me tell you something you probably have been turning a blind eye to…

Social Media is not helping your business

  • Social media platforms are “money extraction” machines. Their business models are to make money from you.
  • Social media platforms’ algorithms have been deliberately designed to lower your organic reach so you have to pay for ads to reach your followers. That’s why only 2% of your followers may see your posts (If you are lucky!)
  • You keep trying to build audiences on social media platforms you will never own. 
  • You cannot transfer your hard-earned social media followers to your CRM.
  • Your customer acquisition costs from social media ads are through the roof.

The solution

I can offer you marketing strategy training that will help you:

  • Lower customer acquisition costs.
  • Minimise dependency on paid media.
  • Build a marketing engine with marketing assets and channels you fully own.
  • Craft the best digital marketing plan and social media strategy that boosts sales and CLTV.


You can download the peace symbol black png sign (transparent background) on a large size by clicking on the below image for free. 

peace sign black png large

peace sign black png large

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The peace sign black png large is probably one of the most downloaded signs in the past century. People use the peace sign black png transparent symbol when promoting harmony and goodwill in and between their communities and countries. 

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Final note: Want to reduce customer acquisition costs and dependency on paid media? eDigital’s marketing strategy training will unmercifully review your marketing campaigns and help you build a marketing engine with channels and assets you fully own. The training will stir up your team’s thinking and bring new ideas to activate new conversion paths and effectively boost customer lifetime value.


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