The world’s top 10 most popular fitness apps in 2024 list. Global ranking of the free and paid top 10 most used fitness apps list.

Written by Mau, a Senior Fitness Marketing Specialist at eDigital.

Uncover the world’s top 10 most popular fitness apps including popular apps in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore in 2024 below…


Savvy marketers and even some of the top female fitness influencers on Instagram are looking at the below list to benchmark the best fitness apps and come up with their own fitness apps for their brands, businesses and studios.

Source: Google, Apptopia & Penthera report


Home Workout – No Equipment is an exercise app that provides a range of workouts for users to try. All exercises are accompanied by animations and videos to guide the user. The app also features meal plans; warm-up and stretching routines; workout reminders; workout tracking and social media integration.


You can track your well-being on your Galaxy Watch or phone with Samsung Health to gain valuable insights into your body composition, sleep data, nutrition, and more.

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With Fitness Coach, you can follow fitness programs adapted to your goals directly via your iPhone or iPad. Whether at home, at the gym, or outdoors, stay in shape with Fitness Coach! Key features:

  • Choose your GOAL and we make you a program according to your level.
  • Hundreds of exercises to progress all the muscles of your body.
  • Choose your rhythm and train in a 30-minute session.
  • Follow your evolution and progress over the weeks.

Fitness Coach uses HealthKit to track and log your water consumption, steps and activities.


The BetterMe app offers personalised workout and nutrition plans supported by real human coaches, comprehensive progress tracking, and cognitive therapy practice-based tips. Key features:

  • A customised wholesome approach to weight loss and weight gain. The app adjusts to your busy schedule, preferences and lifestyle to achieve fast results without harming your health.
  • Workouts for any level. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the app got you covered with a variety of exercise sets for at-home or at-the-gym sessions, with zero equipment or a full gym. Even if you’ve never tried to work out in your life, our simple and clear instructions will help prevent injuries and get you accustomed to a fitness world in record time.
  • Varied disciplines from cardio to yoga.
  • Everyone can find something they like, whether it’s to get their blood pumping or wind down after a long day.
  • Easy-to-follow meal plans. Nutrition plans created by certified experts to boost your progress with options like intermittent fasting, keto, vegan, and many more.
  • Support by certified coaches in chat. Shoot the app’s coaches a message if you are unsure about what to do, need motivation or just want someone to talk to!

What you get from this fitness app:

  • Workout Programs: personalized sets of exercises and nutrition to help you get in shape faster
  • All-new meal plans: dishes picked according to your preferences, and are easy to make thanks to video recipes
  • Calorie Tracker: know exactly how much you consume a day and monitor your macros all with an intuitive design
  • New community with daily articles, tips, tricks, and answers to all the FAQs
  • Personal coach feature so you are always professionally guided and supported through your weight loss journey
  • Water tracker and step counter to make sure that you’re reaching your daily goals
  • Yoga, running and walking workouts for everyone!

BetterMe offers varied workouts, easy-to-follow meal plans, and useful tips for everyone. There is no need to go to the gym; over 800 workouts can be done at home – with a vast library of exercises, everyone will find something to float their boat: from prenatal yoga to guided interval running, get ready to meet your new favourite way to get in shape fast! Getting in shape has a lot to do with nutrition, and the app carefully hand-picked hundreds of recipes for every taste, cooking time, and budget. Quickly find your new favourite keto breakfast, vegan snack, low-calorie dinner and much more.

Want to eat healthy food everyday on a budget, but following recipes is not always convenient?

Do not worry!

Use Calorie Tracker to add any food item to your daily diary and track your progress even more accurately!

The BetterMe app is also integrated with Health Kit, so that you can track your steps inside the actual app as well as log your water and calorie intake. You can see your workout and meal schedule on the main screen and set workout notifications so that the app can remind you to work out at a suitable time. The app also added yoga journeys as well as walking and running workouts to make sure that the app has covered all your daily activity needs.


Get better, stronger, faster and harder with the Muscle Booster Workout planner app.

When you work out at home or hit the gym, Muscle Booster’s smart training algorithm will guide you through the sets, reps, rep ranges and rest between sets, so that you can achieve your training goals.

Muscle Booster was developed especially for men who care about their health and appearance and want to look and feel amazing. The app is a substitute for a personal trainer and it will help you get in great shape either at home or at the gym. Set your goals: weight loss, muscle gain, or being more active, then select the zones that you want to work on: shoulders, chest, arms, back, belly and legs. Enter your personal data such as age, height, weight, fitness level, etc. According to your goals and personal data, the fitness app smart algorithm will suggest a personalized workout plan – a combination of cardio, strength, recovery and LISS (walking, running, cycling) exercises that will enable you to maximize your results. The basic plan will be created for 60 days and displayed in your calendar. Each week the workout plan will be updated according to your progress and feedback (if the previous workouts were too easy or too difficult for you). Additionally, you will have access to a library of 200+ workouts. Also, the recipe database is included in the app (available in English only). Muscle Booster integrates with HealthKit, so you can export nutrition and exercise data from Muscle Booster to HealthKit, and import fitness data and weight and body measurements from HealthKit to Muscle Booster.


