eDigital offers the best social media training for government departments, teams and agencies in Australia.

The social media training sessions are customised to our government client’s needs and learning objectives and carefully crafted to solve your exact government department’s social media issues, challenges or needs.

We work with you to define your training objectives, training content and deliverables.

You can choose from online training (video conferencing) or in-person sessions at your office.



A better social media expertise in government teams can provide a turning point for successful public and community engagement.

Building an authentic sense of community and engagement is one of the most important objectives for social media usage among Australian Government departments, agencies and councils.

Especially in times of public crisis and/or uncertainty, well-trained government social media communication teams – at all levels (national/state/local council) – become important members to help you achieve your government communication objectives.

Social media for government training provides an opportunity to better inform the public on what’s happening at all levels of your Australian government department, how your budget is being used and the successful work you are offering to the citizens of your local area, state or region.

Improvements in the way government departments use social media channels will surely translate into higher perception, reputation and trust.


  • Social media is a powerful tool for Australian government departments to disseminate information and influence public opinion.
  • With over 80% of Australians having – at least – one social media account, Australians are voicing their opinions about government actions on social media. This brings a challenge for the government to be more directly connected to the public to have effective conversations that can benefit both parties.
  • To achieve desired policy objectives, government departments need to learn how to engage with the public while not alienating them.
Social media commentary Twitter Australian Government Djokovic saga

Social media commentary Twitter Australian Government Djokovic saga


Some of the biggest advantages of social media training for the government are:

  • Better citizen engagement. Engaging with your community over social media is an incredibly easy way to make them feel valued and important. It will build and strengthen relationships. Having engaged citizens can help government organisations keep them informed about the policies and issues that matter to them. Government departments will build trust with the public as social media provides opportunities to be more transparent about one’s duties. Social media provides an avenue for governments to be as transparent and clear with the public constituents to build good relationships. The trust and transparency created by engaging with the public on social media also allow government agencies to be seen as more than just institutions and humanising the Government department’s public image.
  • Boost awareness and preference. The public does not visit government websites unless they have a specific need or issue to be fixed or resolved. Social Media is a great tool to keep the relationship alive and build positive sentiment around all the activities completed by your government teams.
  • Increase trust. The more you are open to communicating on social media, the more transparent your government department is perceived. This will help the public build trust and be more empathetic about your specific challenges.

In July 2020, The WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions came under fire from locals angry at photos on social media of a recently appointed Parks and Wildlife manager posing with dead animals. The department appointed Jewell Crossberg as district manager in Esperance, but photos on his Facebook page under an album titled ‘Business and Pleasure’ prompted some residents to alert the media.

Jewell Crossberg's Facebook page photo posing with dead looking elephant

Jewell Crossberg’s Facebook page photo posing with a dead-looking elephant. Read the story

  • Monitoring public conversations. Social media allows government teams to find out about issues within their community.
Viral public backlash Australia Post racist notice Indian photos

Viral public backlash – Australia Post racist notice Indian photos – Read full story

  • Crisis management. Social media allows government agencies to reach people during a crisis and minimise stress. The pandemic has affected almost every aspect of the public sector, particularly communications. As people need information now more than ever, public information professionals are now given the difficult task of providing constant updates to the public while making sure that panic does not break out from the news. Social media can be both a blessing and a curse in this case, as the message could either reassure citizens or exacerbate their anxieties depending on how it is relayed online. To maintain order and prevent citizens from panicking, social media can be used to get the news out in a clear, calm, professional manner.
NSW Health Department Delta Goodrem covid social media Instagram post mistake error

NSW Health Department Delta Goodrem covid social media Instagram post mistake error – Read the full story

  • Accurate information dissemination. While social media can be a great tool for sharing important information with people, its ability to provide information in an instant also creates a breeding ground for misinformation and disinformation. This, in turn, can not only hurt the government’s reputation but can also put people at risk. Luckily, the ability of social media to quickly spread information to the public can be used to identify inaccuracies and respond accordingly. While some of the false information can be too ridiculous to believe, there is some information that government agencies need to clarify as quickly as possible on their official platforms so as not to confuse and worry citizens.

In April 2018, there was a massive social media backlash for the below ill-judged and distressing hoax of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The distraught public servants (Canberra Regional Eligibility Centre) did not know it was a joke. The Government Department says the manager responsible for the incident has acknowledged the insensitivity of his actions and has been “counselled” over his conduct. Read the full story.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade DFAT Canberra office hoax announcement to employees April 2015 TV screen

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade DFAT Canberra office hoax announcement to employees April 2015 TV screen

Using the best social media practices for your government agency shows that your government department is not only knowledgeable about new social media trends but also agile enough to apply them to your own communication needs.


eDigital’s Social Media Training for Government” training programs offer your gov team the convenience of learning online or in person.

