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Dave Limp, the SVP of devices and services at Amazon

The invention process is very different. It has a different decision-making framework, we use a thing we call the “working backwards process,” where we don’t use PowerPoint, or Keynote, that much inside of our business. We write narratives. And the narratives are six pages long, and a new product, any new product inside of Amazon, the first page of that product, that narrative is a press release as if you were launching the product tomorrow. And then the next five pages are frequently asked questions; how is this going to be differentiated? How would it be priced? What invention do you have to solve to be able to do this, etc? And there’s a bunch of those questions that go in. And those docs come, and we review them, but that process is much messier. It is very rare that I would see a working backwards document like that for any new product — could be the original Echo or the original Kindle — that we would approve the first time we saw it. Normally it takes many iterations of that. And what’s critical about that is that we really want that to be as good as we possibly can make it, because as soon as we agree on that document, the decision is made. That project is green-lighted. The next step is to find a single-threaded leader to run that project. Somebody that wakes up full-time, every day, their job is to make that product happen because you never want to have somebody inventing part-time, that’s a very important thing. And so, that’s why that process tends to be more iterative. We still try to do it quickly, obviously.

When we ship a new invention and customers start reviewing it and are they using it? That’s all that matters. That’s 99 out of 100 points. If we get that right, then good things will come. If we don’t get that right, then we need to quickly pivot and iterate and get it right. But as invites as a measure, it’s off to a better start than I would have predicted. The fact of the matter is any new-to-the-world product is going to have its cynics. By the way, I would postulate that if you don’t have vocal cynics, you didn’t take enough risk in your invention. It’s just another “me too” thing. Like it’s not new to the world. And so I would say, for a good new product that took a bunch of risks, there’s always going to be that noise

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