Find below some of the best 10 quotes on creativity. Share some of the top 10 creativity quotes and phrases.

Written by Mau. Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at eDigital.


10. “By combining your knowledge and experience with experimentation and unstructured play, the path to innovation is set” Ma

creativity quote innovation mau edigital

creativity quote innovation Mau eDigital

9. “The desire to break expectations leads to the mind’s runaway creativity” Mau

desire to break expectations creativity quote

desire to break expectations creativity quote

7. “What’s between a leader and a follower? Creativity!” Mau

6. “What does it keep people fooled and not creative? Rules! Art is the most creative way to break all rules and not end up in jail in 99% of cases” Mau

5. “There is no particular way to create. That’s the magic in this world!” Mau

4. “Creative people don’t wait for opportunities to come. They make the opportunities” Mau

3. “Everyone wants to sell you a creative process. Just follow what comes naturally to you, unique to you. Do not pay to learn someone else creative process” Mau

2. “What is the biggest fear in the creative process? Mistakes! The funny thing is you will not get to something remarkable if you cannot deal with mistakes on the way” Mau

1. “Reading and sharing creativity quotes do not make you more creative. you know what you gotta do: start creating!” Mau

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