Find below the best 6 “end of the year” content ideas. The top 5 content marketing ideas and examples for the end of the year. Stand out from the “Christmas sales” content tsunami and align your brand to some of the December realities few brands talk about.

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This silly season brings a tsunami of branded email messages.

Companies email you Xmas cards you did not bother to open, send you a list of popular things during the year or finishing decade or send unsolicited and annoying product email sequences alluring you to buy “special” Xmas gifts you cannot buy anywhere else.

However, your brand does not need to do the same and indeed your brand can have a distinctive voice by defending, fighting or helping with some of the below “less talked about” but popular issues and realities affecting ordinary people during the end of the year and surely some of your customers.

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Before you start using some of the below best “end-of-the-year” content marketing ideaslet me tell you something you have probably been turning a blind eye to…

Social media is not helping your business

  • On average and across all industries, posts on social media reach only 5% of followers (If you are lucky!) This is a massive issue affecting thousands of marketers in different industries. 
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  • Your customer acquisition costs from social media ads are through the roof.

The solution

I can offer you the best digital marketing strategy training that will help you:

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Our best virtual assistants have discovered consumers want useful information and proven tips to cope with some of the most pressing challenges during the “end of the year” season.

And, whether your customer service has not been that great or your brand is yet to meet your marketing objectives, creating unique “end of the year” content for your customers is a great way to increase brand preference and trust which ultimately will boost leads, sales, profits and brand equity.

Below are our top 5 “end of the year” content themes your customers value during December.


The web is inundated with resolution ideas that are almost impossible to achieve, and, even if your customer may want to continue doing and being the same, your brand can offer effective ways for realistic personal and professional goal setting.

Can your brand offer a free tool, an event or an experience where you can help customers reflect on the current year and set achievable goals for the new year coming?


Sadly, domestic violence and abusive behaviour surge over Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

The top reasons for people to call the police during December are due to alcohol, drugs, stress and the frequency of family gatherings propelling the fire

You can educate your customers with new ways, strategies or tools to negotiate family disputes and how to successfully overcome abusive behaviour or violence at home.

How your brand can help:

  • Inspire your customers to keep calm and stress-free during the festive season even if people feel their dignity and values are compromised. Offer them content and tips on how to avoid heavy discussions when alcohol, drugs and stress are present.
  • Give tips on how to solve family issues. Article ideas may include: “How to spot a family member is being passive-aggressive“, “How to peacefully handle a family discussion“, “Bullied at home examples” and “Bullied at home what to do“.
  • Promote ways people can offer gifts that do not break their bank account and therefore generate stress.
  • Guide how to successfully run a family gathering, especially when inviting family members who are ill or kids/ teens who are difficult to manage.
  • Offer them ideas on how to enjoy a healthy Christmas without alcohol or drugs.

You can also find one of the most powerful domestic violence awareness campaigns, a topic that resonates during December.

A woman takes a picture every day until the point where her physical abuse becomes unbearable.

An opportunity for your brand: Domestic violence against men is also a growing issue, however, there are not as many awareness campaigns about it.

domestic violence against men 1in3 awareness campaign australia

domestic violence against men 1in3 awareness campaign Australia

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As the “End of the year” break offers time to go online and browse for new jobs, many people feel it is time to move to a new job or venture.

Some people want to escape the modern human slavery of being chained to an office desk in artificially lighted and polluted air-conditioned offices.  They have realised that watching a computer screen all day is no longer sustainable for the body and mind.

Others may have enough enduring bully bosses, unreachable KPIs or boring tasks.

People had enough of completing work tasks that do not bring any meaning to their lives, they are no longer interested in jobs just to get more fans or fame or just simply keep working for companies that do not provide extra freedom.

After 2 long years of a pandemic, people want to be inspired to do something exciting and meaningful during the new year.

How your brand can help:

Below is a funny “I am quitting my job now” video of a guy notifying all colleagues he is quitting his job on the spot. The video has gone viral with over 11 million views on YouTube.

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There is absolutely nothing easier to sell in Jan than a diet program, a diet book, liposuction/abdominoplasty procedures, fitness or gym memberships.

You may have found out that some of your customers over-indulged during December and have promised to “fast” burn those extra kilos from Jan onwards.

The sad reality: in most cases, the fast-burned-calorie goal never happens.

On the contrary, some of your customers might be moving backwards and continue ignoring healthy food habits.

