Find the top 10 computer-generated influencers – list. The world’s most popular computer-generated influencers.

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Computer-generated influencers are not bound by physical limitations or human characteristics.

Computer-generated influencers can be designed and customised to fit any brand’s aesthetic, personality or target audience; allowing for unparalleled creativity and flexibility in marketing campaigns.


Unlike human influencers, computer-generated influencers do not experience fatigue, mood swings, or personal conflicts.

They can consistently deliver branded content on schedule, ensuring reliability and continuity in marketing efforts.

10. Filian

2.3+ million subscribers on YouTube. (@filianIsLost)

Filian vTuber Filian is lost

Filian vTuber Filian is lost

Filian is also popular on TikTok with 900k+ followers (@filianvt), on Twitch with 700k+ followers (@filian), on Twitter with 100k+ followers (@filianislost) and Instagram with 190k+ followers (@filian.ttv) 

Other Twitch’s top VTubers, include ShyLily, Camila, Projekt Melody, Trickywi, LaynaLazar.

9. Mei Mei

23k followers on Instagram. 

8. Zentreya

Zentreya VTuber female virtual youtuber cyborg dragon Twitch streamer

Zentreya VTuber female virtual YouTuber cyborg dragon Twitch streamer

Zentreya, the badass dragon cyborg turned her retail skills into a full-time streaming career. Zentreya isn’t just a dragon cyborg who’s travelled back in time to save humankind from itself.

She’s also a VTuber who has been doing her thing on Twitch since 2017. The streamer-slash-cyborg’s audience of 400,000 followers now gains hundreds of new devotees every day.

That explosive growth isn’t limited to viewership. The computer-generated dragon cyborg is signed with the VTuber agency VShojo, has her own figures coming out from both Youtooz and Novel Horizons and hopes to one day release her own manga. Most importantly: Zentreya says she has “Marvel cinematic multiverse universe”- sized plans for her character’s backstory.

For privacy reasons, the streamer behind the cyborg doesn’t share her IRL name, face, location, or other personal details.

However, she confirmed to TF that her next-level chat management skills stem directly from the ten years she spent working in customer service.

“I have a very unique way of figuring out how to bounce off somebody, whether it’s just like a funny moment, a crazy moment, scary moment, stuff like that. I developed this I guess when I was working outside of streaming at the time, because I would be working as a manager at retail.” 

Zentreya’s people skills have helped her build a tight-knit community over the last few years—and she still has plenty of sci-fi excitement in store for her fans. Next on the dragon cyborg’s agenda: a “content explosion.”

7. Ria.Ria.Tokyo

38k+ followers on Instagram

Ria is a popular virtual beauty influencer in Japan.

6. Shudu.gram

237k+ followers on Instagram

Shidu is one of the most popular computer-generated fashion models.

Shudu Gram has captivated Instagram users with her flawless and luminescent dark skin. Shudu has collaborated with Rihanna-owned beauty brand: Fenty posting different photos with the hashtag #melanin. 

Funnily, The computer-generated Shudu Gram was created by a white British influencer and photographer called: Cameron Wilson who confirmed in an interview with the American monthly women’s fashion magazine: Harper Bazaar that he created Shudu Gram after recognising there was a big demand for dark-skin models. 

5. Bermuda Isbae

261k+ followers on Instagram

Bermuda Isbae is one of the world’s most popular computer-generated influencers on Instagram.



4. NooNoouri

402k+ followers on Instagram

NooNoouri is one of the most popular virtual Instagram influencers created by the metaverse fashion house Ninzoou #MoreThanHuman

3. Imma.gram

407k+ followers on Instagram

Imma.gram is one of the most-followed computer-generated fashion models in Japan.

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2. Bratz dolls

1.6+ million followers on TikTok

Remember Bratz dolls? They like HBO’s Euphoria.

Yep, you read that right: the pouty-lipped dolls of your childhood (or your child’s childhood) are now on TikTok, and they have some thoughts on your favourite gritty teen drama.

The toy brand has over a million followers on the app, and Euphoria isn’t the first media sensation it’s reimagined in the Bratz universe.

Also on the list: Scream, Jennifer’s Body, and Legally Blonde—all of which are pretty solid choices.

Bratz dolls TikTok

Bratz dolls TikTok

1. Lil Miquela

2.9+ million followers on Instagram

Lil Miquela is one of the most followed fictional Instagram influencers. Her computer-generated virtual character is popular on Instagram.

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Powered by algorithms and computer graphics, a great benefit of working with some of the best virtual influencers is the possibility for brands to maintain absolute control over their projects from conception to execution. 

CGI influencers offer an innovative and unique way for brands to represent themselves. These virtual influencers allow for highly customisable and brand-specific personalities.

Computer-generated influencers are available 24-7, enabling marketers to engage with audiences globally without limitations related to human influencers’ availability or time zones.

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