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Among the uncertainty surrounding the current health crisis, its widespread impact and abrupt changes to everyday life; recent months have given customers new priorities for their spending power.

To help cope with anxiety and stress, consumers are connecting to their hobbies and passions and finding products and services to calm their fears.

As the health crisis continues, many business owners and marketers are experiencing trade collapse, but others are overwhelmed by demand.

While families stuck at home, they’re keen to find ways of keeping themselves active, well-fed and refreshed, as their purchasing choices reveal.

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By July 2020, it is a fact that the epidemic has affected business software spend. The data comes from research done by TrustRadius, a software review site.

Some of the top software killing it at the moment are:

  • Telehealth software. People are looking for alternatives to in-person health services. Patients looking for routine treatments are avoiding hospital visits, pushing medical professionals to adopt telemedicine. This means patients can connect to healthcare providers via virtual visits. The Washington Post projects over 1 billion telehealth visits by the end of 2020. And now that insurers are willing to fully reimburse claims from telehealth visits, the industry is set to take off. Some of the new startups taking advantage of this new trend include: Solv, a startup that offers same-day appointments with a network of physicians, reported that the consumer telemedicine usage was up nearly 3x in March. Walk-in patient traffic had declined by 57%, and the number of patients who scheduled their appointments more than a day ahead of time had declined by 18%. offers healthcare practitioners a free, HIPAA-compliant video platform to virtually connect with their patients. Doctor on Demand takes telemedicine a step further, allowing patients to make a virtual appointment with their own practitioners on the platform. Other companies enjoying the wave are AmericanWell, MDLIVE, BetterHelp, PlushCare, Dr on Demand, Tia Health. Do not forget, there may be opportunities to innovate in electronic health records or e-prescriptions services.
  • Web conferencing software is up 5x overall, not only Zoom but other video conferencing software and apps such as Loom. Plenty of Google Searchers for Zoom vs Loom in the last month.
  • Digital signature software Usage of DocuSign and HelloSign is up 5x. People are minimising signing documents that other people have passed around, with pens that others have used. The solution? Using some of the best electronic signature systems.
  • Document Scanning Apps. People aren’t at work, but they still need to scan documents. Scanner for Me app and others are becoming very popular.
  • Antivirus software (up 3.5x) as employees work from home and companies are requesting them to install them.
top rising software categories covid-19 april 2020 TrustRadius

top rising software categories COVID-19 April 2020 TrustRadius


There are only a few 3D printer start-ups helping governments’ demand for nasal swabs. To benchmark this business opportunity you should check out Voodoo Manufacturing, Origin, SmileDirectClub or read this article by Mike Murphy from Protocol.


Have you noticed empty shelves for body care products? While staying at home, many people have chosen to look great and pamper themselves. Some of these include:

  • Electric razors
  • Hair colourants
  • Nail polish
  • Nail polish removers
  • Bentonite

Shopify will allow you to quickly set up an online store and start testing your new great product or service idea” MAU.


  • Computer games. There is no better time to be a game developer than now. With tools such as Coda that do all the marketing and monetisation of your game, you can easily launch your game in times when plenty of humans are screaming for screen entertainment. Computer games is the fastest-growing category in the UK during the week ending 28th March 2020 as noted by Nielsen below…
highest growth categories March 2020 Nielsen UK

highest growth categories March 2020 Nielsen UK

  • Home workout programs and fitness equipment. Those who regularly hit the gym or fitness studio for stress release are now finding ways to work out at home. Mirror, a giant mirror that sits in your home and streams interactive fitness classes is set to reach $100 million in revenue this year. During this pandemic, people are looking for bodyweight workouts (source: Facebook insights) and equipment including exercise bikes and dance to sports-inspired fitness and beyond. According to Google, YouTube searches for “workouts” have grown by more than 170% in Australia and 240% in New Zealand. And content creators are stepping up to respond to viewers’ interests. From March 10–15 2000, the average number of videos with “at home” in the title increased by more than 50% around the world compared to the previous period. Key hashtags are: #stayhome #withme. YouTube searches for “fitness” in April have risen 450% in Australia, while searches for “Pilates,” “Aerobics,” “Zumba,” and “Dumbbells” have also been trending. According to Google, since March 15 2020, the average daily views of videos with “home workout” in the title have increased more than 515% globally.
workout with me featured category playlist youtube

