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Who are the most popular Australians on Instagram by the number of followers?

Check below the 2020 ranking list of Australians with the most followers.

Many Australians entered this year “Most followers on Instagram” list, yet few ones sit high above the frou-frou and have become a key conduit of Influencer Marketing dollars in Australia and overseas.

These popular Australians on Instagram are still not quite as some of the World’s Instagram stardom celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Arianna Grande, Lionel Messi, Beyonce, Charlie D’Amelio or Justin Bieber with hundreds of millions of Instagram followers. Even some of the World’s most popular computer-generated Instagram celebrities may have more followers than some of these Australians on this list.


While some people believe Instagram stardom relies heavily on “human objectification” (“Look at my ass, fake eyelashes or my fake lifestyle“) others believe this objectification is valid and acceptable.

“There are legitimate criticisms to be made about social media influencers, such as the celebration of unrealistic lifestyles, body image questions, to the rampant consumerism promoted, but often the genuine entrepreneurialism of those involved are dismissed in a highly gendered manner. Building a substantial social media following and then successfully monetising the platform is not achieve as vaciously or simply as many assert or assume. It requires creative skill, effort and labour, and the aesthetics that sell are constantly on the move.” Natasha Gillezeau wrote on Australian Financial Review.

Marketers – who decide budgets to be invested in Instagram influencers – will need to define how to choose Instagram collabs as the platform and its top celebrities are more scrutinised for the quality of their content presented.

Not saying more, you are about to enjoy checking this ranking list out and decide by yourself who is worth your influencer marketing dollars and exclusive brand collaborations.

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That was the question I asked myself while I was completing the ultimate driving Brisbane to Cairns road trip visiting the best stops for a few months and had plenty of time to enjoy some of their content.

I invite you to check out these most-followed Aussies on Instagram and if they fit with your brand goals do not be shy to contact them for brand collaborations.


m = million; k=thousand. Last update: Jan 2021

NUMBER 10: Tammy Hembrow 11.9m Instagram followers. Model. 📈 Gained 300k million followers in 2020.

Do some Australians have unrealistic expectations of beauty? Instagram’s Photoshop retouching “Queens” may be the ones to blame, but regardless, they are getting the fame and influencer dollars from top companies, especially top luxury high fashion brands.

Tammy Hembrow has collaborated with top brands and also promotes her own fitness clothing brand Saski and her Tammy Fit app.

Tammy Hembrow before after makeup photoshot

Tammy Hembrow before after makeup

NUMBER 9: Miranda Kerr 12.3m Instagram followers. Fashion model. 📈 Gained 100k million followers in 2020

Sydney born, the Aussie ex-Victoria secret angel, David Jones beauty ambassador and model, Miranda also owns Kora Organics, her organic cosmetic brand with products that apparently offer quartz energy. The “crystal quartz” magic may also be helping her boost her Instagram following count.

Miranda Kerr Australian model

Miranda Kerr Australian model

NUMBER 8: Kayla Itsines 12.6m Instagram followers. Top fitness trainer, book author. 📈 Gained 100k million followers in 2020.

Born in Adelaide, Australia (Greek parents), Kayla Itsines is a fitness personal trainer and author of the popular Bikini Body Guides, and founder of the meal-planning and workout app: Sweat with Kayla. Notably, she collaborated with Apple for an Apple Watch marketing campaign in 2015.

Kayla Itsines australian female fitness influencer personal trainer

Kayla Itsines Australian female fitness influencer personal trainer

NUMBER 7: Liam Hemsworth 13.6m Instagram followers. Film, actor. Lost 400k followers in 2020.

Is Liam piggybacking from his older bro fame? maybe, who knows. His acting role as a Josh Taylor in the Australian soap opera: Neighbours may have given him its own deserved fame? maybe. Lately, he has been on the news as he was forced to quit his vegan diet after suffering kidney stones. With his brother, he is one of the Australian Childhood Foundation ambassadors.

