Find below the worst 10 social media campaign examples. Find below some bad and poor social media campaign examples.

By Mau. Senior Social Media marketer at eDigital.


Thousands of marketers in some of the  top fastest-growing industries want to avoid some of the worst social media campaign examples.

Our best Instagram virtual assistants are sharing below some bad social media campaign examples marketers will be shocked.

And, whether your customer service has not been that great or your brand is yet to meet your marketing objectives, becoming aware of the worst social media campaign examples is a great way to make sure your social media campaign does not make the same mistakes and failures.

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As businesses rush to post sharable content or jump on the latest hashtag trend, misfires are inevitable.

With so many marketing campaigns gone wrong, it seems even the most successful businesses make poor decisions, take bad advice or simply don’t see the big picture when it comes to the messages they try to engage with.

Here are some bad social media marketing examples to check out:

10. Premier Inn’s misleading “£35 per night” rooms

Premier Inn's misleading £35 and under rooms ad promotion

It has also been noticed Premier Inn used this misleading promotion tactic in 2019 on their Facebook page. Premier Inn’s misleading £35 and under rooms ad promotion.

In May. 2024, Hotel chain Premier Inn “£35 per night” rooms ad was banned by the Adverting Standards Authority after complaints over a promotion that offered rooms for £35.

The Adverting Standards Authority said the promotion was misleading when only a small percentage of nights had such a low rate available.

The ASA said customers would believe the ad meant a significant number of rooms were available at that price in the coming year but in reality, only a small percentage were available for £35.

The Premier Inn’s £35/night ad must not appear in its current form again, the regulator said.

The ASA said: “We told Premier Inn to ensure that when using ‘from’ price claims in the future, a significant proportion of the advertised rooms were available at the advertised price.”

9. Nivea – White is Purity social media campaign

Nivea white is purity ad

Nivea white is purity ad

In April 2017, German skincare brand Nivea has apologised and removed an advert that was deemed discriminatory.

The advert for its invisible deodorant range said “white is purity” across an image of a woman.

It was posted on the firm’s Facebook page, geographically aimed at its followers in the Middle East. Nivea accepted the post was “misleading”. People on social media complained the post was racist, but it was also widely-shared among alt-right users.

The advert on the Nivea Facebook page (since deleted) was posted alongside the caption: “Keep it clean, keep it bright. Don’t let anything ruin it.”

The post was directed at its audience in the Middle East, although the company has 19 million fans globally on its page.

8. Ottoman Palace life sponsored video ad on Instagram and Facebook by Game of Sultans

worst social media ad example harmful weight based discriminating fat shaming advertisement

worst social media ad example – harmful weight based discriminating ad – fat shaming advertisement – Game of Sultans sponsored ad – Demi Lovato’s complaint. Demi’s photo: Instagram post. Demi wears a Hugo Boss jacket. 

7. Woolworths Australia: “Fresh in our Memories” campaign

6. Victoria Taxi Association: “#yourtaxi” campaign. 

In November 2015, The Victorian Taxi Association has admitted its #YourTaxis social media marketing campaign was a mistake and fired Ellis Jones PR firm behind it citing an “inappropriate” tweet published on Remembrance Day.

The #YourTaxi social media marketing campaign was aimed at giving people a place to talk about their experiences in taxis, however the overwhelming majority of feedback was negative.

VTA admitted the “concept and delivery” of the campaign was not right adding the association has made the decision to “part ways” with Ellis Jones the PR agency responsible, despite initially standing by the campaign as a success.

