If you are a Gen X with no children marketer or an older empty-nester marketer, it might be a challenge to know how teens are communicating these days.

Find the Most popular emojis teenagers are using in 2024.

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As emojis are now part of popular culture around the world. Emojis should be part of your social media strategy when you pepper your texts, Instagram posts, and TikTok videos with various little images to amplify your messages. Today’s emoji catalogue includes nearly 3,000 illustrations representing everything from emotions to food, natural phenomena, flags, and humans at various stages of life.

From top luxury high fashion brands to the most followed sports athletes, Instagram influencers, TiTok celebrities use emojis to engage their fans. Using the right emojis becomes particularly important for promotions you sent out on key dates such as Valentine’s Day, Bicycle Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, End of the year campaigns, January sales, Earth Day, Refugee Day, etc.

Employees also find emojis useful when sending goodbye emails to colleagues or sending a farewell message to their boss.

When also used with the most popular Tiktok hashtags; emojis can offer marketers the opportunity to far better reach and engage their customers and audiences. For example, combining popular fitness hashtags with fitness-related emojis will make it easy for people to find and understand your message. The same applies when combining popular food hashtags with food emojis or popular travel hashtags with travel emojis.

Do not be surprised even marketers are crafting their own bios using emojis.

Behind all those symbols is the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit group of hardware and software companies aiming to make text and emoji readable and accessible to everyone. Part of their goal is to make languages look the same on all devices; a Chinese character should be typographically consistent across all media, for example. But Unicode is probably best known for being the gatekeeper of emojis: releasing them, standardising them, and approving or rejecting new ones.

Jennifer Daniel is the first woman working at the Emoji Subcommittee for the Unicode Consortium helping to bring inclusive, thoughtful and fun new emojis. Now Jennifer is helping release emojis for a post-pandemic future in which they are as broadly representative as possible.


Uncover below the secret meaning of the top 13 emojis used by teens…


13. ✨✨

This article is ✨really awesome ✨

You got the meaning right?

It means you want to put “emphasis” on something you are saying.

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12. ? 

Teens love to use the laughing face emoji. Face emoji at work only when texting the “old” boss so he/she/x gets it.

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11. ????

The double thumb-up emoji is a sarcastic way to say “f**k you b*tch”!

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10. ?

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or a weirdo doing too much to get your approval or like? Send that “full-on” person the popular “simping” emoji.

Simping: someone who does way too much for a person they like.

9. ? ☠️

Your dad will never get this pair of emojis which means“funny”.

8. ?

The eyeballs-up emoji means she/he/x is having a “duh moment”. She/he/x has done something so dumb, so retarded that they feel embarrassed just thinking about it.

7. ?

The slightly happy face emoji means a teen thinks it is ok but she/he is not happy or excited about it.

6. ?

The red flag emoji means a concern or an issue

5. ?

Youth are very sceptical and they will text or type the “eyes” emoji when they do not believe you.

4. ??

The woman raising an open hand emoji means a teen is telling you she/he does not care what you say. The new “So what”.

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3. ?

A teenager using the knife emoji is telling you are a Psycho!

2. ?

According to some teenagers, the frog emoji means you or someone is ugly, really ugly!

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1. ✂

The scissors emoji means cutting someone. It can also mean: lesbian


  1. ­The use of emojis increases engagement by a whopping 48% on Instagram.
  2. Tweets with emojis received 25.4% more engagement than those without emojis.
  3. A recent study analysed 31 million tweets and half a million Facebook posts and found that emoticons were a common factor among all the influential social accounts.
  4. 72% of 18-25-year-olds prefer using emojis to convey their feelings. This makes the use of emojis highly valuable in engaging brand or product sentiment.


Just including a few emojis adds depth and realism to your youth marketing campaigns and messaging. It allows you to connect with your youth audience in a fun and creative way, making your brand relatable and approachable to teens. 

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