NUMBER 6: Iggy Azalea 14m Instagram followers. Rapper, music singer. (Deleted Instagram account in  May 2019 amid her nude photo leak) but the account is back up running.

Not really my type of music but there you go, this popular Aussie singer/rapper has done it, she achieved the dream of many Aussie teen girls who want just fame and money.

Iggy Azalea popular Australian singer Instagram

Iggy Azalea popular Australian singer Instagram – Image: Cosmopolitan

You know now, do you want to get me out of your house? then play an Iggy Azalea’s song.

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NUMBER 5: Ruby Rose 16m Instagram followers. Film, actress, fashion model, tv presenter. 📈 Gained 300k million followers in 2020.

Ruby Rose is an Australian model, actress and TV presenter. Netflix “Orange is the new black” tv series brought her instant popularity and she has worked with brands including Milk and Honey (Australian Fashion brand), Urban Decay Cosmetics, Maybelline New York Cosmetics and Nike.

Ruby Rose face natural look no makeup

Ruby Rose face natural look no makeup

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NUMBER 4: Katherine Langford 18m Instagram followers. Film, actress. 📈 Gained 1.5 million followers in 2020.

Born in Perth, Western Australia; Katherine is one of the most popular Netflix stars for her acting roles as Hannah Baker on 13 Reasons Why and show her sword killing skills as Nimue on Cursed series and already booked in for Avengers 4. With over 200 Netflix subscribers watching her roles, no surprise this woman is one of the most followed Australian stars on Instagram. Remember: this Aussie girl was not even born when Amazon was founded, plenty to see from her in the years to come.

Katherine Langford popular Australian actress on Instagram

Katherine Langford popular Australian actress on Instagram

NUMBER 3: Margot Robbie 22m Instagram followers. Film, actress. 📈 Gained 2 million followers in 2020

Born in Dalby, Queensland; Margot is a multi-award winning actress who grew up in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Top brand collaborations include Vogue magazine, top luxury brand Channel and others.

Margot Robbie dog smile

Margot Robbie dog smile. Source: Instagram

NUMBER 2: Hugh Jackman 29m Instagram followers. Film, actor.

Born in Sydney, Australia; Hugh Jackman, the popular Marvel superhero (X-Men film series: Wolverine & Logan) with his adamantium claws, singer, dancer and muti award-winning actor: Golden Globe (Les Misérables), Emmy’s Tony Awards (The Boy from Oz); holds one of the most popular Instagram accounts. Hugh is married to Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness.

Hugh Jackman dogs smiling

Hugh Jackman dogs smiling. Source: Instagram

NUMBER 1: Chris Hemsworth is the most popular Australian on Instagram in 2021 with 39 million followers. 

Aussies can be lucky this dude did not end up dancing as a career and instead stick to acting. His mansion in the shallow hipster-healer beach town of Byron Bay will be easily paid off with his latest contract as Hugo Boss ambassador. The Australian Childhood Foundation also added his pretty face to its ambassador list. In an Instagram video post, he offered a $1 million donation to bushfire victims in Australia in Jan 2020. Would Australians on Instagram move on and revere someone else as their idol? Time will tell. In the meantime, the pretty boy is busy trying to get his new app into the World’s most popular fitness apps list

Chris Hemsworth cats popular Australian actor Instagram

Chris Hemsworth The most popular Australian actor on Instagram – Photo: Vanity Fair Bruce Weber

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Lazar Beam with 2.3m followers acquired more than 1.3 million Instagram followers in the last year, moving to position 30 from position 80 last year.

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How does this list compare with the most popular Australian Youtubers?

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The most popular Australians on Instagram influence thousands of consumer choices from what they buy, where they go on holiday, what causes to donate to, what to wear, what companies to follow and what to eat and how to be healthy. No doubt, they have the power to increase businesses sales as long as there is a right fit. Learn how to craft your social media plan or brief an influencer today!

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