The top 10 most-followed Australians on YouTube. The top 10 most popular Australian YouTube channels with the most subscribers ranking list.

The top 10 Aussie video creators with the most followers on YouTube.

Brought to you by Mau, a Senior Youtube Marketing Specialist at eDigital.

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Whether you are a marketer or a YouTube creator you can boost your YouTube video views and subscribers by learning from the top best and most popular Australians on YouTube in 2024 list.

In a world of millions of rats racing the corporate ladder, wasting their precious time in toxic work environments and overly competitive one-upmanship; it is encouraging to have all these Aussie rebellious content creators and courageous storytellers showing us the fun, stupidity, fears and mistakes of the “modern” world and the current decadent society.

According to the “Think with Google” newsletter, YouTube reaches more than 16 million Australian adults.


For many popular Australian YouTubers, what started as a fun side project is now a full-time gig bringing them millions of dollars.  Some of YouTube’s biggest names in Australia are launching their own production companies and hiring other digital natives just like them. And they’re creating an economic ecosystem that doesn’t necessarily rely on YouTube’s shared ad revenue.

These Australian YouTube stars are also using apps, subscription services, crowdfunding, merchandising, movies and books and licensing their content to reach audiences outside YouTube.

Australian YouTube creators with the most followers aren’t just videographers; they are also creative individuals and passionate entertainers.

The below famous Australian Youtubers with millions of subscribers may be changing and shaping Australian culture and can help brands influence and shift brand perception and preference.

A few of the below most popular Australian YouTubers with the most subscribers are also on our list of the top 25 most popular Australians on Instagram.

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What can the top 10 most popular YouTube channels tell you about Aussie culture?

The below list could confirm:

  • The Australian obsession with online gaming (four channels)
  • The desire for free entertainment content (four channels)
  • A massive curiosity for some novel and original content (Primitive technology example)


10.9+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the popular Primitive Technology channel. 

From Robinson Crusoe almost 300 years ago to Tom Hanks in the film Cast Away, the dream of surviving alone in the wild still captures and scares the imagination of millions.

Primitive Technology is not only a madly popular Australian YouTube channel, it has created a genre of YouTube videos that demonstrate how to build things without any help from the modern world.

Primitive technology videos – usually less than 15 minutes – are more than just about survival skills. They will show you what could happen if you press the reset button and how advanced you could become if left to fend for yourself.

The below Primitive technology video shows a person silently constructing a hut with a tiled roof and, in a flourish of ingenuity, under-floor heating.

The person behind the Primitive Technology channel is John Plant, from Queensland, Australia.

John started building things when he was 11 years old, making a small hut from stone and wood in the creek behind his house. After graduating from university, John was mowing lawns for money and when he wasn’t working, he would go to the bush to practise his hobby. He then began to video record his survival and building adventures.

John’s identity was revealed when he complained to Facebook that he was losing revenue as his videos were being shared without proper attribution. In his complaint, he claims to have lost AUD$39k from one “stolen” video alone.

By limiting the resources to only what is available in the wild, you become more inventive,” he told BBC News.

His favourite project was a “centrifugal blower” because “no one thought of making one from scratch before“.

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13.5+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the popular Wengie channel. 

The Wengie channel offers simple life hacks, DIYs, craft ideas, fun experiments, tricks and pranks!

Wengie also does morning and nighttime routines, hair tutorials, diet tips, fitness tips, lookbooks, fashion videos, skincare tutorials and everything to help you improve, motivate and simplify your life because she loves to try new things and help people make the right decisions.

Wengie’s YouTube channel aims to inspire girls to be whoever they want to be.

Wengie is a Chinese Australian.

Wengie is one of the top 25 Australian female YouTubers – Wengie's YouTube channel – Back to School top 10

Wengie is one of the top 25 Australian female YouTubers – Wengie’s YouTube channel – Back to School top 10

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8. SUPERCAR BLONDIE – Alexandra Mary Hirschy (Alex Hirschy) 

17.1+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the popular Supercar Blondie channel. 

Alex is an Australian YouTuber based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Alexandra shares luxury lifestyle videos including fast car reviews. 

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15+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the popular Lachlan channel. 

Lachlan is a popular Australian YouTuber who creates videos about Fortnite, an online video game developed by Epic Games.

Lachlan originally got his start with Minecraft and Pokémon Go viral videos.

