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LOCATION: Online Webinar
INSTRUCTOR: Mauricio Escobar – Global Head of Digital Marketing Strategy at eDigital.
DURATION: up to 2 hours PRICE: $395


  • PRIVATE SESSION. This is a private online session that can be tailored to your specific Digital Marketing goals. You are welcome to bring your top 3-5 agenda items. You can bring your top questions or key challenges you are facing with your own Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • CONVENIENT. You sit wherever you want as the session is online via Skype. We send you some dates and time options you can choose from.
  • SHAREABLE! Bring your team members. You can invite as many people as you want.
  • BEST STRATEGY FRAMEWORKS. With practical and effective examples, case studies and frameworks, you will learn how to build a successful Digital Marketing Strategy that generate leads and tangible increases in sales in the shortest time period.
  • PRACTICAL TIPS. You will be shown top Digital Marketing best practices, secrets, tricks, tips and tools most marketers do not know about it.
  • OUR EXPERIENCE. If time allows, Mauricio will also be talking on how eDigital uses Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and SEO best recipe mix to get thousands of visits on this website, generate leads and sales.

✔︎ How to design your Digital Marketing Strategy.
✔︎ How to find and target your most profitable customer via Digital Marketing Campaigns.
✔︎ How to design a consistent and impactful visual brand your most profitable customer would love to follow, like and comment.
✔︎ How to keep an engaged audience that bring more users to follow you.
✔︎ How to create a strong aesthetic, how to compose images and all the Digital Marketing etiquette tips you didn’t know you needed to know.
✔︎ You will also get the chance to put their theories into practice by initiating your own Digital Marketing Strategy.
✔︎ FREE BONUS: Exclusive access to a collaborative Digital Marketing Plan Template (on Google Sheets) ready for you to manage all your Internet Marketing Strategy!

Once payment is completed, we will confirm some date and times you can choose from.

Digital Marketing Course Sydney Strategy

Digital Marketing Course Sydney Strategy



MAU. award winning digital marketing specialist at eDigital Agency

MAU. is an Award Winner Digital Marketing Specialist (Masters in Marketing), Certified Facebook/Adwords Professional, Certified SEO Consultant, Top Linkedin Influencer (6k connections), StartUp Investor, Writer, International Speaker. 15+ years experience optimising Digital Marketing Campaigns. MAU. worked for top brands such as, News Limited, The Athletes Foot, Thrifty, NSW Government. MAU. also trains marketers via Strategy Workshops & Training Sessions. His popular Digital Marketing Plan & Social Media Plan templates downloaded by thousands. MAU. travels the world (37 countries visited) while teaching Digital Marketing or completing creative photography briefs and conceptual photography assignments. MAU. speaks three languages, football fan, latin dancer. Subscribe to Mauricio’s e-newsletter connect on LinkedIn Instagram Facebook

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