Our training facilitators are certified Digital and Social Media Specialists who will work with you to define your social media training objectives and learning outcomes.

Our social media training for Government departments is flexible and can be delivered as:

  • Full-day and half-day workshops (online or in-person) or
  • A set of training sessions during the year: great for gov teams looking for ongoing social media support.

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We will work with you to define your social media training agenda. Some of the social media topics your government communication team may be interested in include:

  • The latest social media trends, updates and best practices. Does your team want to know what’s in fashion in the social media communications for the Government? Latest advice on how to increase social media organic reach and some of the latest platform algorithms’ updates.
  • Benchmark. Review some good and bad government social media posting examples relevant to your current issues and challenges.
  • Branding. Topics may include:
    • How to best showcase your government branding, personality, voice and tone.
    • Does your personality, voice and tone have to be different on each platform?
    • How to develop an engaging and cohesive voice when multiple members are posting across many topics?
  • Audiences. Defining your key audiences on Social Media. Who they are and why/when they are online.
  • Planning. Topics may include:
    • How to plan social media content. Including ethical elements to consider.
    • How to brainstorm for content ideas and review content types/options.
    • Learn about social media frequency (how often to post) and the best days and times to post.
    • How to develop an image or video template for social media.
    • Find the most optimal image sizes per social media platform.
    • How to brief photographers and/or videographers on content production.
    • Learn about the most optimal caption length for different social media platforms.
    • How to balance talking about multiple topics on social media. This includes prevention campaigns, emergency (bushfires, etc) content, day to day work.
    • How to use popular national events to connect with the public. Examples: Australia Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.
    • How to curate content for niche audiences who get support from your government: ie: retail, entrepreneurs, job seekers, business owners, people with disabilities, environmentalists, students, top fastest-growing industries, etc.
    • How to use customer service insights to create popular social media content.
  • Creative considerations. Topics may include:
    • Discuss some of the top visual and creative considerations to boost social media engagement.
    • Content types that work best for each platform (video vs images, etc)
    • How to turn boring Government announcements into posts people want to find more about.
    • How to transform technical language into an exciting language your fans can easily understand.
    • How to communicate new regulations in a way that they do not feel like “ridiculous” demands from your Government department.
  • Social media management. Topics may include:
    • How to successfully manage multiple social media accounts.
    • How to create a cohesive Social Media Policy.
    • How to craft a “Social Media publishing guidelines” document so your team knows what to post.
    • When to delete a “sleepy” social media account no longer used or with minimal use.
  • Social Media Publishing. Facebook direct posting vs Posting via Facebook Business Suite vs posting via Facebook Creator Studio vs a social media posting tool. What’s best?
  • Participation. Topics may include:
    • How to deal with radically different opinions and feelings about your government department’s hard work, initiatives and efforts.
    • How to avoid people’s patience with the Government’s social media posting running thin.
    • How to not light people’s fuse to behave badly about controversial government initiatives on social media.
    • How to better promote public locations and/or venues managed by your government department on social media. i.e: sports complexes, swimming pools, national parks, libraries, botanic gardens or performing arts centres.
  • Managing negative commentary. Topics may include:
    • How to respond to and manage negative reviews, criticism, negative commentary and trolling.
    • How to deal with spiky, snarky, rude, sensitive or sarcastic commentary or cynical, non-sense demands posted on social media.
    • How to manage people slamming your government’s work, mistakes and/or decisions on social media.
    • How to interact with public tête-à-têtes disagreements on social media.
    • How to manage awkward online altercations or rants.
  • Reporting and presenting results. Topics may include:
    • The best practices for reporting.
    • How to create a meaningful social media report that is easy to understand and offers the best insights.
    • Understand the difference between objectives and metrics
    • How to choose the most important metrics for your reporting.
  • Winning stakeholder support. How to communicate social media communication benefits and earn more budget from your executive team.
  • Social media listening. Learn how to keep an eye on key public social media conversations affecting your government department or council. How to become aware of issues affecting your community -using best social media monitoring practices – and do not ignore or lightly treat them.
  • Social media manager recruitment. the top skills to look for when hiring a social media manager for your government team.
  • Social media tools. Learn more about the top most popular social media marketing tools.
  • Journalism vs social media. The differences between journalism and social media practices and how your government journos can use social media (Do’s and dont’s)

We can help you and your Government team navigate any of the above Social Media communication challenges and issues or with any other specific topic affecting your government’s effectiveness on social media. We have years of experience in delivering training sessions and workshops for government departments and local councils.

