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Click on the Instagram logo below to get a large version of this transparent background Instagram logo with black borders.

Instagram logo glyph black transparent png

Instagram logo glyph black transparent png

A great source of finding creative Instagram logos is visiting the #instagramlogo hashtag” MAU.

You can also download the below Instagram logo versions:

A quick question for you before you download this black Instagram logo:

  • How much of your time and money with Instagram Marketing is actually generating benefits for your business?
  • Is it really worth your endless time promoting your Instagram account when you know you do not even own it?
  • Would you better off pivoting your marketing resources to other areas?

I see this ⛔️  MASSIVE ISSUE ⛔️  many times!

Many new business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers naively think the more noise they create on Instagram, the more likely potential customers will like their brands and buy. Does that sound like you? That’s ok.

You can always change the way you see Social Media Marketing by starting a successful social media strategy.

✅  Once you have your social media strategy defined, many things will make more sense and I will assure you will look at Instagram Marketing in a far different new way.

In fact, a well-crafted strategy will:

✔︎ Free up valuable time
✔︎ Make you produce far less but better quality content and,
✔︎ You will get greater results as followers and customers will notice.

If you believe you have a creative, passionate and curious mind, I invite you to read my article about How to write a killer Social Media Strategy.

I guarantee you will start doing Social Media Marketing in a far more meaningful and effective way. 😀

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Instagram logo black psychedelic

Instagram logo black psychedelic – @dinakar_joyson

💡 Tip: Want to create your own unique image that includes the new black Instagram logo? Upload your black Instagram logo in Canva, then you can create any sort of image with your Instagram logo” MAU.  

instagram logo black border transparent png

Instagram logo black border transparent png

New: Find the new Instagram IGTV logo png

Click on these new Instagram logo black for a full-size version!

instagram logo text black png

Instagram logo text black png

instagram logo only font

Instagram logo only font – dark grey

DOWNLOAD the full-colour Instagram Logo PNG


instagram logo one line single drawing black png

Instagram logo one line single drawing black png

Need the new Instagram logo to be printed somewhere? >> New Instagram Logo SVG Vector for print

Most marketers use the latest Instagram logo black to be added as a key part of the visuals they use to promote a key event, Instagram contest or competition.  The new Instagram logo black is preferred when you want other elements within an image to take more of the viewers’ attention. This way, using the new Instagram logo black becomes particularly important for promotions you sent out on key dates such as Valentine’s Day, Bicycle Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, End of the Year campaigns, January sales, Earth Day, Refugee Day, etc. As people will get bombarded and distracted with hundreds of marketing messages during these celebrations, you should ensure your images that include the Instagram logo black look great.

You can also download >> Instagram logo white png transparent

You can also download the below Instagram logo versions:

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