Lachlan won the 2020 Fortnite Pro-Am tournament in Australia with pro gamer Fresh.

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With today’s access to HD smartphones at a low cost, anyone can be a YouTuber and create video content.

The biggest difference that makes some few Youtubers extremely popular with their subscribers seems to be the level of creativity and some key factors we will discuss below.

Unlike Instagram, YouTube has been offering a revenue-sharing model for its creators for years, allowing them to make money from their video views. This is a massive reason for the quality of content on YouTube and the number of viewers engaged.

However, few Australian YouTube channels have over 10 million subscribers; falling short compared to other developed countries with similar population sizes.

Australians – on YouTube – consume far more overseas video content hours than local content, meaning there is still a massive opportunity to create local and compelling content for the diverse ethnicities residing in Australia.

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17.5+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the popular How to Basic channel. 

HowToBasic is an Australian YouTube comedy channel owned by the American Fullscreen network (Parent: Otter Media Holdings).

The creator of the videos does not speak or show his face and remains anonymous.

The How to Basic channel on Youtube primarily features bizarre and destructive visual gags disguised as how-to tutorials.

How to Basic first gained popularity in 2013.

The channel was briefly suspended on two occasions on presumed violations of YouTube’s policy on misleading content.

Soon after each time, the channel was restored and the suspensions were lifted.

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Get this exclusive list of the top 200 Australians on YouTube.

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top 200 Australians on YouTube list

The top 200 Australians on YouTube – premium list.

Get this premium and exclusive list now


In the 2021 Q1 earnings report, Google parent company Alphabet confirmed YouTube brought in revenue of $6.01 billion in advertising revenue during the quarter — up from $4 billion a year ago, for a growth rate of 49%.

This is an acceleration over its 46% growth in Q4.

It’s also nearly twice the growth rate of Netflix, which reported 24% revenue growth in Q1 and expects growth to slow to 19% next quarter.

If its current growth trajectory continues, YouTube will book between $29 billion and $30 billion in revenue this year.

Netflix is expected to report $29.7 billion in revenue for 2021, according to Refinitiv.

To keep up with this growth, we estimate YouTube will continue supporting new creators with the best tools and resources to make them succeed.

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20.2+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the popular How Ridiculous channel. 

Three Aussie guys who make “ridiculous” and “fun” videos. They have successfully hooked a few million humans on YouTube.

How Ridiculous Australian Youtube channel exercise ball racing

How Ridiculous Australian Youtube channel exercise ball racing

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18.8+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the popular CKN Toys channel. 

The CKN Toys channel on YouTube features two Melbourian brothers: Calvin and Kaison and their adventures.

CKN Toys videos include toy reviews, opening giant surprise eggs and dressing up as superheroes.

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21.4+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the popular Lazarbeam channel. 

LazarBeam popular Australian Youtube meme funny monkey

LazarBeam popular Australian Youtube meme funny monkey

LazarBeam is a professional gamer born on the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia.

LazarBeam real name is Lanna Eacott.

Lanna started making slow-motion demolition videos in 2014 and created his YouTube channel in 2015.

He began posting videos of Fortnite Battle Royale in 2018.

Lanna also produced the film Lazer Team in 2015.

His sister (Tannar) is also a YouTuber with over one million subscribers.

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25+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the popular Chloe Ting channel. 

Chloe Ting popular Australian on Youtube fitness workout meme

Chloe Ting popular Australian on YouTube fitness workout meme

Want to build up a sweat without leaving your living room?

Melbourne local Chloe Ting is your girl.

One of the top 25 most popular female fitness creators on Instagram, Chloe changed the home workout game in 2020, going from roughly 2 million subscribers to 25 million and counting.

With her brand of “home challenges” continuing to grow in popularity, Chloe’s hitting PBs every day.

Chloe Ting was born in Brunei and she moved to Australia when she was a teenager.

Chloe started her YouTube channel in 2011 sharing fashion and travel tips before focusing on fitness in 2017 and lately also featuring healthy food recipes.

Her viral video “Get Abs in Two Weeks” was posted in August 2019 and now has 300+ million views.

Chloe gained notoriety in 2020 with her Two Week Shred Challenge on TikTok.

