Find the importance of words in life. What is the value and power of words for life? Why words are an important and significant part of life?

By Mau, a creative writer, marketer and semantics enthusiast at eDigital.

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I know something about you.

You are curious about the significance of words in your everyday life.

Poets, philosophers, songwriters, teachers, instructors, marketers, screenwriters and politicians, even me and many more people in many creative occupations have something in common:

They want to explore and learn about the power of words and language.

Millions of people working in some of the top fastest-growing industries are reading this article to discover the power of spoken and written words in life.

With so many world issues happening right now, people of all generations are trying to figure out the words they need to use to solve their everyday challenges.

If you have taken any of my training or are subscribed to my newsletter, you surely have already put into practice some real & proven powerful words to make your life easier, more manageable, more meaningful and more fun.

As a result, understanding the value of words in your life has become one of the biggest opportunities not only to improve your life but also to help you in key business areas including sales, social media, customer service and for marketers, surely choosing the right words for your marketing messaging and campaigns can get closer to your business and marketing objectives.


Some of our best Instagram virtual assistants discovered that words have so much value, power and reach.

Words are the vehicle to transform the abstract (thoughts, feelings and emotions) into concrete phrases, stories that make sense, influence, entertain or spark curiosity or – on a negative note – further confuse you, make you afraid or sad. 

You transform ideas and build stories and realities with spoken and written words with different objectives.

You use words to:

  • explain
  • seduce
  • persuade
  • convince
  • rectify
  • comfort
  • show honesty or
  • destroy something or someone.

Great words allow you to better understand each other and understand the meaning of past events or convert those past events into what they were not.

In some cases, words give the past the importance it did not have which now should have.

Sometimes, words age and need to be rescued so they can rescue you.

Words can help you better understand people as gestures or gazes may make us misread others.

Well-thought words can clarify confusion and misunderstandings in your life.

On the dark side, words can deepen hostilities and be a stone to be placed on top of a grave.

Words have an importance that many times we neglect but that we all have recognised.

Imagine the words:

“I deeply believe I love enjoying my life near you”

To be congruent, these words and that exact phrase have to be followed by concrete actions for them to first: be believable and secondly: be powerful.

Some words’ resonance is so powerful that become viral (popular books, phrases, quotes) and transform the way you and millions of others live and govern each other (constitutions). For example, a crazily popular quote:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

One of the world’s most popular quotes

Words help you read the thinking of someone who has already died and words will pass the unique way you see the world and your thinking to future generations (ancestral wisdom).

Words take different shapes, forms and meanings.

Imagine for a second each of the below words:

  • a key
  • a hug
  • an umbrella
  • a shield
  • a pillow
  • a Swiss knife
  • a rainbow
  • a dark hole or
  • a flower that opens its petals just when we need to see something beautiful.

People make an opinion of you by the words you use and how you express them (emotion and body language)

Think about the last person you spoke to today.

What idea did that person have about you by the words you have chosen to share?

Powerful ah!

Words can:

  • Beautify your imperfections
  • Confirm your values and passions
  • And cement your truth

If – only if – there is any truth, but that would be a philosophical topic of discussion in another article.

words are power

words are power


I am sure you have been at a gathering, party, dinner or meeting where a garrulous human does not stop talking while never asking questions to others or trying to get other people’s ideas and opinions.

Maybe that chatterbox person is you, maybe it is me, or it could be someone even worse: your boss or partner you just had enough of “bullshit” listening to.

Those types of incessant and excessive words are not that smart and are never welcomed.

Words are mirrors that reflect your own shortcomings, your insecurities or – if managed correctly – your greatest virtues.

Words can make you sound correct/incorrect or be in context or out of context.

Words can both expand or limit the way you want to make sense of the world and the meaning of what you are trying to communicate.

On the positive side, choosing the best words in life can be a lifesaver or a rocket that propels you into new worlds and experiences but it is not the only tool.

You can embrace other creative ways for expression, communication and connection such as art, dance, illustration, anime, theatre, photography, painting, musical sounds, intimacy, food, adventure and many others.

Any of the above creative activities can compensate for words’ limitations.

Some of the world’s best wordless expression examples include the Jarabi song, the Salvatore Mundi painting, silent comedy shows (memes, etc), the Acid song, and the Theather of Cruelty.

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You know you have experienced the power of words in your life when they have inspired the deepest corners of your soul to the best acts of service and kindness.

Even good people who have acted badly toward someone have used words to express their remorse and commitment to pay back the damage caused. 

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