When planning it and managing it right, social media becomes a tool to boost followers and keep citizens and residents happy.

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  • In-person. Our social media training programs for Government Agencies can be run anywhere in Australia including main cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and other major cities or towns.
  • Online. Online training sessions are also available in case your government team is working remotely/from home.


  • Business Development Coordinators
  • Communications Officers
  • Community Engagement Officers
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Digital Communications Officers
  • Digital Content Officers
  • Digital Journalists
  • Digital Media and Campaign Officers
  • Engagement and Communications Advisers
  • Events Managers and Coordinators
  • Marketing Officers and Coordinators
  • Media Advisers
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Public Affairs Officers
  • Social Media Engagement Officers
  • Social Media Officers
  • Social Media Producers


Mau is a Senior Social Media Specialist with 17+ years of experience helping both private companies and government teams become better at using social media. Mau’s professional career has included both roles in the private sector and State Government.

As a Senior Online Communications Specialist at the former NSW Department of Lands, Mau helped the communications team devise strategies for better social media reach and engagement.

At eDigital, Mau has facilitated hundreds of workshops and training sessions for marketing teams and business owners.

Mau has been a guest speaker for the General Assembly tech school in Sydney and Melbourne. A guest training facilitator at the Digital Marketing Connection Meetup group and the Mobile Marketing Meetup group.

Mau has also keynoted at conferences for companies including The GP Group, The Future of Social Media conference by IBRC, the Athlete’s Foot Franchise Conference and Future Retail Leaders by the Retail Institute of the Australian Retail Association.

Mau’s articles have been read by 1+ million marketers every year and 5k+ curious minds are subscribed to his e-newsletter.

On a personal level, Mau has been chasing the best hikes and waterfalls in 38 countries. Mau has resided in different places around Australia and overseas including stints in Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Vietnam. Mau’s main interests include nature, art, fitness, philosophy, ethics, psychology, travel, sustainable practices and circular & sharing economies. Mau does not own a car and loves cycling/walking. Mau is a teetotal and a non-smoker. Apart from Marketing, Mau holds a diploma in Horticulture.

To see Mau‘s full professional experience and reviews, please visit Mau’s Linkedin profile.

Selected reviews from previous clients:

  • I have used different training facilitators – by far Mau from eDigital is the best
  • Mau is Superb, highly recommended
  • Nobody beats Mau. Brilliant person and shines in every way
  • “Mau explains with a smooth, flowing and dynamic style that educates, entertains and inspires”
  • “The social media training was great. Mau is an expert who can capture your attention and still get you to remember key aspects of successful social media marketing
  • Mau knows his craft and communicates his stories to great effect. Thanks again for your great training and quick confirmation
  • Mau was more than a pleasure to work with, very friendly, professional, did incredible work at a good price, with great communication. Delivered our Facebook marketing training on time. I will work with Mau again and I highly recommend him.

We can 100% tailor your Government department’s Social Media training session to your specific needs. 

Contact us and get a quote today!


Four easy steps to get your government team book for a social media training session:

  • Step 1: Please send us an email with your specific training objectives, preferred dates, the top 3 issues and challenges you would like to solve with the training and the number of participants.
  • Step 2: We will send you a quote for you to complete the payment.
  • Step 3: Once the payment is completed, we will facilitate social media training for your government agency.

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Social media training for government employees is essential for mitigating risks, improving crisis communication, and enhancing public engagement.

Government employees with great social media management skills are better at managing brand reputation, ensuring compliance with regulations, enhancing digital literacy and facilitating community outreach.

eDigital can offer training to your government department so you can better analyse social media data and performance, and support continual improvement in social media strategies and practices.

By investing in social media training, government agencies can harness the power of social media to better serve the public and reach their objectives effectively.

eDigital can help you conceptualise, plan, develop, run and optimise successful social media training for your Government department or agency.

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Strategic planning for social media and other digital marketing channels.
  • Online advertising management and optimisation: Google Ads Search, Display, Re-marketing and social media advertising.
  • Training: social media marketing training and digital marketing training. 
  • SEO strategy and execution. Including content development:articles, stories, eye-catching and SEO-optimised visuals.
  • Celebrity and influencer marketing campaign strategy. 
  • Brand development. Logo creation, brand personality development and design of marketing materials.
  • Consumer contests/competitions/giveaways.
  • Email marketing. Dip sequence design and deployment. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation. It is also called “path to purchase” optimisation. 

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