workout #withme featured category playlist youtube

  • Pool and table tennis tables. There has been a significant uplift in pool tables and table tennis tables. Orders took off when some governments said schools would have to close.
  • Sewing and knitting. More people are taking up sewing and knitting as a way to beat the boredom of confinement. The Liberty department store in London has confirmed sales of sewing accessories are currently up 380% on last year, while purchases of their craft kits have risen 228%. My guess is many people are also learning how to sew their own face masks too.
  • TVs, laptops, webcams and game consoles. Home entertainment products such as TVs and gaming consoles are getting more interest in the last few weeks. The Logitech c930e HD wide webcam is one of the most popular items on Google. at the moment.
Trending products rising stars March 2020 data insights United States of America

Trending products rising stars March 2020 data insights United States of America

According to Shopify, the top rising home entertainment products at the moment are:

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Board games
  • Home gym equipment
  • Paint by numbers craft kits
  • Cross stitch kits
Top rising popular products Shopify 2020 during COVID19

Top rising popular products Shopify 2020 during COVID19


Le Corbusier used to say that the time travelling from home to the workplace was “overwork” and that it reduces on the same proportion the pretended free time people should have. Similarly, the 60’s Situationists movement proclaimed: “Transport should not be a supplement of work but a pleasant activity”

In a way, I am loving that city planners and urbanist have been slapped in their faces by the new rules of no contact.

Who said humans loved being cramped and moved along dark tunnels as rats move through sewerage? Or even now, public buses being covered by ad posters so commuters do not even have the right to enjoy the view?

In big cities, it is been proven most trips are “Short Distance“, meaning more people are jumping into walking, scootering, cycling or shared commuting for a more enjoyable and dignified way of mobility.

Bicycles and electric scooters. Around the world, cycling lanes are popping up and bike shops are selling out. As worries over coronavirus have led people to avoid subways and buses, the bicycle is having a renaissance, according to Bloomberg Business. Facebook Insights also has reported a dramatic increase in conversations related to cycling shorts too.

😀 Have you seen Poimo? the new inflatable scooter that fits in a backpack?

poimo inflatable scooter japan may 2020

Poimo inflatable scooter Japan May 2020

  • Bicycle maintenance and repairs. Cycle workshops are busier than normal, servicing older bikes for customers trying to avoid public transport or just looking for something to do.
Andres Puerto - Colombian international student ebikes electric bikes business venture during the 2020 health crisis

Andres Puerto – Colombian international student based in Sydney, Australia who rents eBikes – electric bikes business venture during the 2020 health crisis

  • RVs. As people do not want to stay in Hotels, demand for caravans is skyrocketing. Companies such as Thor Industries are having an increase in share value more than 100% in the last year. You can create a business selling caravans or offering rental, maintenance, repairs or upgrades.

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  • Plant seeds. Plant seeds have never been as popular as now. Most popular plat seeds on sale will depend on what part of the planet you intend to sell and may include carrot seeds, lettuce seeds, bean seeds and tomato seeds.  Two of the biggest seed companies, Marshalls and Suttons will be in heaven. For some buyers, there is a worry about fresh vegetables running short, but many people are just looking for an activity. Some people have been meant to do the veggie patch for years and now they have the time to do it plus it’s something educational to share with their kids.
plant seeds vegetable garden google search trends march 2020

