Find below the top 10 latest healthy food market trends. The best 10 healthy food industry trends. Grow your business by selling the trendiest healthy food products.

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10. Consumers are willing to pay for GMO-Free, organic or natural products

A recent NielsenIQ Health and Wellness report point out that 70% of global consumers are willing to pay for GMO-free, organic or natural products.

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9. In Europe, healthy alternatives like bio/organic or vegan products are a rising trend.

8. More than half of European consumers (55%) are willing to pay a premium for organic/bioproducts, and in specific markets, like Italy, the intention is even higher (70%).

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7. In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, organic food’s share of sales has risen continuously over the last few years.

In many food categories, the value growth of organic variants exceeds the non-organic segment performance.

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6. Meat consumption will continue to fall in some markets 

3-5% of people follow a full vegan or vegetarian diet in Western Europe, on average, about 3 out of 10 Western European households have reduced meat consumption for health reasons.

5. Meat alternatives are becoming popular at supermarkets in the UK.

In the United Kingdom, 1 out of 7 households bought meat alternatives in January 2022 and sales of meat alternatives and plant-based milk increased by double digits.

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4. Plant-based food will continue to steal a share of the healthy food market

In more and more categories consumers are welcoming plant-based segments like frozen snacks, candy options, and ice cream, which are producing favourable sales numbers.

3. “Free-from” a popular selling point in Eastern Europe

Having an increased appetite for healthy alternatives is not just a trend in the West. Some markets in Eastern Europe are seeing the expansion of “free-from” product sales.

In Hungary gluten-free and lactose-free products are taking a growing share of total food (5% in Q2 2022). Plant-based dairy products are demonstrating significant growth, up 12%. In the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) organic products are trending, up 15-20%, and are taking a bigger slice of the FMCG value share (2.3-2.8%). Baltic countries are also seeing a higher number of plant-based milk sales (5-19%).

2. The Health Supplements category will continue to grow in Asia

In Asia, health remains a key consumer preference. Asian consumers focus more on categories that provide health and immunity boosters (i.e., antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins).

The fastest growing category is OTC & health supplements with a value growth rate of 15.1% in Q2 2022.

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1. Affordability is key for healthy food consumers.

As retail sales numbers show, people are willing to spend on categories and product attributes that serve key needs like health and wellness.

Healthy food manufacturers and retailers need to keep in mind that cost cautiousness is a barrier to purchase, so providing saving options and serving key consumer demand, for example offering affordable healthy food alternatives, is critical to keep the consumer loyal to your brands.

Diversifying food portfolios in light of sales trends and consumer behaviour shifts is a vital path to marketing success.

Source: NielsenIQ Health and Wellness report.

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