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28.5+ million people on YouTube are subscribed to the popular Bounce Patrol channel. 

bounce patrol Old MacDonald Had a Farm nursery rhymes

bounce patrol Old MacDonald Had a Farm nursery rhymes

It is far cheaper and more convenient for time-poor Australian parents to let their kids be entertained by the free Bounce Patrol YouTube videos than paying for a nanny 

The danger?

Aussie kids may never develop a taste for culturally rich music and dance from other parts of the planet.

As Ash Chang mentioned, there are encouraging signs a great diversity of YouTube content is on the way, meaning the new generation of Australian kids no longer have to watch those repetitive and tedious Bounce Patrol characters.

30% of the Australian population was born overseas and I would assume they would prefer their kids to watch content that brings to life their cultural richness.

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  • Authentic content. Australians are wary of content that feels forced or inauthentic; they’re much more likely to listen to—and be won over by people who sound and feel like them. 7 out of 10 YouTube subscribers say they relate to YouTubers more than traditional celebrities.
  • Freedom of choice.  Australians can watch what they want, whenever they want and skip everything else. This translates to a hugely important feeling: freedom. They want content that can be worked around their lives.
  • Learn anything. Some of the top Australian Youtubers have democratised knowledge, providing a place where people can watch and learn about anything they can think of i.e. “unboxing videos”, “how-to” guides, free tutorials, etc. Popular Australian Youtubers have become Australia’s visual online help and archive of thousands of visual instruction manuals for Australians.
  • Living vicariously through other top YouTube influencers’ experiences. Popular Australians on YouTube encourage people to do anything that seems impossible for any economic, physical or mental reason. Their millions of followers can do it vicariously by watching their content on YouTube.

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The new addition and fetish for watching others watch will continue.

People enjoy watching others watch not only online gaming but also sports games, cooking, casinos, going shopping, interviews, awards ceremonies, etc.

Youtube trends 58 per cent people feel connected watching live streams

YouTube trends 58 per cent of people feel connected watching live streams. Source: ThinkwithGoogle.

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Before you dig deeper into the most popular Australian YouTube channels list, check out Ash Chang’s (YouTube Culture & Trends lead for APAC) insights below on how the YouTube creator archetype is evolving to meet audiences more open to a larger diversity of stories and storytellers leading the way.

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  • Relatability. People have to relate to your content to follow you. There are different strategies to achieve that. Some might include producing video stories people feel guilty about or can connect to someone who may be guilty so they can experience the pleasure of sharing the story.
  • Fun. There is a strong positive association of fun elements with the level of fans, followers and subscribers.
  • Great branding. Popular Australian YouTube channels ensure all videos are branded via watermarking each video with a logo, web address and some great cover images for both the channel and the video thumbnails.
  • Content tilt. Popular YouTube channels find a unique flavour to tell your stories. One of the most popular videos by an Australian YouTuber in 2016 was the  “How to Masturbate” video by the  How to Basic channel. The channel offers a different perspective on “how-to’s” which you might find weird, amusing, strange, bizarre or cool.
  • Creativity. Most of these top popular Australian channels on YouTube offer a creative angle for earning the likes of millions of viewers and reaching millions of followers.
  • Collaborations with other creators. Flume music producer and YouTube collaborate with other popular artists  including Moon Holiday, Jezzabell Doran, Chet Faker, T-Shirt and others.
  • Surprise. Most videos “surprise” people with cool and unique content they might never be exposed to otherwise.
  • Youtube branding. Promote the new and latest YouTube logo on all your online properties and link to your YouTube channel.
Youtube top ten video creators Australia

