The current TikTok video caption limit in 2024. How long is the TikTok video description length in 2024? Find out now… The maximum character count for TikTok video descriptions in 2024.

By Mau, a Senior TikTok Marketing Specialist at eDigital.

We have just completed research that uncovers the latest TikTok video caption length limit in 2024.


Before you get too excited about finding the video post character limit for TikTok, let me tell you something.

All social media platforms’ business models are incredibly sophisticated “money extraction” machines.

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TikTok just changed its video descriptions (and it’s not good news for Google).

TikTok might be one of the world’s most popular short-form video apps, but the platform has decided that shorter video descriptions are not always better.

According to a screenshot posted by Mau, Global Head of TikTok Marketing Strategy at eDigital, TikTok just extended its video description limit from 2,200 characters to a whopping 4,000 characters—and TikTok is actively educating and encouraging creators to take advantage of this new added length on video descriptions:

TheTikTok video caption limit is 4000 characters in 2024

This allows you to express more details about your creations describing what your videos show, allowing you to get closer to your audience, generating more engagement while becoming more searchable and better recommended by TikTok to viewers.

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That enhanced searchability could be a bad sign for Google.

Google admitted that social media apps like TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat are sapping traffic from Google Search and Maps.

Now, TikTok seems to have embraced its growing role as Gen Z’s “go-to search engine”.

The platform’s expanded character limit—which allows for longer video descriptions and thus many more SEO terms—comes only weeks after it began testing a “Nearby” feed that displays locally-generated content.

Both features make TikTok more easily searchable (and therefore more competitive with Google Maps and Search). Thanks to detailed video descriptions and location-based content, TikTok users could soon find everything from local food recommendations to nearby tourist attractions without ever leaving TikTok. And, judging from top executives’ recent comments, that’s the last thing Google wants.

current TikTok caption limit 4000 characters

current TikTok caption limit 4000 characters

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The maximum 33 #hashtag number has not changed.

Both creators and companies on TikTok will like the new features and both are looking for new ways to generate extra reach and engagement on their TikTok videos.

This newly expanded character count will offer great opportunities for writers, copywriters, marketers and social media managers to tell more engaging stories.

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“The new TikTok video description limit of 2200 characters allows your videos to be found when people are searching for them. Make sure you include related and relevant words in your video descriptions”


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