Looking for an animation artist for your YouTube marketing content strategy?

Check out some of these top 10 most popular animation artists on YouTube in 2024. 

Written by Mau, a Senior Youtube Marketing Specialist at eDigital Agency.


10. @disneyanimation

5+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to @disneyanimation

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9. @NutshellAnimations

4.7+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to @NutshellAnimations

Nutshell Animations is also one of the World’s top 25 most-followed Animation accounts on Instagram

8. @SpindleHors

8.8+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to Vivziepop 

Vivziepop’s subscribers are in for a wicked treat.

Vivienne likes to animate cartoons and songs. She is a graduate of SVA in NYC, majoring in traditional animation, and she animates films based on silly characters she keeps coming up with.

She has also taken to trying to fan-animate some songs now and then. Songs that give her inspiration or direct visuals! She adores musicals, villains and animals.

Vivienne is bringing one of her adult animation series, Hazbin Hotel, to Prime Video.

The first trailer hit YouTube on Wednesday and fans are already psyched for a series filled with R-rated shenanigans, animated gore, and—of course—a healthy amount of hellish behaviour.

If you’ve tuned into the online version of Hazbin Hotel (or Vivziepop’s other popular series, the Streamy Award-winning Helluva Boss), then you should also know to expect Broadway-level music and choreography.

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7. @RoosterTeeth

9+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to @RoosterTeeth

Are you monetising your animation through YouTube ad revenue?

Forget about it! 

Ad revenue “just isn’t cutting it” for some Animators. 

For example, Rooster Teeth is pulling some of its most popular shows from YouTube—including the longest-running web series in internet history, Red vs. Blue.

On the 5th of October 2023, showrunner Kerry Shawcross confirmed that fan favourites like Camp Camp and Red vs. Blue will now be available exclusively through Rooster Teeth’s website. The logic behind that change is simple:

Although Rooster Teeth’s primary YouTube channel claims 9 million subscribers, Shawcross says the corresponding revenue “just isn’t cutting it.”

In a Twitter X post, the showrunner explained that ads on Rooster Teeth’s website generate “five to ten times” more value compared to ads on YouTube.

Increased site traffic could also drive viewers to FIRST, Rooster Teeth’s paid subscription service.

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6. @ExplosmEntertainment

11+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to ExplosmEntertainment

@explosmofficial is the Instagram account of Explosm Entertainment, an American animation studio best known for its popular webcomic series “Cyanide & Happiness.” The studio was founded in 2005 by four artists – Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick, and Matt Melvin – and has since gained a large following for their irreverent and often dark humour. The Cyanide & Happiness webcomic series has been adapted into various formats, including an animated series, a card game, and a podcast. The Explosm Entertainment team also creates other animated series and shorts, which they share on their Instagram account and YouTube channel.

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5. @jaidenanimations

12+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to @jaidenanimations

jaiden animations pokemon ruby nuzlocke

jaiden animations pokemon ruby nuzlocke – Popular pokemon animated video on Youtube 

Jaiden Dittfach (@jaiden_animations) is a popular female YouTuber and animator. Her Instagram does not have many of her animations but Jaiden creates animated videos on a variety of topics, including personal stories, challenges, and collaborations with other animators. Jaiden has gained a large following, especially on YouTube, with over 11+ million subscribers. Her videos are known for entertaining Pokemon and other theme animations.

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4. @BigSchoolMinecraft

15+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to @BigSchoolMinecraft

BigSchool minecraft logo png

BigSchool Minecraft logo png

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3. @MSA.official

18+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to @MSA.official 

msa animation youtube channel

MSA animation youtube channel

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2. Alan Becker (@alanbecker)

25+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to @alanbecker

Alan Becker animator animated cartoon

Alan Becker animator animated cartoon. Source: the official Alan Becker website. 

1. @DaFuqBoom

34+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to @DaFuqBoom

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  • @MovieCon_Animation. 5+ million people on YouTube have subscribed to @MovieCon_Animation
  • @elementanimation 4.5+ million subscribers
  • @SomeThingElseYT 4.1 million subscribers
  • @PESfilm 4.1 million subscribers
  • @StopMotionCooking. 3.2+ million subscribers
  • @Zazeblox. 2.5+ million subscribers
  • @circletoonshd (Christian Brantley) 2.4+ million subscribers 
  • @YoungDonAnimations. 2.4+ million subscribers
  • @RockyRakoon. 2.4+ million subscribers. Combines colourful animations with online sensations, from popular TikToksounds to Skibidi toilets.
  • @kevinbparry 2.3+ million subscribers

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  • @TinyCraft. 2.2+ million subscribers
  • @Guldies 2.2+ million subscribers
  • @ADHD (Animation Domination High Def) 2.1+ million subscribers
  • @SCP Explained – Story & Animation 2.1+ million subscribers
  • @BananaD. 2+ million subscribers
  • @omozoc. 2+ million subscribers
  • @shencomix. 1.9+ million followers
  • @MagicboxAnimation. 1.8+ million followers
  • @feraanimations6589. Fera Animations  1.8+ million subscribers 
  • @sanchoanimation4131. Sancho Animation 1.8+ million followers

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  • @LOLAnimations. 1.7+ million subscribers 
  • @BrokenFingerParadise 1.6+ million subscribers 
  • @SansComicTV 1.6+ million subscribers
  • @SmashBits. 1.5m+ subscribers
  • @FlatFaceAnimation. 1.5m+ subscribers
  • @MlCHAELHlCKOXFilms. 1.4m+ subscribers
  • @AquaAnimation 1.4+ million subscribers
  • @BillyBricks. 1.3+ million subscribers
  • @leehardcastle 1.3+ million subscribers
  • @CubicAnimations 1.3m+ subscribers

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  • @Alexander_Studios 1.2m+ subscribers
  • @OGGcreator. 1.2m+ subscribers
  • @GhostBlockAnimations. 1.1m+ subscribers
  • @RetroHeroes. 1.1m+ subscribers
  • @etu-animatedstories621. 1.1m+ subscribers
  • @scpanimated. SCP Animated – Tales From The Foundation  1.1m+ subscribers
  • @MiciAnimations. Mici Animations 1.1m+ subscribers
  • @animator.333. 1m+ subscribers
  • @MagnetCooking. 1m+ subscribers
  • @DandelionMedicalAnimation 1m+ subscribers

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  • @NaturalHabitatShorts 775k subscribers
  • @naturalhabitatshorts. 700k+ subscribers
  • @TheHTFAmv. 565k+ subscribers
  • @KyotoComics 511k+ subscribers
  • @dinosaurcouch 457k+ subscribers
  • @Colleen.Makeupp. 544k+ followers. Rotoscope animator. Rotoscope animation is the process of tracing a live-action video frame-by-frame to create your animated version.
  • @WebComicDub. 397k+ subscribers

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  • @GoodAdviceCupcake. 270k+ million subscribers
  • @dailydoseofcomics 261k + subscribers
  • @memic6151 137k+ subscribers
  • @joancornella3053 91k+ subscribers


In marketing campaigns, you need a way to make your brand recognisable.

Animations are an excellent way to stand out from other competitors, produce high-quality commercials and ads, and do all this without breaking the bank.

Need animations for your brand? Contact one of our animation designers today! 

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