Discover the most popular female health & well-being guide chosen by 200M women, co-created with 100+ leading health & medical experts and acclaimed medical institutions.

  • Partner of the United Nations Population Fund in the area of reproductive health
  • 100+ doctors and health experts are part of the Flo Medical Board
  • Thousands of women log pregnancies every day on Flo
  • App of the Day in the AppStore in over 30 countries
  • Best Fertility App 2020, Healthline

No matter your life stage or reproductive goal, personalize Flo to make it unique and relevant for you. Based on advanced AI technology Flo helps you to monitor your cycle, fertility, or pregnancy accurately. As a one-stop solution for all things female health and well-being, you can track all-in-one: period starts date and length, fertile window, peak ovulation days, PMS symptoms, flow intensity, birth control, water intake, sleep and step counter, and much more. Follow your baby’s growth weekly during pregnancy.

Key features include:

  • Cycle & period tracker. Your cycle is so much more than your period. Every woman experiences different symptoms, mood swings and energy levels in each cycle phase. Together with a team of 80+ health experts, Flo helps you to understand your body better. Explore accurate cycle predictions and tips on how to benefit from your cycle phase and hormone levels for clearer skin, better workouts, and more energy.
  • Ovulation calculator & pregnancy calendar. Discover a personal journey to motherhood with Flo. Get pregnant as soon as naturally possible for you by identifying your most fertile days, and receiving tailored insights. Flo’s pregnancy mode gives you access to beautiful images to follow your baby’s growth weekly. Calculate your due date, set a countdown, and learn the essentials of newborn care.
  • Lifestyle & fitness tracker. Log 70+ symptoms and activities to get the most precise AI-based overview of your body’s patterns. Keep a diary of your weight, water intake, physical activity, moods, and PMS symptoms to monitor changes and receive accurate predictions. Get access to an entire health & well-being multimedia content library with articles, videos and surveys co-created with 100+ experts.
  • Reminders. Schedule reminders of your period approaching, start and end date and your ovulation day, and personalise Flo to get notifications about weight, sleep, water intake, step goal, and birth control.
  • Health report & assistant. Get access to your monthly health report with personalized cycle graphs, and indications of your body’s patterns. A virtual health dialogue will provide proactive information based on your unique profile and symptoms.
  • Secret chats. Safely discuss intimate topics, ask questions anonymously and get support from one of the largest female communities worldwide.

Flo uses HealthKit to export your Flo activities into the Health app and to read menstrual cycle data.

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You can use the Asics Runkeeper app to track exercise, set measurable goals and see progress along the way. Whether you’re just getting into running, training for a running race or trying to reach a new personal running record, this running app can help you. Some key features include:

  • Guided Workouts: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, our ASICS Running coaches push you to reach your fitness goals through a variety of audio-guided workouts that complement your fitness journey.
  • Track workouts: Record activities like running, walking, biking, hiking and more manually or with GPS.
  • Set goals: Maybe you want to get faster, run farther or lose a little weight. No matter your goal, we’ll help you reach it.
  • Listen to audio: Choose the stats you want to hear during your activity like pace, distance, and time (available in five additional motivating voices in English), plus Apple Music and Spotify integration.
  • Follow a plan: Routines lead to progress. Choose a personalized plan that will help get you out the door, day after day.
  • Stay motivated: Join in-app challenges, get exercise rewards, participate in virtual running groups and share achievements.
  • See progress: It’s what this is all about. We’ll log your stats to show you how you’re progressing against your running goals.
  • Apple Watch integration: Leave your phone at home and still track stats.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: connect wireless headphones and heart-rate monitors.
  • Fitness tracker integration: Connect your Garmin, Fitbit and other styles in seconds.
  • Apple Health integration: Connect to share your Runkeeper workout details (including calories, route, and heart rate) to Apple Health and sync your Health measurements to Runkeeper.
  • Partner apps: Connect with other top health apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and more.
  • Strategise for your next race by taking advantage of tailored race-training plans designed to help you run stronger and faster for race day.
  • Compare your workouts with a variety of detailed progress insights and live tracking to closely monitor your training along the way.