“Our intention was to engage with the community and open a direct dialogue with customers about their experiences using Victorian taxi services so we could make genuine changes to improve the experience, safety and security for our customers,” 

VTA CEO said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, the YourTaxis campaign concept and its delivery did not match our intention. We were aware of many of the issues that passengers face but the campaign concept and delivery showed us the true extent of their concerns.  We take full responsibility for the campaign and will be undertaking a full review of our strategy. As a result we have made the decision to part ways with our agency”

You can read some of the negative comments the poor social media marketing campaign sparked…

#YourTaxis worst Australian social media marketing campaign fiasco 2015 Victorian Taxi Association

#YourTaxis worst Australian social media marketing campaign fiasco 2015 Victorian Taxi Association

5. Burger King New Zealand: Vietnamese sweet chilli burgers with oversized chopsticks

4. Make those heads turn in H&M’s Back to School fashion.

3. Temu social media ads showing children’s torsos in low-cut dresses, a grey jockstrap and padded cycling underwear

2. Zara’s social media ads featuring statues wrapped in white.

1. Sportsbet Same Game Multi Bet service social media ads. 


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  1. Pick up the right cause. What “cause” do your organisation and its employees care about that can also be amplified as part of your marketing and social media strategy? Whether it is sustainability, human rights, body positivity, etc, you need to identify the exact cause you think your audience will connect with. You can learn how to create an employee influencer program.
  2. Research your audience. Think of the different personas in your audience. What’s the demographic? Which generations do your products or services cater to the most? Now, put that together with the themes you think will invoke the warm fuzzies in your audience. If not sure, some of the best market research companies can help you figure out who your most valuable customer segment should be. You can also use one of the best social media listening tools to find out what your audience cares about.
  3. Be timely and relevant. Is there a last-minute “flash” trend your brand can be associated with? Start planning for these opportunities so you can put something out right away. Be the first to notice a trend and have an entire campaign, press release, and everything that goes with it running in less than a month. Your social media marketing plan should be a flexible document. Tip: checking periodically some of the top 25 trending hashtags on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter is a great source for new marketing ideas.
  4. Analyse what your customers are sharing. Find out more about the fans that are already posting about you, see which product they talk about most and their behaviour. Understanding your top fans will help you craft a strategy to leverage UGC at scale.
  5. Run a social media challenge. Ever seen how fast a TikTok dance challenge catches on? One of the best ways to ensure UGC works is to launch a social media contest/competition or challenge and encourage fans and customers to participate in it.
  6. Participate. repost, share or mention great content from top fans and customers. Your fans and customers on social media are vital to boosting your leads and sales.
  7. Define your goals. To build a proper social media marketing strategy, you first need to identify your goals and key results. This will help you work backwards and identify the content, influencers and channels that will help you achieve your goals.
  8. Make a checklist. This best digital marketing checklist can help you plan all the things you may need, not only for social media but for digital marketing in general.
  9. Find the right influencers in your niche. Micro and nano influencers, in particular, can help you engage better with your niche target audience. Equally important is to also know how to brief your top influences.
  10. Use analytics to measure results. Like any other marketing campaign, social media marketing efforts need a strong feedback loop. Measure the return on investment of each campaign to build a data-backed social media marketing strategy.
  11. Be brief. Any piece of snackable content should be skimmable and easy to consume. At the same time, it should also inform your audience and entice them to engage with it.
  12. Don’t shy away from repurposing. Snackable content doesn’t have to be in complete isolation. You can also repurpose existing long-form content into snackable bites for social media. This will also drive people to your website, giving your content a nice bump in traffic.
  13. Bandwagon-jumping on trends. When the opportunity arises, your content should involve jumping on trends, pop culture moments, viral videos or popular Twitter trends or memes. Plan your long-term social media content calendar, but also be ready to piggyback from memorable social media trends or even popular events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, Halloween, Earth Day, Bicycle Day, etc.

Marketers are using: The best social media strategy plan template.


Being aware of poor social media marketing campaigns is important for learning from mistakes, protecting brand reputation and identifying trends and best practices.

Following veil social media marketing campaigns can be helpful for avoiding wasted resources, maintaining audience trust and driving continuous improvement in social media marketing strategies.

By staying informed and vigilant of vile social media marketing campaigns, marketers can stay away from mistakes and work towards social media marketing campaigns that contribute to customers and society in general. 

eDigital can help you conceptualise, plan, develop, run and optimise successful social media marketing campaigns that generate leads and sales for your brand.

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