Find below all the information about eDigital premium sponsored content terms, conditions and policies. Applies to all content created, crafted, curated and published for our clients on eDigital properties.


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Our premium sponsored content will help your brand promote and highlight the benefits of your services and/or products to our 2+ million marketers who visited the eDigital website in the last year.

Before requesting content changes, please ensure you follow our below terms, conditions, policies and guidelines.


We know our audience, we know what content they want to read and what key info will be relevant to them about you. This is the reason why we craft your listing, not you. This means we are happy to take some ideas, insights and information from you but ultimately we decide what key content our readers should consume about you and how we promote you on eDigital.


In the case we create content where we need to describe your brand; apart from the one-line title, we use a description area to highlight details about your product or service. In most cases we include a “call to action”—the action we want our audience to take after reading your description-. If you’re an e-commerce business, your description might include “Shop now” or “Buy XYZ brand now.” If you offer a service, we might want to add something like “Get an instant quote online” or “See pricing.”

In order to provide a unified and consistent quality user experience, eDigital requires that all descriptions meet high professional and editorial standards. We only allow descriptions that are clear, professional in appearance, and that lead our audience to relevant and useful content pieces.


A premium mention allows your brand to be featured on one of our existing articles for 365 consecutive days. A Premium mention’s maximum length is either 250 words or 2500 characters. Please use the word counter.

  • Edits. Once a premium mention is live, any edits to it will incur an extra USD$395 fee. To avoid extra fees, make sure your final approved draft version is correct before going live.
  • One image. Size: 900×700 pixels. Optional: Instead of uploading an image, we can also embed your preferred YouTube video. Just send us the URL of the YouTube video you want us to embed. (YouTube video should be set as “public” for the video to play on your sponsored mention).
  • Hyperlinks. Up to two hyperlinks to the same domain.

Note: all paid premium mentions go through our editorial guidelines so they comply with all the eDigital’s sponsored content guidelines, terms and conditions noted on this page.


A premium article allows your brand to be featured on our popular blog section for 365 consecutive days. A premium article’s maximum length is either 2500 words or 25000 characters. Please use the word counter. You can also add your logo image up to 300 pixels wide. We may compress your logo to keep our article light and fast.

  • Edits. Once a premium mention is live, any edits to it will incur an extra USD$395 fee. To avoid extra fees, make sure your final approved draft version is correct before going live.
  • Two images. Size: 900×700 pixels. Optional: Instead of uploading images, we can also embed your preferred YouTube video. Just send us the URL of the YouTube video you want us to embed. (YouTube video should be set as “public” for the video to play on your sponsored mention).
  • Hyperlinks. Up to two hyperlinks to the same domain.
  • Disclosure. The words “Ad” or “Sponsored” or the phrase “This article has been sponsored by” must be added to all sponsored premium articles on the eDigital website. This way, it is clear that the premium article has been sponsored by you (the advertiser).


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Making false statements about your identity or qualifications. Examples: A company purporting to be a qualified Google Adwords partner when it is not; an unlicensed marketer claims to be licensed.
  • Unsupported claims. Examples: “Our tool is the cheapest tool in the market” with no support of third-party public data that can confirm your claim. Other unsupported claims might include: “Our service provides the best results in Australia“, or “Our services have been featured on XYZ and ZPD” but you have not included the links to sites and/or pages where our audience can easily verify your claim
  • Using false claims or claims that entice our audience with an improbable result (even if this result is possible) as the likely outcome that our reader can expect. Examples: “get thousands of Instagram followers quick” schemes or promising large returns for minimal effort or investment; incorrect claims that a public figure has died, or been involved in an accident. Specific example: “Stop doing SEO and let our tool give you 1 million visits in a month“. Note: If you guarantee certain results, your description and landing page will need to have a clear and easily accessible refund (money-back) policy.
  • Testimonials that claim specific results must include a visible disclaimer stating that there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary. Include links to third-party verification or include relevant and noticeable disclaimers when testimonials and endorsements imply that results are typical.
  • Falsely implying an affiliation with, or endorsement by, another individual, organisation, product, or service. Examples: Misleading use or mimicry of official government sites, stamps, seals, or agency names. Specific example: An advertiser mimics the layout and design of an official government agency site
  • Descriptions that mislead or trick our audience into interacting with them. Examples: Descriptions that resemble system or site warnings/error messages; descriptions that simulate messages, dialogue boxes, menus, or request notifications; hosted ads that are indistinguishable from other content; descriptions depicting features that do not work, such as close buttons, text input boxes, multiple-choice options; download or install buttons in images; images that appear to be more than one image; moving and clicking arrows. Note: Animated images can have mock animated features or icons as long as the functionality works or the purpose of these features can be found on the landing page.
  • Provide a business name that does not match the one on your landing page or your official identity in your respective market.


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Promising products, services, or promotional offers that aren’t easily found on your landing page. Examples: Promoting products that are not stocked; promoting a deal that is no longer active; promoting a price that is inaccurate; call-to-action in your description that isn’t easily available from the landing page. Specific example: The description reads “Register from $40,” but upon clicking on your description link(s), the user finds no registration available from $40. Note: Avoid sending information for your featured listing that includes an offer that will be deleted soon.


