Find the most popular Australian female on Instagram 2024 list. Check the top 10 Australian women on Instagram ranked by most followers.

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Find out the list of Australian women with the most success on Instagram holding the top number of followers in 2024.

Check out our Australian female Instagram ranking list below…


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Some of these female Australians with a massive following on Instagram collaborate with top companies, especially top luxury high fashion brands.

10. Celeste Barber

9+ million people on Instagram follow Celeste Barber.

Celeste Barber is one of the top 25 most popular Australian comedians on Instagram.

Celeste is also an actress.

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9. Maia Mitchell

10+ million people on Instagram follow Maia Mitchell. 

Maia Mitchell is an Australian female actress and singer.

maia mitchell popular australian on instagram

Maia Mitchell – A popular Australian woman on Instagram

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8. Rebel Wilson

11+ million people on Instagram follow Rebel Wilson. 

Rebel Wilson is a female Australian actress, writer and film producer. Rebel is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Rebel Wilson popular Australian comedian

Rebel Wilson popular Australian comedian

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7. Miranda Kerr

14+ million people on Instagram follow Miranda Kerr. 

Miranda Kerr is a popular female Australian Fashion model and skincare business owner.

Miranda Kerr Australian model

Miranda Kerr Australian model

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6. Kayla Itsines

16+ million people on Instagram follow Kayla Itsines. 

Kayla Itsines is one of the world’s top 25 most-followed female fitness trainers. She is also a book author.

Kayla Itsines australian female fitness influencer personal trainer

Kayla Itsines – Australian female fitness influencer & personal trainer

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5. Tammy Hembrow

17+ million people on Instagram follow Tammy Hembrow. 

Tammy Hembrow is an Australian model working for fashion and fitness brands. She is also a Youtuber, motherhood content creator and founder of Saski (fashion brand) and Tammy Fit (fitness app)

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4. Iggy Azalea

17+ million people on Instagram follow Iggy Azalea. (@thenewclassic)

Iggy Azalea is an Australian female rapper and singer. (Deleted her Instagram account in  May 2019 amid her photo leak) but the account is back up and running.

Iggy Azalea popular Australian singer Instagram

Iggy Azalea popular Australian singer Instagram

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3. Ruby Rose

22+ million people on Instagram follow Ruby Rose. 

Ruby Rose is one of the most popular Australian actresses. Ruby is also a fashion model and TV presenter.

Ruby Rose face natural look no makeup

Ruby Rose face natural look no makeup

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2. Margot Robbie

23+ million people on Instagram used to follow Margot Robbie’s old Instagram account. 

Her new Instagram account is followed by 3+ million people. 

Margot Robbie dog smile

Margot Robbie with her dog smiling

Margot’s Instagram account was deleted in June 2021 with 23.7 million followers.

Margot is a multi-award-winning actress who was born in Dalby, Queensland and who spent plenty of time in Gold Coast and before moving to Hollywood, she used to visit some of the Brisbane to Cairns road trip best stops.

Brand collaborations include some of the top 25 luxury high fashion brands on Instagram including Vogue magazine and Channel.

Robbie has starred as an actress in the film Babylon (2022) and as the main actress in the comedy Barbie (2023). 

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1. Katherine Langford

41+ million people on Instagram follow Katherine Langford.

Katherine Langford is the most followed Australian woman on Instagram in 2024. She is also the most popular Australian actress on Instagram.

Born in Perth, Western Australia; Katherine is one of the most popular Netflix stars for her acting roles as Hannah Baker on 13 Reasons Why and showing her sword-killing skills as Nimue in the Cursed series and is already booked in for Avengers 4.

With over 200 million Netflix subscribers watching her roles, no surprise this woman is one of the most followed Australian female stars on Instagram.

This – still young – Aussie girl was not even born when Amazon was founded.

There is plenty to see from her in the years to come.

In 2020, Katherine Langford played “Mara” – a teenager – in one of the best Netflix horror movies: Spontaneous.

Katherine Langford popular Australian actress on Instagram

Katherine Langford popular Australian actress on Instagram

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