Find below some of the best Linkedin Marketing courses in 2024. The top Linkedin marketing courses for 2024 list in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, Australia.

Brought to you by Mau, Global Head of Marketing Strategy at eDigital.


Before you pay for one of the best Linkedin marketing courses in 2024let me tell you something you probably have been turning a blind eye to…

Linkedin is not helping your business

  • Linkedin is a “money extraction” machine. Their business model is to make money from you.
  • The Linkedin algorithm has been deliberately designed to lower your organic reach so you have to pay for ads to reach your followers. That’s why only 5% of your followers may see your posts (If you are lucky!)
  • You keep trying to build an audience on Linkedin you will never own. 
  • You cannot transfer your hard-earned Linkedin followers to your CRM.
  • Your customer acquisition costs from Linkedin ads are through the roof.

The solution

I can offer you best marketing strategy training that will help you:


You can learn all the top secrets for Linkedin marketing success but that will not change the fact Linkedin will continue offering you minimal organic reach (2% average across all industries) as they want you to pay for ads.

I know you want to book the best Linkedin Marketing course. But I am afraid to tell you that Linkedin may not be the best way to increase leads and sales for your business.

Some of the top social media marketing colleagues and universities offering Linkedin marketing courses used to pay to get listed in this article.


After evidencing the tiny organic traffic Linkedin is offering, we have decided to stop promoting Linkedin marketing courses.

Most Linkedin courses you find through a Google search will make you believe you need to know all the intricacies of Linkedin to be able to grow your business, but that’s not the case.

You will keep wasting money, time and resources on Linkedin ads or Linkedin posts few people see (not even targeting your most valuable customer segment) instead of investing in your brand and your actual most profitable customers.

You can grow your business without a Linkedin company page.

Yes, that’s right!

You do not need Linkedin to grow your business.

I will show you how to successfully build your brand and boost your leads and sales through the tailored marketing strategy training sessions I offer.



Location: Online Session
TrainerMau, Global Head of Marketing Strategy at eDigital
Duration: 1.5 hours Price: $695

About the Premium Marketing Strategy Training 

  • Tailored session. Our premium online training sessions are tailored to your specific learning goals. I will work with you to define the agenda items. These can be top questions or key challenges you are facing with your Marketing Strategy.
  • Convenient. You decide the day and the time that suits you best.
  • Collaborative. Invite your marketing team or work colleagues.
  • Top knowledge. I will share with you the best marketing strategy frameworks that will help you minimise dependency on social media channels and paid media.
  • Practical tips. You will be presented with the top marketing secrets most people do not know about how to boost sales in the shortest period.
  • Case studies. I will show you how we got 1.5+ million marketers visiting our website without paid ads or social media and how we use this great traffic to increase our leads and sales. Also, we will share with you practical examples, case studies and learnings from the work we have done for some of our top clients.

What you will learn

✔︎ How to design your marketing strategy.
✔︎ How to define your “most profitable” target segments and find them with no need for social media.
✔︎ How to design an impactful brand that people want to subscribe to with no need for fake followers and time-wasting on Linkedin.
✔︎ How to create impressive content that aids the customer purchase journey.
✔︎ How to build an engaged audience in channels you fully own that bring new customers to your business.
✔︎ You will also get the chance to put their theories into practice.
✔︎ Bonus: Immediate access to our exclusive and premium Strategic Marketing Plan Template.

Say “Adios” to time-wasting on Linkedin!

Contact us today and book the best marketing strategy support.

Running a marketing training day at your office?

  • We can also go to your office and deliver a premium strategic marketing session/workshop.
  • We service cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Hobart, Cairns, Newcastle, Wollongong and others.