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With MyfitnessPal you can lose weight and build healthy habits, the easiest all-in-one calorie and macro tracker. MyFitnessPal has one of the biggest food databases available, with over 14 million foods to help you accurately log everything you eat. With Meal Scan you can add your entire meals. Just point your phone’s camera for real-time. Join our engaged online community of 200 million members for endless inspiration and advice as you strive to lose weight, get fit, or keep your nutrition & calories on track. This is the app for you if you want to feel empowered to make smarter choices … find motivation & support throughout your journey and conquer all your goals. Download and start your free 30-day Premium trial to gain access to exclusive food and fitness logging tools and expert guidance. You’ll discover why MyFitnessPal is one of the top diet and nutrition apps in the U.S.A, received a GQ 2020 Fitness Awards “Best Fitness App”, and has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Today Show.


The Fitbit app offers a free 90-day trial for personalised guidance, customised health programs, mindfulness content and 240+ video workouts you can do at home. You can track basic fitness stats and stay motivated on your fitness journey and find the information and inspiration you need to reach your fitness goals. You can find free workouts, nutrition programs, meditation tracks and sleep tools. Automatically sync your data to 3,000+ popular partner apps. The app allows you to see how small moves add up by using your smartphone to track steps and distance. Or pair it with a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch to see all-day stats like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. Access free video and audio workouts that you can do on your time, right from your living room. You’ll find sessions for HIIT, cardio, strength, yoga and more. Plus, start a 90-day free trial of Fitbit Premium to unlock 240+ workouts from popular brands like barre3, Daily Burn, POPSUGAR and Yoga Studio: Mind & Body. You can also discover how long and how well you’re sleeping, then improve your nightly routine with Fitbit’s innovative sleep tools—including a nightly sleep score, sleep goal setting, bedtime reminders and graphs that show your time in light, deep and REM sleep. The app also allows you to track your heart rate and understand your overall health by using your watch or tracker to record your heart rate 24/7. In the app, find valuable data like resting heart rate trends, time spent in heart rate zones during workouts and a cardio fitness score.

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The Strava fitness app creates a supportive community, tracks fitness activities comprehensively, offers motivation and challenges, provides valuable insights, and promotes a culture of active living and personal improvement for its users.

Strava caters to users at various fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes, offering features and insights suitable for diverse fitness journeys.

Strava offers training plans and insights based on users’ activities and goals, providing personalised recommendations for improving performance and optimising training routines.

Strava’s social features allow users to cheer, comment, and support each other’s activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and providing inspiration for achieving fitness goals.

Strava offers fitness challenges, leaderboards, and achievements, motivating users to set and accomplish goals. This gamification strategy encourages consistent activity and healthy competition among users.

✪ Expert tip: “Add popular fitness hashtags to your Instagram videos and Stories to increase your chances of being displayed on the Instagram explore page using the hashtag sticker (you can only add one hashtag) or use the text tool (you can add up to 10 hashtags), you can even hide them by placing a sticker on top of them or use the colour tool to make the hashtags invisible but still findableMau


  • A-Champs
  • Ane Swim is an Atlanta-based swim apparel maker, which creates swim caps designed to make the water more appealing to diverse audiences
  • Asensei is a San Francisco-based rowing tech startup helping rowing teams prepare with its connected coaching platform. The company is about to build out a library of exercises including yoga, pilates, rehabilitation, kettlebells, and TRX.
  • Boost Sports is a Seattle-based company offering AI-powered video analysis software.
  • Citytrow is another New York-based company that offers an at-home digital platform and a chain of rowing studios.
  • Freeplay is a Utah-based sports startup
  • Grind is a Houston-based company offering a basketball hoop that passes the ball back to you.
  • Liteboxer is an in-home device that brings fitness gamification, hit music and a touch of fun to a boxing workout. The patented system includes lights that smartly pair with music to give the player an intense workout that feels more like a game.
  • MaxOne is a Michigan-based application and system that allows coaches to upload training videos for players.
  • Obefitness is a New York-based Obe Fitness offering a “personality-driven” exercise platform.
  • Safety Skin is an Ohio-based company selling reflective skin to improve roadside safety.
  • Stendo is a French company developing technology to help athletes recover faster by sending “cardio-synchronized massages” through an IoT-enabled bodysuit.
  • StreamRecap is a Los Angeles-based sporttech producing “instant automatic highlights” for high school and college athletes that help with training and recruiting.
  • Sweat
  • SwingVision is a Palo Alto, California-based tech company offering technology for professional tennis players such as Andy Roddick and others.
  • Tempo is a fitness company that develops innovative products to help people progress in their fitness journeys. The Tempo Studio is a home fitness studio that includes real-time guidance and competition-grade weights to help members reach their fitness goals.
  • Tonal
  • Zwift

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The above popular fitness apps provide great services to consumers looking to improve their physical fitness levels.

Even some of the top 25 female fitness influencers on Instagram use some of these popular fitness apps.

Each app offers both common features and unique features; therefore, you must compare their set of features before making your fitness app buying decision.

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