The top 10 Australian comedians and comics in 2024. The most popular and most followed Aussie male comics and famous female comedians in 2024 as seen on Youtube, Netflix, TikTok and Instagram and most sold stand-up comedy shows across Australia.


The below top 10 most popular comedians in Australia in 2024 list is ranked by several factors including searchers in Google Australia, comedians’ social media fan count and the most sold stand-up comedy shows across Australia. 


For some, Carl Barron is considered the best Australian comedian. For others is Adam Hills. The choice is very personal. Check out our below ranking list and decide who the best Australian comedian is.


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10. Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby is an Australian female comedian.  Hannah made waves in the Australian comedy scene when she released Nanette, her award-winning show featuring poignant social commentary on gender and sexuality. Since then, she has performed two more shows, Douglas and Body of Work. Gadsby recently filmed the latter at the Sydney Opera House and it is set to be released as a Netflix special in 2023. Her memoir “Ten Steps to Nanette” was released in 2022.

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9. Chris Lilley

Christopher Lilley is a popular Australian comedian, actor, writer and musician. He is known for his creation and portrayal of several fictional characters in the mockumentary television series We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the YearSummer Heights HighAngry BoysJa’mie: Private School GirlJonah from Tonga, and the web series Lunatics. He is a two-time winner of the Logie Award for Most Popular Actor.

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8. Chris Taylor

Christopher Taylor is a popular Australian comedy writer from Sydney. As a member of The Chaser, he is best known for co-writing and appearing on satirical ABC Television shows CNNNN and The Chaser’s War on Everything. Chris co-hosted the drive radio show Today Today on Triple J with Chaser member Craig Reucassel, and in 2007, he wrote the musical comedy Dead Caesar.

Chris also hosted the short documentary series “Australia’s Heritage: National Treasures”. In 2010, with his Chaser colleague Andrew Hansen, Taylor made a musical comedy series for Triple J titled The Blow Parade, which became a popular comedy podcast in Australia and won the 2010 ARIA Award for Best Comedy Release. In 2019, Chris created and co-wrote the drama Upright starring Tim Minchin. The series was popular in Australia and the UK.

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7. Hamish Blake

Hamish Blake is a prominent male Australian comedian, television and radio presenter, actor and author. Since 2003, Hamish has worked with Andy Lee as part of the popular comedy duo Hamish and Andy. The duo have performed live and on television and radio, most notably in the radio program Hamish & Andy.

As a solo comedy performer, Hamish has appeared on various Australian television programs, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s televised 2008 Great Debate, and has been a regular guest on popular Aussie TV comedy series: Spicks and SpecksRove and Thank God You’re Here.

In April 2012, Hamish and Lee won a Logie Award for their television program Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year. Hamish also won the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. In 2022, Hamish was the recipient of the TV Week Bert Newton Award for the most outstanding presenter.

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6. Celeste Barber

Australian female comedian Celeste Barber has collaborated with different brands including Google Australia, online payment platform: Klarna and food ingredients home delivery business: Hello Fresh.
Celeste is famous for her celebrity parodies, especially with her funny photos published on Instagram.

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5. Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is Fiji Tourism’s choice of celebrity endorsement for the December 2021 re-opening of the island.


Rebel Wilson popular Australian comedian

Rebel Wilson popular Australian comedian on Instagram

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4. Jane Turner

Jane Turner is an Australian actress, popular Aussie female comedian and Logie Award-winning comedy series creator and screenwriter. 

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3. Eric Bana

Eric Banadinović, known professionally as Eric Bana, is an Australian actor and comedian. He began his career in the sketch comedy series Full Frontal before gaining notice in the comedy-drama The Castle. He achieved further critical recognition for starring in the biographical crime film Chopper.

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2. Paul Hogan

Paul Hogan is an Australian actor and comedian. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his performance as outback adventurer Michael “Crocodile” Dundee in Crocodile Dundee (1986), the first in the Crocodile Dundee film series.

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1. Anh Do

Anh Do is a popular Vietnamese-born Australian author, actor, comedian, and painter. He has appeared on Australian TV shows such as Thank God You’re Here and Good News Week, and was runner-up on Dancing with the Stars in 2007. 


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Some of these popular Australian comedians have a remarkable talent for using humour to bring to light complex social issues and taboos in today’s Australian society.  These Popular Aussie comics and comedians have earned the right to inform and influence their Australian audiences and fans to think about and take action towards a particular cause or issue. By combining facts and humour, the impact of the message is amplified and increases its chances of being seen and grasped by the public. Onstage, some of these remarkable Aussie comedians turn their oppressors, agitations and abusers into the butt of the joke. Not only can they do that but in doing so you disempower that negativity. The fact that these Aussie comedians can share these emotions while keeping the audience in endless belly-clenching laughter is the sign of a master comedian.

Marketers who want to connect with humour and comedy themes have found partnering with comedians is a great way to bring refreshing and enjoyable storytelling to their customers. This can be done by finding fun ways to express how your brand can solve someone’s issues or challenges or by simply not taking your brand benefits too seriously and allowing some silliness in your storytelling. 

Comedy surely is not for all brands, but few have found comedy a fantastic way to engage their audiences. 

On the other hand, learning how to promote a comedy business requires a creative and strategic marketing approach to reach your most valuable audience and stand out in a very competitive market. 

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