The best 10 Australian inventions of all time. The top 10 most important Aussie innovations. The greatest and leading innovations in Australia.

By Mau, Global Head of Marketing Strategy at eDigital.


Some of our best virtual assistants have researched and found the greatest Aussie inventions developed in Australia.

10. Mechanical Artificial Heart

While completing a PhD in biomedical engineering in his early 20s, Australian mechanical engineer Dr Daniel Timms was inspired to invent a mechanical artificial heart after his father was diagnosed with a heart condition. In this video, Dr Timms talks about the design of the mechanical heart and its potential for reducing patients’ reliance on scarce donor hearts, and the support and encouragement he received from the government, industry and the research sector in Australia to bring his invention to life.

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9. Green Steel and Green Ceramics

Professor Veena Sahajwalla is a leading expert in the field of recycling science and the inventor of two ground-breaking products – green steel and green ceramics. Watch Professor Sahajwalla explain how she came up with the idea of transforming waste tyres and plastics into high-quality steel and turning waste glass and waste textiles into ceramic products. She also describes her excitement at working with a broad range of passionate people in research and industry to take her ideas from concept into the lab and, finally, to commercialisation.

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8. Spray-on skin cells

Professor Fiona Wood explains how her work with burnt patients led to the invention of spray-on skin cells – a ground-breaking discovery that has saved thousands of lives around the world – and how Australia’s vibrant research sector is helping advance the process even further through new technologies like 3D printing robotics solutions.

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7. Gardasil: cervical cancer vaccine

Professor of Medicine at the University of Queensland, Professor Ian Frazer, talks about how he and fellow researchers didn’t set out to find a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer but set out to build the virus in the laboratory so they could understand how it works. 500 million doses of Gardasil have been given worldwide. Professor Frazer outlines how public health research funding and the efficient clinical trials system in Australia helped on his journey to success.

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6. World’s largest radio telescope

New world-class radio astronomy facilities in Australia are helping scientists grapple with questions like how galaxies form and whether we are alone in the universe. Dr Karen Lee-Waddell and Dr Keith Bannister talk about SKA – an international effort to build the world’s largest radio telescope in Australia and South Africa – and how the vast amount of data it will collect is a game changer for space science.

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5. Nanofibres from Spiniflex grass

Working with indigenous Australian communities to harvest and process spinifex grass, Dr Nasim Amiralian’s pioneering bioengineering and nanotechnology research have the potential to create an entirely new industry. The University of Queensland researcher has discovered a process to extract unique nanofibres in spinifex grass that can be added to plastics and latex to make them thinner and stronger while still being flexible – attracting strong commercial interest.

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4. Black box flight recorder

The invention of the black box flight recorder is a story of Australian persistence and determination. Australia’s Dr David Warren had the idea in 1953 for a device that would record not only flight data but also voices and other sounds in aircraft cockpits immediately before a crash.

Confident in his innovation, he built a prototype in his own time and demonstrated it all over the world.  Dr Agostino, from Defence Science and Technology Group, outlines the support and funding available for scientists and innovators in Australia today that lets good ideas take flight.

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3. Bionic eye for Retinitis Pigmentosa condition

Top Australian innovation and research are bringing closer the dream of restoring vision to millions of people around the world. Dr Ash Attia says there is nothing better than having a patient recognise their loved ones after years of blindness from the genetic condition, Retinitis Pigmentosa. Watch Dr Attia speak about bionic eye development and the top research minds and organisations in Australia committed to high-quality research.

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2. PERC Solar Cell

Australian Government funding to find alternative energy sources during the oil shortages of the 1970s set Professor Martin Green on a pioneering energy path to creating a better type of solar cell. Today, the Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) he invented is the cheapest way to generate electricity using solar cells and is used in over 90 per cent of solar panels made globally.

As the global appetite for clean energy grows, this Australian-invented viable alternative to fossil fuels has never been more important.

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“Inventions are important for the Australian economy and bring different industries and social groups together”


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1. Google Maps

Transport yourself back to the 1990s, when Software Engineer Noel Gordon found an opportunity in the dotcom bust. It led him and three partners to develop moving maps for the web which gave us Google Maps. He recalls the group’s early days of working in a spare bedroom as one of the original lean start-ups, and the supportive ecosystem Australia offers innovators today.

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  • Wifi.

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