Find below the top 10 trending fashion hashtags on TikTok right now list. The fast-growing fashion hashtags on TikTok at the moment.

The top 10 trending TikTok fashion hashtags right now are used by fashionistas, fashion brand marketers and fashion designers selling clothes and fashion accessories.

By Mau, a Senior TikTok Marketing Strategist at eDigital.


Before you dive into the top 10 trending fashion hashtags on TikTok, let me tell you a truth you probably do not want to hear.

The TikTok business model is an incredibly sophisticated “money extraction” machine.

TikTok will deliberately let you build a big organic reach, then change the algorithm to lower your reach and make you pay to get you the same level of reach you previously had for free.

Even marketers working in some of the top fastest-growing industries are now having to spend a lot of money (boosting their TikTok videos) to reach their hard-earned followers.

Serious fashion marketers and fashion business owners who have taken my marketing strategy training sessions or are subscribed to my exclusive newsletter are already putting into practice real & proven marketing techniques to build audiences they own, increase their sales and not get distracted with vanity hashtagging.

The actual gains of posting trending fashion hashtags on TikTok are minimal if you are not executing a well-crafted marketing strategy, not delivering the best customer service and not meeting your marketing objectives.

Two reminders:

  1. You do not own your followers’ data on TikTok. You cannot transfer your hard-earned followers to another platform. You must build raving fans and followers on platforms you own. I will show you how.
  2. TikTok wants you to pay for ads. Full point. The TikTok algorithm will deliberately make it harder to show your content to your followers for free. Stop wasting time and activate proven growth hacking techniques.

Yeah, that’s right, fashion marketers and business owners (like you) are getting tired and bored of posting fashion videos on TikTok and not getting results.

You gotta be crazy/mad/loco to only rely on fashion-related hashtagging to get your marketing campaigns producing sales for your fashion brand.

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The research was completed by some of our best virtual assistants.

Reminder: The below are just the top trending hashtags. You should also check out the best fashion hashtags on TikTok list and the top 25 most popular fashion hashtag on TikTok list.

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10. #handbag

1.9+ billion views

Victoria Beckham Hermès Birkin bag pink meme barbie

Victoria Beckham Hermès Birkin #handbag pink meme barbie. Victoria Beckham is one of the top 10 most-followed British women on Instagram.

Even some of the world’s top 25 most-followed celebrities on TikTok have been seen showing off their favourite #handbag.

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9. #jacket

2+ billion views

You have surely seen some of the world’s top 25 luxury high fashion brands using the widely popular #jacket hashtag on TikTok.

Related: #coat – #rainjacket

giorgio armani jacket man channel blue dress woman pink latest fashion trends autumn 2016 collection collage mauricio mar

giorgio armani jacket man channel blue dress woman pink latest fashion trends autumn 2016 collection collage mauricio mar

8. #패션

2+ billion views

패션 is the Korean language word for fashion. Is your brand targeting the trendy fashion Korean market? Use the popular #패션 hashtag and let Koreans know about your fashion brand.

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7. #belt

2.1+ billion views

Mix this #belt hashtag with some other specific ones. For example, if you are selling active wear for men you can use some of the top 25 fitness hashtags on TikTok to reach more people.

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6. #fashiontrends

2.2+ billion views

The #fashiontrends hashtag is not on the “Top 25 trending hashtags on TikTok right now” List but it is a niche and trending fashion hashtag for your fashion business.

Similar: #fashiontrend 230+ million views.

maximalist fashion design trend versace

maximalist fashion design trend – Versace

The fashion industry is always changing, as new fashion trends rise and fall through a process known as the fashion cycle.

A fashion trend occurs when a particular fashion item, dress silhouette, colour, or other new fashion look rises in popularity.

Many factors can influence a trend or fad, including iconic celebrity outfits, the invention of creative directors at some of the top luxury fashion brands, designer shows, and textile manufacturers.