How your brand can help:

  • Write content that inspires people to consume healthy food during Christmas and New Year helping them explore some new views on nutrition and health.
  • Share some interesting facts or stories about how to avoid weight gain during the end-of-the-year season.
  • Inspire customers to eat healthier by offering events where they can learn more about the popular healthy food available during the Christmas and New Year periods.

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Traffic to dating websites and apps peaks, especially before Xmas.

The Christmas and New Year’s breaks offer single people the time to be looking for a new partner. They do not want to start the new year feeling lonely.

Some of your customers may have made it a priority to find new love so why not help them?

How your brand can help:

  • Publish content that resonates with some of your customers who are looking for a new partner. Some ideas include dating tips, the psychology of dating, how to get to know your potential partner, things to avoid when bringing your new partner to your “end of the year” family gatherings, etc
  • Get your content piece published and promote it to your customers. You can always come back to polish it later on during the year.

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women who date for free food

women who date for free food

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A quick question: Is your marketing generating sales and profit for your business?

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There is no better time during the year your brand can talk about “waste” than December.

So if your brand values are recycling, upcycling, reusing, sharing, etc you have a great opportunity to help people become aware of their buying decisions and sustainable product usage during this “end of the year” season.

Why this is important:

  • Australians produce 67 million tonnes of waste every year. This means 2.7 tonnes per capita. Yes, that’s right Australia is one of the highest per capita polluting countries in the world.

How your brand can help:

  • Publish content that inspires people to buy less this Christmas: How to minimise “not-needed” Christmas gifts.
  • Share recycle gift-wrapping ideas so wrapping does not end in the rubbish bin.
  • Promote tips on what to do with food leftovers: how to pack and store food so it can be consumed at a later date or a list of food-related charities.
  • How to only order takeaway food that gets eaten. (Related: Australia’s most popular takeaway food)
  • Provide content on how to recycle and upcycle unused products to create Christmas or New Year’s Eve decorations.
  • Offer best practices for aircon usage at home to minimise electricity bills.
  • Give your customers ideas on how to maximise water usage for their swimming pools or alternative ways to minimise water usage at home.

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There are two well-known and very common barriers, stopping companies from publishing meaningful, useful content during the end-of-the-year period:

  • Thinking there is already so much well-written content out there.
  • Content that does not promote its products or services is useless.

Let me tell you something:

When your most valuable customer segment is ready to buy in your category (not discount seekers), they will only remember the brands that created a positive reaction for them.

Your business and brand can bring valuable content during this intricate, sometimes difficult and paradoxically “love-fight” silly season.

December is a great time to amplify the personality of your brand by sharing an honest opinion, a new perspective, tip or idea about a popular “end of the year” issue or challenge and offer ideas on how to fix them.

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  • Think about your top brand values. What are your top 3 topics you want to contribute apart from making a profit? Are these topics popular during the December and Jan periods? Ensure the Xmas and New Year stories you publish align with your brand values.
  • Every customer is different but you may find some have the same needs, struggles or bad habits during the end-of-the-year season. If not sure, run a fun quiz or survey.
  • Once you know the topics, start experimenting with different content types, from articles to photo galleries, videos, infographics, interviews, podcasts, etc.
  • Progress is more important than perfection.  You do not have to be an expert or a perfect writer to have a voice on a specific topic.
  • If you feel there is a topic that may be too “uncomfortable” to discuss, it is ok. Some marketers do not like to take risks as some topics may generate controversy. Minimize the risk with a plan. That plan may include doing some online research and seeing how other companies are discussing the topic and the type of commentary they are getting.
  • Think creatively: can you bring humour, fun or laughter to one of those “End of year” challenging issues? make customers laugh or smile – sometimes that’s the best way to provide help -.
  • Do not be afraid of experimenting with your content. Most content online never gets popular and it is fine. The most important rule here is to keep progressing with your content strategy and learn from both the content pieces that resonate and those that do not resonate.
  • Think of all possibilities when creating new content and polishing existing content.
  • If you have an app that helps people or the planet, December is a great time to promote it. Apple app store customers spent $1.8 billion on digital goods and services over the week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve in 2020. On New Year’s Day (1st Jan 2021), customers spent a record $540 million in the Apple app store.

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End-of-the-year promotions are important for boosting sales, clearing inventory and for encouraging customer loyalty.

End-of-the-year marketing campaigns are a great marketing tactic for attracting new customers, generating buzz and excitement and for meeting revenue targets.

Some of the best End-of-the-year content ideas can provide marketers with an opportunity to capitalise on seasonal trends and consumer behaviour to drive sales during December. 

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