Find the top 10 most popular photography hashtags on Instagram for 2024. Post your Instagram images and photos with the best photography hashtags for 2024. Find below the top 10 photography hashtags for 2024.

Written by Mau. Photographer and Global Head of Marketing Strategy at eDigital.

Uncover the top 10 most popular photography hashtags on Instagram for 2024 below…

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What are the top 10 most popular photography hashtags on Instagram?

That was the question I asked myself while I was completing the ultimate driving Brisbane to Cairns road trip visiting the best stops for a few months and wanting to find popular photographic spots and lookouts. 

I was surprised many photographers I met on my epic road trip were not using some of the most popular Instagram photography hashtags to amplify and reach more followers and new potential customers.

I have done the research for you so you can start using some of the top 10 most popular photography hashtags for Instagram listed below…



If you want to have – let’s say – 30 great exclusive clients per week, then you do not necessarily need thousands of “likes” and “followers” on Instagram.

You may decide to reach – let’s say – mums with babies between 30-40 years old who are looking for baby photography in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury area. That’s quite a niche and that could be enough business for you. Then you will use far better hashtags as you know the exact people you want to reach.

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10. #foodphotography

112+  million posts

Related: #foodphoto – #foodphotograher

food photography

Before you start using some of the most popular photography hashtags on Instagram, you may want to also use some niche, unique photography hashtags that will connect you to your exact audience.

For example, if you provide photography services for companies in New York, you may also want to use “photography” and “NYC” related hashtags.

Publishing popular photography hashtags will surely bring you likes to your Instagram content, it may not be enough to reach your desired audience.

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9. #streetphotography

122+  million posts

Related: #streetphotographers – #streetphotographyindia

Brodie Pawson parkour Australian

Street Photography – Brodie Pawson parkour – One of the most popular Australians on TikTok

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8. #instaphoto

124+  million posts

Related: #photogram – #instaphotography – #instaphotos

Photography hashtags are also combined with:

7. #photoshoot

194+ million posts

Related: #photoshooting – #photosession – #photostudio – #photoshootideas – #photoshootday

Moschino spank catsuit fall 2018 catwalk model

Fashion photoshoot session

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6. #travelphotography

225+  million posts

Related: #travelphoto – #travelphotographer

Backpacker girl bungy jumping montage

Backpacker girl bungy jumping montage

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5. #naturephotography

237+  million posts

Related: #naturephoto 

matt eye australia river nature long hair hands blond man

Matt eye Australia river nature long hair hands blond man – Copyrights Mau Mar

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4. #photographer

257+ million posts

Related: #photographers – #photographers_of_india – #yourshotphotographer – #photographerlife

Christoph Niemann animation artist abstract sunday photographer iceberg

#photographer – Christoph Niemann – One of the top 25 most popular animation artists on Instagram – Abstract Sunday – Iceberg

Photographers using these hashtags are also using some of the top 25 most popular Instagram hashtags

3. #photo

498+  million posts

Related: #photos – #photograph – #photographeveryday –  #photoofday – #photoboot – #photoeveryday – #photoaday – #photographs – #photodaily – #photowall – #photobomb – #photoshot – #photoofthedays

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2. #photography

1+  billion posts

Related: #photographie – #photographyislife – #photographylover – #photographysouls – #photography? – #photographylife – #photographe – #photografy

Jooj Natu ENG Youtube profile photo

Jooj Natu ENG Youtube profile photo

1. #photooftheday

1+  billion posts

Related: #photofday – #photoofthedays – #photooftheweek – #photofthemonth –  #photooftheyear

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✪ Expert tip: Add popular photography hashtags to your Instagram posts and stories to increase your chances of being displayed on the Instagram Explore page using the hashtag sticker (you can only add one hashtag) or use the text tool (you can add up to 10 hashtags), you can even hide them by placing a sticker on top of them or use the colour tool to make the hashtags invisible but still findable” Mau

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Photography hashtags are an important way to expand your Instagram audience and get more reach for your photography business. When you use a hashtag to promote your professional photography, your post will appear on the page for that hashtag. If you use a hashtag on an Instagram Story, it could be included in the relevant hashtag Story, which also appears on the hashtag page.

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