Find the top 20 most-followed Australians on TikTok in 2024. The most popular Australians on TikTok. The top 20 Australian influencers with the most followers on TikTok in 2024.

By Mau, a Senior TikTok Influencer Outreach Specialist at eDigital.


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20. Jefo

7.6+ million followers

Jeffrey Yang better known online as Jefo is an Australian TikToker and YouTuber. He was born in Sydney, Australia. He is known for his videos which are K-pop dancing and pranks.

Jefo Australian dancer TikTok influencer

Jefo Australian dancer TikTok influencer

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19. Jordy the ocean guy (@outdoorkindaguy)

7.9+ million followers

Jordy loves making ocean videos with his GoPro camera. His account was deleted in Aug 2023. 

The ocean guy Australian TikTok creator

The ocean guy Australian TikTok creator

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18. Hank Green

8+ million followers

Hank Green popular Australian on TikTok metal in cereal stitch video

Hank Green popular Australian on TikTok metal in cereal stitch video.

In 2023, Hank Green found himself in a funny situation: he’d stumbled across an absorbing mobile game on TikTok and couldn’t get it off his mind.

Instead of playing until 2 am or spending a few dollars to unlock new levels, however, the YouTuber says he “accidentally” paid a “not unsubstantial amount of money” to own 10% of his new favourite game.

That might not be the typical outcome of a mobile gaming obsession, but it seems to be working out just fine for Green—and for the Melbourne-based Studio: Folly that developed the game. 

Gubbins is a digital word puzzle that allows players to make cool words.

Once a player makes enough words, they can create and share them as deranged postcards.

The game is free to download and play one daily level per day, but those eager to create as many postcards as possible have to pay for the ability to play multiple rounds per day.

Green’s “accidental” purchase has already been a major boon for Gubbins.

The YouTuber posted about the game following its launch on November 15. Shortly after, Gubbins jumped to No. 2 in the App Store’s word game section, beating out the New York Times‘ word games & sudoku app.

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17. Brodie Pawson

8.2+ million followers

Parkour, Sports. Brisbane, Queensland

Brodie Pawson parkour Australian

Brodie Pawson parkour Australian

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16. Unice Wani (@mamaunice)

8.4+ million followers

Australian fashion model and TikTok creator who posts fashion content, dance trends and comedy videos.

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Eunice Wani popular Australian woman on TikTok

Eunice Wani popular Australian woman on TikTok

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15. Daniel Gorringe

9.3+ million followers (@swagboygorringe)

Former Australian rugby player.

Daniel Gorringe Popular Australian TikTok

Daniel Gorringe Popular Australian TikTok

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14. Bijay Baniya (@bijju3210)

9.5+ million followers on TikTok

Australian dancer born in Nepal but now lives in NSW, Australia. He is famous for his dancing videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels. 

Bijay Baniya most followed Australian TikTok

Bijay Baniya most followed Australian TikTok

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13. Ash Magic

9.9+ million followers

Ash Magic TikTok Australia

Ash Magic TikTok Australia

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12. Mully

10.7+ million followers. @Mully

Australian comedian on TikTok and Youtube. Mully is one of the most-followed TikTok creators producing humorous VR gaming videos. Mully is also a part of the gaming group “The Boys” and loves to play pranks on his friends while gaming and having a laugh. He has worked with the Global creator company Jellysmack as part of its creator program in Australia.

Sleepy Mully Australian comedian Titktok

Sleepy Mully Australian comedian TitkTok

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11. Josh Dub

11.1+ million followers on TikTok

Popular Australian videogame based in Adelaide, South Australia. 

joshdub famous Australian on TikTok

joshdub famous Australian on TikTok

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