Find below the top 10 Gen Z characteristics. The top distinctive values, specific personality traits, special attributes and distinguishable beliefs of Generation Z.

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Do you want to find out what Generation Z is all about and its top unique characteristics?

Read below to find out.

10. Accept differences of opinion

Gen Zers believe in the importance of accepting differences of opinion and dialogue with their families, groups and institutions in which they participate.

Gen Z pragmatism is demonstrated when they interact with institutions that reject their values.

Gen Zers would engage with those institutions to extract whatever makes sense for them. (3)

perspectives accepting different opinions dialogue negotiation illustration image

perspectives accepting different opinions dialogue negotiation illustration image

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9. Collaborative

Gen Z consumers are highly collaborative, self-reliant and pragmatic, according to new Stanford-affiliated research. Generation Z, the first generation never to know the world without the internet, values diversity and finding their own unique identities, says Stanford scholar Roberta Katz (2)

collaborative learning photo collaboration workplace image

collaborative learning photo collaboration workplace image

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8. Gen Z-ready content formats 

While some Gen Z enjoy short-form scrolling, there are signs of short-form content fatigue.

Long content formats and live stream content are becoming popular as the opportunities for live stream shopping touch points have increased.

Marketers should keep customers’ experiences alive across an omnichannel universe and most importantly, invest in continually and fully understanding the values and priorities of Gen Z consumers.

Influencer promoting TikTok's Live Talent Show event

Influencer promoting TikTok’s Live Talent Show event

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Gen Z is not interested in their parents’ news sources.

That was one of the main takeaways from the 2023 Digital News Report published by the Reuters Institute.

Gen Z is least likely to read the news and most likely to watch or listen to it.

Social media networks (especially TikTok) are preferred to news media websites and apps when hunting for headlines by Gen Z.

Reuters claimed that the people who turn to TikTok for news are more likely to seek reports from influencers than journalists.

7. Re-shaped life priorities and values

Living for the moment is normal for Gen Z.

In a constantly disrupted world, Gen Z feels a collective urgency to look after the planet, which is why it is not surprising the rise of popular sustainability hashtags on TikTok

Side hustles (as additional income sources) and passion outlets take a big chunk of Gen Z’s time.

The prioritisation of these side hustles may further delay other life milestones like marriage, home ownership and parenting — and the traditional purchases associated with those moments.

Only 25% of Gen Zs name marriage as a top 3 aspiration (1).

While they’re still being shaped and defined by an unstable world, they still hold a few traditional values:

Gen Z has a strong generational desire for security, community, meaning and exploration.

words associated with community in facebook across the globe

words associated with community in Facebook across the globe

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6. Authenticity wins 

Behind brands are people and Gen Z knows that.

They expect brands to be the authentic representation of brand founders’ beliefs, behaviours and chosen activities.

From Gen Z’s eyes, a brand will then must express the authentic feelings, thoughts and ideas of the tribe behind them.

gen z meme alpha cat

Gen Z meme alpha cat

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5. Made for me

Marketers who can offer some sort of product customisation will win Gen Z consumers.

Fewer labels, more individual prints.

Individual identity wins over brand loyalty.

customised Armani shoes sneakers meme funny birds couple

customised Armani shoes sneakers meme funny birds couple

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4. Inclusivity matters

They expect marketers to cater their brands for a variety of individual needs and preferences.

Gen Z offers the greatest affinity for brands that represent and support racial and ethnic minorities and the LGBTQI+ community.

19:99 ethnic and age inclusive cosmetic beauty brand

19:99 ethnic and age inclusive cosmetic beauty brand

gender pronouns funny lgbtqi lizard chameleon iguana dog

gender pronouns funny lgbtqi lizard chameleon iguana dog

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3. Purpose-driven experiences 

Gen Z consumers expect personal and purpose-driven brand experiences including:

  • The way they can purchase a brand
  • The way they can use and enjoy a brand
  • Brand-related events
  • How the in-store experience is curated.

For Gen Z shoppers, the most meaningful experiences are tied to action and activism. Gen Zs are doers.

Gen Z is changeful with their attention, purposeful with their time and conscious of their consumption. Proof over promises is what sways this generation.

Marketers who can show a deep understanding and connection to Gen Z ideals by offering authentic experiences will win in relevancy and will build towards long-lasting Gen Z loyalty.

purpose quote cats

purpose quote cats

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2. Activism is crucial

Generation Z is not afraid of getting rid of brands that do not live up to their values, standards and ideals.

Socially and civically active, digitally native and consciously aware, activism and protest art are at the heart of Gen Z consumption choices.

Brands that prioritise physical, mental and the environment will be added to Gen Z shopping carts.

Responsible and sustainable brands are more likely to be purchased by Gen Z.

The top 3 concerns for Gen Zers are:

  • Animal welfare
  • Climate change
  • Air pollution
Animal welfare activism petition Miami Seaquarium Instagram post cetaceans dolphins

Animal welfare activism petition Miami Seaquarium Instagram post cetaceans dolphins

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power to the people icon design protest art

Power to the People icon design – One of the world’s top 10 most popular protest art.

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1. Social Commerce is natural

Gen Z buy brands directly within social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok. Instead of a linear retail relationship, the Gen Z retail model is more circular, where the consumer can also be a creator, influencer brand partner and seller.

As traditional retail’s outsized influence begins to fade, increasing relevance in the realm of social commerce will be required for retailers and manufacturers.

TikTok Shopping Ad example social commerce roller skates black woman

TikTok Shopping Ad example – social commerce – roller skates –  black woman – voluptuous – curvy – curly hair

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1. Nielsen IQ. 7 Ways Gen Z is reshaping the future of shopping. 2023.
2. Standford, Gen Z are not “coddled” They are highly collaborative. 2023.
3. McKinsey. ‘Tue Gen’ Generation Z and its implication for companies. 2018.

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Gen Z, the “always connected” generation are already finding it hard to deal with their addiction to their mobile phone screens.

Some have already decided to live disconnected from digital devices and invest that binge time to polish their art, craft or skill sets. 

Perfect Garden by Pawel Kuczynski a Polish Illustrator and philosopher

Perfect Garden by Pawel Kuczyński a Polish Illustrator and philosopher


Professional marketers promoting their brands to Millennials are taking into account some of the above characteristics when deciding the planning, creativity and strategy of their campaigns.

It is important to offer Gen Z customers a way to provide feedback and participation channels for how your brand should evolve. 

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