plant seeds vegetable garden google search trends march 2020

  • Traffic to home and garden websites are high. Website such as Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living and Southern Living, soared 54%. Being stuck at home is motivating many people to take on DIY projects. Currently, there is a surge in interest in lawn and garden and interestingly, there is massive interest in porch renovations. As people wave to neighbours at a distance and seek a little more outdoor time, they’re checking out porch makeovers videos for inspiration.
patio ideas - deck ideas - porch ideas - google trends april 2020

patio ideas – deck ideas – porch ideas – google trends April 2020


As many of us find ourselves working from home, businesses are delivering information via online courses, workshops or sessions. From offering time management and home office decor tips to sharing creative ways for remote team collaboration. Since mid-March 2020, search interest in “online study” grew more than 440% in Australia. Also, global searches for “video conferencing” reached an all-time high in April on Google and YouTube with no sign of slowing down.

online study vs video conferencing google trends may 2020

online study vs video conferencing google trends May 2020

Students are adapting to this new reality too, with many now virtually accessing their classrooms and schoolwork from home. #Studywithme videos are popular as students look for companionship.

Some key products and services you can sell are:

  • Laptops
  • Home office /study equipment: printers, desks, lamps.
  • Teach people how to video conference using Zoom, Google or other tools.


With restaurants closed, people are getting more familiar with their cooking skills and kitchens — and they’re watching tones of hours of cooking videos. Even the people who hated cooking are buying basic kitchen appliances to give it a try. As people cannot visit restaurants, they are forced to cook at home.

Some of the top trending kitchen appliances having a meteoric rise on e-commerce platforms during 2020 are:

  • Slow cookers
  • Pressure cookers
  • Kettles

No wonder why Breville share price ASX:BRG has double in the last two months.

Also, one of the most popular Google searches is “How to make bread” so if you can sell an appliance to teach people how to make bread, you will surely make some money. 

  • Freezers and fridges. Lucky Australians do not need to refrigerate toilet paper, otherwise, they would not have had the space for the food they have been stockpiling in the last month. Online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and others are experiencing higher demand than usual for freezers and fridges.
  • Traffic to cooking and recipes websites are high. According to Meredith online publisher, traffic to Allrecipes, EatingWell, MyRecipes and Food & Wine – surged 117%. Consumers have been searching for copycat dishes from Olive Garden, Panera Bread, Chipotle and other restaurants to satisfy cravings for the food they can’t as easily buy. Interest in bread baking is way up. And people are looking for ways to eat game meat, such as venison, as they hunker down and consume the contents of their freezers.
  • Meal kits. As fresh ingredients for unique recipes are home-delivered, customers avoid a trip to the supermarket. Meal kit sales have been surging this year. Main players enjoying the trend include: HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Sun Basket and others


As winter season will reach the southern hemisphere soon, people will start looking for their natural health boosters to ensure their immune and lung systems are the strongest they can be. Especially this year, in some countries, people have already stockpiled some popular items in the form of tonics, powders, juices, vitamins, organic delivery services and more.

Some of the most popular health boosters for this year are:

  • Immune System Boosters. While Australians went crazy to the supermarkets to fight for toilet paper rolls and pasta, people in other countries visited their local markets to get some of the best “immune system boost” foods. This is a great time to educate people and still sell to them:
    • Black pepper
    • Cardamom
    • Cinnamon
    • Cumin
    • Raw cacao
    • Seaweeds: spirulina, nori, dulse, combo, hijiki or wakame
    • Turmeric
popular immune system foods boosters google trends march 2020

popular immune system foods boosters google trends march 2020

  • Lung health boosters. Most peoples’ lungs are weak because of three main reasons: 1. live in air polluted cities, 2. Lack of constant physical cardio exercise and 3. A poor diet that does not include some of the world’s best lung health boosters.

Most supermarkets will not stock the below list of plants and herbs as they are not popular, so if you sell them you may be able to make a profit. Check any local or international producer of these plants you could bulk buy as they could be available already packed as a powder, tonic product, then you can sell them. Some of these plants are considered “weeds” and are already growing in the wild – depending on the season -, learning how to forage for these could help.

