Download the Youtube’s Culture and Trends Report 2023. The top trends and latest cultural movements shaping content on Youtube.

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Youtube Culture and Trends Report June 2023 cover image

Youtube Culture and Trends Report June 2023 cover image


Below is a brief summary of the top 10 Youtube Trends for the report

10. Monoculture has fragmented but it could be a good thing

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9. Artificial Intelligence is exponentialasing possibility

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8. Youtube’s new video editing tools reduce friction

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7. Youtube’s video options make video viewing more personal

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6. More Youtube formats means more fans

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5. The digital environment has new dimensions

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4. Consumption is boundless

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3. Creation is commonplace

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2. This is a moment of major change in tech, creativity and culture

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1. Youtube creators are defining popular culture

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Youtube’s latest Culture and Trends Report confirms how rapid technological change in Youtube video creation and consumption has given new tools to creators and viewers, along with the power to shape popular culture.

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