Youtube top ten video creators Australia – Trends report

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  • YouTube creators can add authentic associations to brands. When creators collaborate with brands, the result needs to feel like an authentic, organic product of that creator’s channel. Successful partnerships require a shared purpose and, most importantly, a desire to create innovative content that will inherently appeal to a creator’s audience.
  • YouTube Australian creators reach real people. There’s one thing creators and brands can agree upon: Audience is everything. Much like brands, creators are constantly shaping and refining their identities to reach broad (or even niche) audiences. Both creators and brands measure engagement to determine their value and reputation and to earn and hold their audience’s undivided attention.
  • All in one. When working with a popular YouTube creator, brands get all in one: the creative concept, creative art, pre and post-production house which includes talent, shooting, coming up with ideas, editing, etc far cheaper than what it would cost doing the same with a creative agency.
  • Huge Reach. Brands get guaranteed thousands – if not millions – of video views when working with popular YouTube creators, ensuring your brand hits your campaign objectives.
  • Australian YouTube creators can generate a positive social impact. Whether they’re encouraging body positivity and confidence or offering their fans different perspectives and new ways to drive change, an increasing number of creators are using YouTube to spread social awareness. Why? Because online video enables creators to tell their stories to a diverse, global audience. Australian hip-hop artist L-FRESH The LION is one of 28 emerging creators to receive production funding from YouTube Creators for Change, a worldwide initiative dedicated to amplifying and multiplying the voices of creators who are using their channels to tackle difficult social issues. Through his thoughtful lyrics, L-FRESH The LION combats hate speech, xenophobia, and extremism—simply making the case for greater tolerance and empathy toward others—with uplifting, self-produced beats.

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One of the most interesting and well-done studies in the field of Virality is by The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute “Viral Marketing – The Science of Sharing” by Karen Nelson-Field. Some interesting insights of the study include:

  • Don’t under-invest in distribution (reach) and over-invest in creativity. It’s cool being the best guitarist in the world, but if you are playing in your bathroom, no one will ever hear you. The same goes for creating contagious video content. Most of the viral video content has paid for reach to make it super viral.
  • Be positive. Video content which draws a strong, positive emotional response is 30 per cent more likely to be shared than those which elicit strong negative emotions. Strong negative emotions such as anger or shock can prompt us to share, but it is a tough one to get right, as you risk alienating your consumers. Focusing on positive emotions is a much safer bet.
  • Forget cute cats and celebs, focus on personal triumphs and the weather. It’s a myth that all you need to do to make a video go viral is stick a cute cat in it. Such creative devices are useless if your video does not elicit strong emotions from its audience. However, some creative devices are highly likely to attract large amounts of sharing and are underused by marketers. One is a personal triumph, used by such ads as P&G’s “Best Job” from the 2012 Olympics. However, a safer bet is science/weather/nature-oriented videos. If there is such a thing as a “sure-fire” approach to viral marketing, then these come the closest.

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  • As recently keynoted (minute: 24:10) by  Susan Wojcicki (YouTube CEO); YouTube creators have a great opportunity to work with the TV and film industry too. Example: Flulla YouTube creator starred in Pitch Perfect two movie (2015) and now starring in his movie “Buddy Moon” (2016) or Issa Ray Youtube creator of her Youtube channel: Awkward Black Girl who signed with HBL for the series: “Insecure”. Another example is Rachel Bloom Youtube creator who successfully partners with The CW Network to launch her comedy series: “Crazy Ex-girlfriend”.
  • Aussie YouTubers should try to get involved with YouTube Red (ad-free experience) which is YouTube’s channel for original series made by YouTube creators which currently is closely competing with rival similar cable shows. The creators featured on Youtube Red get a boost on their YouTube subscription and watching time on their main ad-supported channels and most of these new fans are coming from users who had not watched that content before.

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Get this exclusive list of the top 200 Australians on YouTube.

This premium list ready on Google Sheets includes:

  • Name
  • Link to their correspondent YouTube channel
  • Number of followers
  • Industry

This list is used by marketers for influencer outreach programs on YouTube.

This list will help you:

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  • Visit their correspondent’s YouTube channel
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top 200 Australians on YouTube list

The top 200 Australians on YouTube – premium list.

Get this premium and exclusive list now

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Some of the above Australian YouTubers produce a wide range of content, including comedy sketches, vlogs, music videos, educational videos, and more. They offer entertainment and escapism for millions of people in Australia and overseas. YouTube has become a platform where creative Australians can express themselves and share their talents with a global audience.

Popular Australians on YouTube foster communities around their channels, creating a sense of belonging and connection among their fans. Through comment sections, live chats, and social media platforms, viewers can interact with these Aussie YouTubers and fellow fans, forming a community that shares common interests and experiences.

Some of these Australian YouTubers inspire their viewers by sharing personal stories, challenges, and achievements. They provide motivation and empower individuals to pursue their passions, overcome obstacles, have fun and believe in their potential.

Australian YouTubers often serve as role models, offering guidance and support to their audience.

Aussie YouTubers’ influence and importance in today’s media landscape cannot be overlooked by local marketers in Australia. 

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