Fashion trends are cyclical, going through a five-stage cycle that starts with introducing the trend and ends with obsolescence. Once a trend reaches peak popularity, it will begin to decline in popularity until it is considered outdated and unfashionable, eventually entering the end stage of the cycle, where it is rejected by the fashion industry and consumers.

However, due to the cyclical nature of fashion, the rejected trend will eventually re-enter the cycle after obsolescence. A slow brand that is following the cycle may have a chance to make profits again.

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5. #cargopants

2.3+ billion views

Cargo pants are trending on TikTok and people are loving checking out some of the best cargo pants for men this year.

Charlie Constantinou green multi pocket cargo pants hand dyed

Charlie Constantinou green multi-pocket cargo pants hand-dyed

4. #sunglasses 

2.9+ billion views

celine cat eye sunglasses

Celine – cat eye sunglasses

3. #shirt

3.2+ billion views

Even some of the top 25 most popular British people on Instagram are uploading their #shirt videos on TikTok.

Similar: #shirts

2. #fashionista

3.2+ billion views

A #fashionista can be many things: a fashion designer, a fashion blogger, a fashion promoter or an ardent follower of the latest fashion. The #fashionista hashtag is generally used on some of the best fashion marketing campaign ideas and examples.

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1. #socks

3.7+ billion views

#socks popular fashion hashtag on TikTok

#socks popular fashion hashtag on TikTok – Nike socks – Nike white sneakers Photo: @overtimekicks

It is no surprise the #socks hashtag is getting traction among fashion lovers who want to have the most unique pairs, especially when wearing shorts. Even some of the top 25 most-followed Aussies on TikTok have been seen using the #socks hashtag on TikTok.

Activewear business owners who are selling socks for cycling, gym, and diabetes (circulation) are also using some of the top 25 fitness hashtags for TikTok. An example is the popular sock brand: @Stanceofficial on TikTok with 60k+ followers.

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The above hashtags are just the top trending fashion hashtags. You should also check out:


Before you start using some of the above top trending fashion hashtags for TikTok you may want to also use some niche, unique fashion hashtags that will connect you to your exact audience.

For example, if you provide fashion for the New York socialite, you may also want to use “#fashionNYC” related hashtags.

Publishing trending fashion hashtags will surely bring you likes to your TikTok videos, but it may not be enough to reach your desired audience.

If you want to have – let’s say – 50 great exclusive clients per week, then you do not necessarily need thousands of “likes” and “followers” on TikTok.

You may decide to reach – let’s say – rich wives 35-45 years old who are looking for some of the top 25 luxury high fashion brands in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury area. That’s a niche and that could be enough business for your fashion brand. Then you will use far better hashtags as you know the exact people you want to reach.

Need TikTok fashion marketing strategy support? We run digital marketing strategy workshops where we can look at how to improve your fashion marketing on TikTok.

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You do a lot! You help people look great with the top and latest fashion designs and trends. You deserve to have a real marketing strategy that showcases the top benefits of your service for your fashion customers!


The number of TikTok users hashtagging fashion brands, designers and trends has been growing steadily in the last few years.

Rather than focusing on just selling unique fashion design styles and trends; fashion marketers should look to work with other fashion brands and/or artists. Whether this is increasing the number they partner with, collaborative fashion marketing campaigns can hugely increase the number of followers and boost sales.

As some fashion enthusiasts are already comfortable wearing different fashion labels, it is imperative, that fashion marketers come up with new innovative offerings to get people back to the cash registers in their stores or their shopping carts on their websites.

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✪ Expert tip: “Add trending fashion hashtags to your TikTok videos to increase your chances of being displayed on the TikTok  Discover section” Mau

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Whether you hashtag or not, TikTok will only show your fashion posts to a few of your followers. It sucks, I know. That’s why you need to invest your limited time, money and resources in proven marketing strategies that bring real sales to your fashion business.

Reminder: The below are just the top trending hashtags. You should also check out the best fashion hashtags for TikTok list and the top 25 most popular fashion hashtag on TikTok list.

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