Find the top 10 most popular yoga hashtags on Instagram for 2024. The best 10 yoga hashtags on Instagram for your yoga photos, images, reels, shorts and videos.

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As you may have already noticed, Instagram is showing your posts to a few of your followers.

Yes, that’s right! most of your followers never get to see your posts.

Regardless of the industry, even the fastest-growing industries are having to spend money (boosting their posts) to reach their hard-earned followers on Instagram.

Suppose you have taken my marketing strategy training session or are subscribed to my exclusive newsletter, you have implemented some real & proven marketing techniques to increase your yoga business sales and do not rely on vanity hashtagging.

As a result, publishing popular yoga hashtags has become one of the biggest social media marketing distractions, especially for marketers or business owners who still need to improve their social media strategy, customer service or yet meet their business and marketing objectives.

Remember, the gains from popular yoga hashtags are minimal compared to activating a real marketing strategy for your yoga training or yoga studio.

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Before you discover the top 10 most popular yoga hashtags on Instagram found by our best virtual assistants, let me tell you something you have probably been turning a blind eye to…

Instagram is not helping your business 

  • If you are lucky, your yoga posts on Instagram may reach 5% of your followers.This is a massive issue affecting thousands of marketers.
  • You have been trying hard to build a yoga audience on Instagram that you will never own.
  • Yes, that’s right; you cannot transfer your hard-earned Instagram followers to your CRM.
  • Your customer acquisition costs from Instagram ads are through the roof.

The solution

I can offer you marketing strategy training that will help you:

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10. #yogini

8.6+ million posts

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Before you start using some of the below most popular yoga hashtags on Instagram, you may want to also use some niche, unique hashtags that will connect you to your exact audience.

For example, if you provide yoga classes for pregnant or breastfeeding women, you may also want to use “#pregnantyoga” related hashtags.

Publishing popular yoga hashtags on Instagram will surely bring you some “likes” to your Instagram content, but it may not be enough to reach your desired audience.

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9. #yogachallenge

10.1+ million posts

#yogachallenge is one of the most popular Yoga hashtags on TikTok

✪ Expert tip: Add popular hashtags to your Instagram yoga videos and stories to increase your chances of being displayed on the Instagram Explore page using the hashtag sticker (you can only add one hashtag) or use the text tool (you can add up to 10 hashtags), you can even hide them by placing a sticker on top of them or use the colour tool to make the hashtags invisible but still findable.

8. #yogateacher

11.2+ million posts

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From #eyeyoga (movements that strengthen the eye muscles) to #faceyoga, entrepreneurs are finding new ways to monetise yoga practices into new forms.

Face yoga for example uses “gua sha” stones to bring calmness, release tension, increase circulation and refresh not only your tired “zoom” face but also your life.

7. #yogagirl

11.6+ million posts

Yoga class - Melanie Perkins - Canva founder - © eDigital Copyrights

Yoga class – Melanie Perkins – Canva founder – © eDigital Copyrights

Want to write a successful social media strategy that boosts your sales?

A well-crafted marketing strategy will:

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6. #yogalove

13.9+ million posts

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What about you take a break?

Just 10 minutes

Try a couple of the above yoga poses and you will start feeling so much better.

5. #yogapractice

15.2+ million posts

Whether you do yoga exercises for healthy lungs, strength, relaxation or flexibility, you can use the #yogapractice hashtag to share your unique yoga style. 

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4. #yogalife

15.4+ million posts


If you want to have – let’s say – 30 great exclusive clients per week, then you do not necessarily need thousands of “likes” and “followers” on Instagram.

You may decide to reach – let’s say – empty nesters retired women who are looking for fun yoga classes in New York’s Central Park South area. That’s quite a niche and that could be enough business for you. Then you will use far better hashtags as you have defined the exact people you want to reach.

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3. #yogainspiration

17.4+ million posts

Related: #yogamotivation

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2. #yogi

17.7+ million posts

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1. #yoga

120+ million posts

No surprise, #yoga is the world’s most popular #yoga hashtag on Instagram.

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Both yoga teachers and yoga practitioners on Instagram are using some of the above most popular yoga hashtags to connect with other yoga lovers. Adding some popular yoga hashtags to your yoga-inspired content on Instagram will make it easier for others to find your yoga photos, reels and videos. Hashtagging itself would not make your yoga business thrive, you will need a solid and consistent customer acquisition and retention strategy to ensure your yoga business grows.

We offer tailored marketing strategy sessions for yoga business owners and when you are ready to learn how to boost your yoga sales, just contact us.

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