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Descriptions that do not use commonly accepted spelling or grammar. Note: Some trademarked terms, brand names, or product names use nonstandard grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. If you want to use such names in your featured description, you must first request a review and show that the nonstandard terms appear consistently throughout your website or app.
  • Descriptions that are incomprehensible or don’t make sense. Examples: Gibberish or overly generic descriptions; overly generic or vague promotions; Descriptions that are cut off or incomplete,
  • Descriptions that focus on who your service is not for or what your service is not about. On the contrary, we want your listing to clearly identify what it is and the best people who can take full advantage of it.
  • Descriptions that exceed character limits agreed with you.
  • Descriptions in different languages. Only English language descriptions are accepted.
  • Descriptions that are inconsistent with the clear and informational presentation style of our “Best of” list articles, blog posts or any other content on the eDigital website.
  • Generic call to action (such as “click here”) that could apply to any ad


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Punctuation or symbols that are not used correctly or for their intended purpose. Examples: Exclamation marks in your listing title; repeated punctuation or symbols; symbols, numbers, and letters that don’t adhere to their true meaning or purpose, such as using “@ home” to mean “at home”; non-standard use of superscripts; non-standard symbols or characters, such as asterisks; bullet points and ellipses; excessive or gimmicky use of numbers, symbols, or punctuation, such as FANTAST1C, F@NTASTIC, Fantastic!!!, f*a*n*t*a*s*t*i*c, F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

Note: Some types of non-standard punctuation and symbols are allowed in certain circumstances. Trademarks, brand names, or product names that use non-standard punctuation or symbols consistently on your landing page can be approved for use in descriptions. Symbols used in commonly acceptable ways are also allowed, such as using an asterisk for star ratings (5* platform) or indicating that legally required conditions apply. To use any of these kinds of punctuation or symbols, you must request a review.

  • Not allowed Invalid or unsupported characters. Examples: unsupported Emoji, single-byte katakana.


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Capitalisation that is not used correctly or for its intended purpose. Examples: Excessive or gimmicky use of capitalization, such as the following: FANTASTIC, FANtasIC, F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C Note: In some circumstances, non-standard capitalization is allowed. For coupon codes, common abbreviations (such as “ASAP”), trademarks, brand names, and product names (such as eDigital) you can request a review to see if non-standard capitalization can be approved.


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Not allowed Non-standard, gimmicky, or unnecessary repetition of names, words, or phrases. Note: This policy includes phrases repeating text that already appears in your description. Examples: Repeating too many times the advertiser’s name, repeating too many times the product name.
  • We will cut unnecessary words. Reduce the number of adjectives. Kill adverbs like “just,” “really,” and “actually” because they don’t add meaning.
  • We will cut many “I”, “me”, “we”, and “us”. We will change them for “you” and include how the reader benefits from your product.


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Not allowed to omit a space or add extra spaces. Examples: “Sale,requestdemo”
  • Not allowed excessive or gimmicky use of spacing. Examples: “F A N T A S T I C, fantastictoolbuynow

Note: Some trademarked terms, brand names, or product names use non-standard spacing. If you want to use such names in your description, you must first request a review and show that the non-standard terms appear consistently throughout your website.


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Not allowed descriptions that do not name the product, service, or entity they are promoting. Examples: Not including a product or company name in your listing title and/or description.


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Image sizes heavier than 300kb are not allowed. We want our pages to load fast so make sure you compress your image(s) before sending them to us. PNG is our preferred image file format.
  • Not allowed images that are sideways, upside down, or that don’t take up the entire space of the chosen image size.
  • Not allowed Images that are blurry, unclear, unrecognizable, or contain illegible text.
  • Not allowed strobing, flashing, or otherwise distracting images.

Note: Mousing effects, such as graphics that react to mouse movement, are allowed as long as the movement is initiated by the user and stops after 5 seconds.

If you can’t edit the image to meet these requirements, we offer image editing services for a fee.


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Videos that are not public on YouTube. We can only embed YouTube public embeddable videos on your product listing.
  • Not allowed Videos with illegible text, poor sound quality, or blurry, unclear, or unrecognizable visuals.


We don’t allow featured listings that are unauthorised to use copyrighted content. If you are legally authorised to use copyrighted content for your content (either text, branded names, images or video), please let us know.


  1. Meaningless drivel is soiling your content on eDigital. Formerly top-shelf words like “world-class”, “market-leading”, and “innovative” are used so frequently that they’ve lost much of their impact. Now they’re just filler—taking up space without adding meaning. Put on your devil’s advocate hat, and ask yourself for each sentence and each word: what does this mean? If you can’t come up with a specific answer immediately, then cut or rephrase until your text for your featured description is concrete and meaningful.
  2. Include your top 3 facts and figures to increase your description’s credibility. Providing access to public sources for your claims. Where possible, include numbers and write them as digits (7) rather than words (seven). More than 3 facts and figures will overdose the reader.
  3. Tell an amazing story about your offering. Do not rely only on data, figures, and facts. Facts increase the credibility of your product description, but facts on their own don’t make your content persuasive. Facts are cold. Facts don’t have a soul or personality. The most persuasive featured descriptions include both story and fact. Stories engage our readers, while facts help justify their purchase.
  4. Use adjectives in moderation. If not, they will be deleted. Adjectives help you to explain what our products look like (appearance), what they do (features), and how they make our buyers feel (benefits). In moderation, adjectives are useful, but an overdose gives your reader a headache because it makes your content hard to read, slows your reader down, and confuses them.
  5. Choose sensory or emotional words. They make your reader feel something. Words like nice, good, or effective are rather bland. Opt for “delightful”, “dazzling”, or “tantalizing” instead.
    • What objections does your favourite customer have when thinking of buying your product? Have you addressed each objection?
    • Price can often be an issue, so be sure to justify your price by explaining how much value your customer will get.
    • Ensure you’ve included a benefit for each feature, not only facts.

Successful Premium Featured content on eDigital takes more than a couple of hours of professional copywriting. We will review and polish your premium featured content piece until it is:

  • helpful (focusing on top benefits) and
  • engaging our readers


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