Find the world’s top 10 most popular fitness influencers & personal trainers on Instagram in 2024 list including USA, UK, Australia and more.

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Promote your fitness business on Instagram by following best practices by some of these top professional female fitness athletes and personal trainers empowering women to become active and healthier.

Check below the top 10 female fitness influencers and popular personal trainers with the most followers on Instagram globally.


Before you brief one of these top fitness influencers on Instagram, it is important to research and read about the current challenges and criticisms the fitness industry is facing.

Well known for manipulating, misinforming and misleading consumers, especially women, the fitness industry has been criticised for promoting narcissism, greed, and ego.

You have the power to support only the very best female fitness trainers genuinely dedicating their life to helping other women become fitter and healthier.

You do not necessarily need to work with the below top fitness stars.

You can also use one of the best influencer platforms to help you reach fitness micro-influencers with fewer followers but offering higher engagement with their fans in your local area.

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10. Anna Nyström

8.2+ million people on Instagram follow Anna Nyström

Anna Nyström is one of the most popular Swedish fitness influencers on Instagram. She also enjoys interior design and is a FashionNova ambassador. 

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9. Issa Vegas

9.4+ million people on Instagram follow Issa Vegas

Issa Vegas is one of the most-followed Argentinian fitness trainers and cross-fit enthusiasts. 

Issa Vegas is an Argentinian fitness model, fitness trainer and TV personality. Most of her content on Instagram is around bikini photos, her fashion dresses and workouts at the gym or at the beach. She is best known for her Instagram account which has amassed a massive fanbase. 

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Not every top female fitness influencer may be the right influencer for your brand. Some popular fitness trainers and top weight-loss experts are creating high expectations of specific body types or selling their clothing brands using cheap highly toxic synthetic fabrics have also been criticised. Low self-esteem women seem to be their targets, especially in times when Instagram shopping checkouts make it even easier for compulsive buying behaviours.

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8. Amanda Lee

11.2+ million people on Instagram follow Amanda Lee. (@amandaeliselee)

Amanda Elise Lee is a Canadian-American fitness trainer and model, FashionNova ambassador and Jaxxon partner. 

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Some of the World’s most popular and followed female fitness stars and personal trainers on Instagram not only use Instagram marketing ads and other channels to promote themselves. You can find some of them on national TV programs, reality TV programs, YouTube or collaborating with top global brands.

7. Ana Cherí

12.6+ million people on Instagram follow Ana Cherí

Ana Cherí is one of the most-followed American fitness influencers and a proud owner of Change Fate Activewear.

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6. Jen Selter

14+ million people on Instagram follow Jen Selter

Jen Selter is one of the most popular American fitness trainers on Instagram. You can join her workouts on Fitplan one of the most popular fitness training apps


Launched in November 2021, Instagram live badges are a feature aimed at helping fitness trainers make money on Instagram. Badges are monetary tips that viewers can contribute during an Instagram Live broadcast. The concept of “badges” plays off a popular feature within Twitch and TikTok, which allows followers to “tip” a broadcaster during a live stream.

Fitness trainers can generate income from their live Instagram gigs as viewers can purchase a badge during a live video that will stand out in the comments and unlock additional features, including placement on a creator’s list of badge holders and access to a special heart.

Instagram live badges are a way for followers to show their support to you – while also becoming “VIP” members of your Instagram fan base.

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5. Yanet García

14.8+ million people on Instagram follow Yanet Garcia. (@iamyanetgarcia)

Yaneth García is one of the most-followed Mexican fitness stars. 

Australian Youtuber Ozzie Man Reviews catapulted Yanet García as the hottest Mexican weather TV presenter in one of his funniest videos. These days, Yanet García is a fitness and health coach and Ozzie Man continues to be one of the most popular Australians on YouTube.

4. Kayla Itsines

16+ million people on Instagram follow Kayla Itsines. (@kayla_itsines)

Kayla Itsines is a fitness trainer and one of the top 25 most-followed Australian women on YouTube. She is one of the most-followed female fitness trainers in the world. You can train with her on Sweat, one of the world’s most popular fitness apps

Kayla Itsines australian female fitness influencer personal trainer

Kayla Itsines is an Australian female fitness influencer and personal trainer

Marketers who are interested in collaborating with Kayla Itsines are also looking at the top 10 Australian female sports athletes on Instagram

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3. Michelle Lewin

16.2+ million people on Instagram follow Michelle Lewin. (@michelle_lewin)

Michelle Lewin is a famous Venezuelan fitness influencer. Michelle owns “One 0 One” an online fitness fashion, accessories and supplements brand. 

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2. Anllela Sagra 

23.5+ million people on Instagram follow Anllela Sagra. (@anllela_sagra)

Anllela Sagra is one of the most-followed Colombian female fitness trainers on Instagram. Anllela is also a YouTuber and model. You can subscribe to her free account on Onlyfans

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1. Sommer Ray

24.8+ million people on Instagram follow Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is an American fitness celebrity.

Sommer is the owner of Imaraïs Beauty, one of the most popular skincare brands that are vegan, cruelty-free and clinically proven. 

The World’s Most-followed Fitness Influencer on Instagram is Sommer Ray!

This American fitness woman became famous for her bootylicious butt. The “Instagram star” fitness diva shares her unconventional bum-building workouts on Instagram.

Government fitness initiatives for women on Instagram: ThisGirlCan


Collaborating with female fitness influencers can help create online buzz about your fitness brand. Female fitness influencers can strengthen your fitness brand’s reputation, improve audience engagement, and increase conversions. Influencer marketing works because people want to buy from someone they admire, follow or trust. Whether it’s a friend, fitness trainer or someone with the same health and fitness aspirations. 

However, most influencer marketing investments in the fitness industry are wasted because clients do not brief influencers properly or just because the influencers’ reach alone does not generate the desired results for clients. 

We can help your team generate the most of your influencer marketing investment or teach you how best to promote your fitness brand. Contact us today! 

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