    • Althaea officinalis – also called Marsh-mallow
    • Artemisia annua plant, also known as sweet wormwood, also used to treat malaria.
    • Asclepius tuberosa – also called Pleurisy root
    • Astragalus herb – also called Huáng Qí. A great plant to take as preventative medicine, but not in an acute illness.
    • Cordyceps fungi.
    • Dioscorea batatas – also called Chinese Wild Yam. According to the American Herbal Association AHA Quarterly past winter issue, is a strong inhibitor of coronavirus growth and reproduction.
    • Ephedra Sinica – also called Ma Huang – (Popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM to combat flu)
    • Inula Helenium – also called Elecampane, Horse heal or Elfdock
    • Ligusticum porteri – also called Osha herb
    • Lingzhi mushroom – also called Reishi Mushroom
    • Lobelia
    • Lomatium
    • Urtica dioica – also called Stinging Nettle
    • Verbascum thapsus – also called Mullein

👀Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or herbalist expert so do your own research about these plants before selling them or trying them yourself.

Note: According to an email sent to customers by Australian Supermarket Woolworths CEO, Brad Banducci at the end of April 2020; dry herbs are having a rise in popularity.

Top rising products woolworths supermarket australia april 2020 from CEO email

Top rising products Woolworths supermarket Australia April 2020 from CEO email\


Forget selling n95 masks, Tyvek suits or gloves. You are too late and local governments already got their providers.

The golden opportunity is to establish a medical waste management company that offers treatment and destruction of infectious healthcare waste at this precise moment.

But what is healthcare waste? Healthcare waste is all the waste generated by healthcare facilities, medical laboratories and biomedical research facilities, as well as waste from minor or scattered sources. Although hospitals produce the bulk of healthcare waste by volume, they are a small fraction of the total number of sources. Improper treatment and disposal of healthcare waste pose serious hazards of secondary disease transmission due to exposures to infectious agents among waste pickers, waste workers, health workers, patients, and the community in general where waste is improperly disposed. Open burning and incineration without adequate pollution control expose waste workers and the surrounding community to toxic contaminants in air emissions and ash.

Infectious waste is waste that is suspected to contain pathogens (disease-causing bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi) in sufficient concentration or quantity to cause disease in susceptible hosts.

This a business that surely is not easy to set up but for sure you will have government and institutional clients in your local, national or international areas.


Keep a close eye to the images people are pinning and saving on Pinterest. as there are some interesting trends happening this year that could be opportunities for new services or products to launch in your market.

According to Pinterest, some of March 2020 trending searches were:

  • How to cook great meals with forgotten cans
  • How to teach fifth-grade math
  • How to turn a bathroom into a conference room
  • How to cut their own hair for the first time ever
  • How to stay calm in uncertain times
  • How to find the right words to talk to scared children.
  • How to go easier on yourself
  • How to release stress
  • Evidence-based exercises to feel better
  • How to sew makeshift masks
  • Remote birthday party ideas
  • Virtual baby showers
  • Doctor gift ideas
  • Care package ideas
  • Ideas to cheer up a friend


  • Books. Just because people have more time at home for reading, does not mean they are actually buying more books. According to the Guardian, The head of the Australian Publishers Association, Michael Gordon-Smith said the publishing industry was under pressure in the current health crisis, with bookshops closing their doors and a number of publishers telling him their revenues were down by about 50%. The only books selling like banana pancakes are books are “pandemic” related such as The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz. Although it was written in 1981, it describes a virus called Wuhan-400, in what appears to be an uncanny prediction of the current health crisis. Another book that is selling crazy is The Plague by French author Albert Camus. UK publisher Penguin has confirmed its sales in the last week of February were 150% up on last year and it is reprinting the book. Its sales have also risen sharply in France and Italy.

Ok. that’s it from me. Wishing you fantastic success with your new 2020 business ventures.

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