Find below the top 20 most popular travel hashtags on Instagram in 2024. The best 20 Instagram travel hashtags list. The top 20 most used travel hashtags on Instagram list in 2024.

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Before you start using some of the top 20 most popular travel hashtags on Instagram in 2024, let me tell you something you have probably been turning a blind eye to…

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  • Instagram is a “money extraction” machine. Their business model is to make money from you.
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The solution

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These top 20 most popular travel hashtags on Instagram are quite different to the top 25 travel hashtags on TikTok which means you need to have a platform-specific travel hashtag strategy.

You may want to test hashtags that describe your ideal travel customer: #travelgilr, #travelmom, #travelingdad, along with travel community hashtags for people who “travel” in their daily life: #travelismylife, #tourguide, #mytravelingjob, #workingaroundtheworld, #travelforlife, etc.

The research was completed by some of our best virtual assistants.

20. #cityscape

21+ million posts

Whether you’re looking down at the city from a mountain pass, a high building or flying a drone, this is a good tag to show off your best cityscapes.

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19. #mytravelgram

23+ million posts

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18. #traveladdict

26+ million posts

Instagram creators who focus on travel like to use #traveladdict to let everyone know their travel plans and the cool places they are discovering.

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17. #natgeo

27+ million posts

Related: #natgeotravel – #natgeoyourshot – #nationalgeographic – #natgeowild – #natgeotravelpic

#Natgeo is also one of the most popular brands on Instagram

National Geographic logo png NatGeo

National Geographic logo png NatGeo

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16. #travelblog

29+ million posts

#travelblog is a popular hashtag to let people know your travel content on Instagram can also be found on your blog.

Brisbane to Cairns road trip best stops

Brisbane to Cairns road trip best stops

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Travel is one of the most aspirational activities in the world. You travel when you graduate, you travel when you get married, you travel before starting a new job, you want to be travelling when starting a new year and you travel when you retire. Travel brings people a sense of fulfilment and understanding of the world.  Travel-related content offers people inspiration for achieving things far bigger than personal goals.


15. #passionpassport

29+ million posts.

Related: #travelpassion 0.8m+ – #travelpassport 0.5m+)

Add this sought-after travel hashtag to your travel Instagram photos of anywhere that has taken your breath away.

The photographs shared in this international community of travellers, storytellers and creatives encourage viewers to keep exploring. Every image is a colourful window onto a unique destination, accompanied by a story or personal anecdote to paint a more vivid picture of the place and situation.

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14. #igtravel

30+ million posts. #igtravel is a popular hashtag to let Instagram know your content is about travel.

Make sure you also test hashtags which describe your ideal customer: #travelgirl, #travelexpert, #travelingmom #travelingdad, along with community hashtags for people who “travelling” is their daily life: #travelismylife, #tourguide #travelforlife and #travelfun” 


13. #tourist

37+ million posts

Anyone discovering a new place is a #tourist. #tourist is a popular hashtag for Instagram users who are loving a new place.

resorts coconut water funny

resorts coconut water funny

12. #hotel

44+ million posts

#hotel is one of the favourite hashtags for hotel owners and hotel marketers. Even companies targeting procurement managers at hotels may use this hashtag ie: interior designers, furniture designers, etc.

cool instagram contest example - black tower wine the esplanade hotel four night stay accommodation giveaway 1989 comments

Instagram contest example – black tower wine the esplanade hotel four-night Stay accommodation giveaway

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11. #traveltheworld

45+ million posts

This travel hashtag has been popular since the early years of Instagram.

travel the world hashtag pigs quote funny

travel the world hashtag pigs quote funny

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Marketers selling travel services and/or products as well as travel influencers use travel hashtags to be noticed by other travel enthusiasts, whether that may be other travellers who feel inspired by your photos and want to follow your journey or brands who may want to work with you.

The best travel hashtags on Instagram are a great way to gain a following and make sure your travel-related content is seen by more travellers.

Travel hashtags are also a common way for travellers to research tips or find inspiration when they are due to travel to a new destination.

You can also use travel hashtags to find funny travel content, memes, vital travel information, learn new things and so much more.

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