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eDigital has benchmarked different social media marketing templates from top marketing consulting firms to social media agencies, taken some great insights and have created one single Master Social Media Plan Template for you.

A good Social Media Marketing planning process forces you to articulate your key assumptions, define the metrics that matter, and align your marketing team around a shared Social Media Marketing strategy. Think of it as early detection: if done right and done well, it will help you to identify nascent flaws in your execution and strategy before it metastasizes into an actual social media crisis. This will be particularly important as you build out your social media team and ramp up spend when making course corrections only become more difficult.

Your Social Media Marketing leader needs to define the output expected of her, and the input ($$, headcount) required, and begin to work through the trade-offs. For example, some of the key questions the Social Media Marketing Manager has to answer during the planning process are:

  • Under this Social Media Marketing Plan, how many leads Social Media Marketing should generate (if any)?
  • Does the Sales Manager share the same definition of a lead?
  • What lead generation or sales-enablement efforts does Social Media Marketing Plan for?
  • What category-creation/brand-marketing efforts should we activate via social media marketing?
  • What social media marketing activities must I invest in 2018 to lay the groundwork for 2019?


  • Saves you time! Yes, you could start a template from scratch but why? Request this template and you will be working with your colleagues on it straight away! We have invested some good hours making sure it is nicely presented and the formulas on some of the worksheets have been tested and work great. The benefit of having it on Google SpreadSheet is that you can give access to your social media and/or marketing team wherever they are as the document will live on the cloud. They can also add comments to any cell and people will be notified when commenting is happening, making it a very dynamic template 🙂
  • Helps you plan tangible executions for your customer journey! This template will help you identify and plan key social media activities and develop a strategy to make your business stand out in social media, increase customer awareness of your product and services, increase preference and trial and ultimately drive people to buy (purchase), increase repeat purchases and loyalty and advocacy.
  • Helps you keep track!  This Social Media Marketing Plan template has been designed to help you present and track your marketing objectives, strategies and tactical executions in a nice manner and to get buy-in from other stakeholders at your company.

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When purchasing your Social Media Marketing Plan template, you will also receive the below templates and guidelines:

✅ Social Media Strategy Presentation Template – On google slides ready for cross-team collaboration, you can also save it as a “Microsoft Powerpoint” presentation.

✅The best 4 Charts every social media manager should use” – Guide. Measuring and monitoring social media impact by simply looking at the growth of followers or reach is no longer enough to be successful as a social media manager. Whether you’re evaluating your social media investments or identifying areas of opportunity, understanding these four ways to visualize your social media data will give you a new level of insight:

  • Slope chart for growth of followers/ reach
  • Maps for global/ regional engagement
  • Scatter plot for reach vs. engagement
  • Boxplots to compare distribution by categories

+ ✅ Brand Voice Guidelines“. Keep all your content creators on the same page with well-documented brand voice guidelines.

marketing template download eDigital

social media marketing plan template download eDigital

Why you need a Social Media Marketing Plan Template?

  • Increase sales via the production of social media stories that move customers from awareness all the way to loyalty and advocacy.
  • The briefing process is so much easier. By sharing this template with your agencies, your freelance social media manager or PR agency they will quickly and easily understand your social media activity and goals.
  • Get buy-in from other stakeholders about your current and projected social media activities
  • Keep consistency. Especially when using campaign tagging parameters you need to ensure everyone gets it right. The template offers a campaign tagging tool you can use straight away.
  • Monitor your social media activities, progress and success.

What to consider and/or have ready before you using this Social Media Marketing Plan template

When completing this Social Media Marketing Plan template, you also be asked to write down your brand positioning statement, brand mission, brand vision, brand values and key information about your brand. This Social Media Marketing Plan template will help you set realistic and measurable objectives, includes and action plans, and allocate responsibilities.

Hi MAU. Yes we are happy with the template and we started using it on a daily basis. It has saved us so much time specially using it to communicate our strategy and tactical execution to other stakeholders. Thank you. Kelly


This Best Social Media Marketing Plan template  includes:

  • THE STRATEGY. Before you start your social media activation, it is critical you and your team design the social media strategy for your brand.
  • BRANDING ELEMENTS. In this section of the spreadsheet, the template asks you to write down key information about your brand including what issues/problems the brand is trying to solve? Unique elements brought to market: product features, range, delivery, customer service, rewards, program, convenience, cost-saving. This social media marketing plan template will also ask you to define your brand mission, vision, values, language, design.
  • BUDGET SPLIT. Specific cells for budget allocation per channel and actual spend so you can easily track the progress of your spend.
  • MONTHLY REPORT. Different cells for own media vs earn media.
  • CAMPAIGN FLOW. You to map out all the social media activities to reach every single customer touchpoint within the Customer Purchase Journey. Below is our eDigital “Customer buying cycle” graph you could use to framework your Social Media content calendar by looking at each phase of the customer journey.
  • CAMPAIGN TARGETING. A specific sheet to add specific targeting parameters to each of your social media campaigns.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR. On this section of the spreadsheet, you will be defining the top tactical social media activities you will be performing every month.
  • WIP (WORK IN PROGRESS – LIST). When working with a different team and/or on multiple projects, it is important to have a list of key social media activities/tasks you and your teams need to track and ensure they get completed.
  • ENGAGEMENT BENCHMARK. A separate sheet for Social Media benchmark. Compare your engagement levels against your competitors.
  • URL GENERATOR TOOL. Are you new to social media URL tagging? You will get a specific sheet to know how to add tagging parameters to all your social media urls. Just add a few parameters and the tool will do the magic!
  • WEEKLY POST LOG. Access an organised way to see what you or your team has posted during the week.
  • LIVE STREAMS CALENDAR. A visual monthly calendar to pinpoint your live streams. Useful if you go live on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.
  • ACTIVATION IDEAS LOG. Everyone at your company has ideas. It is great to listen to them all and have a place to record them. Depending on your key objectives and top priorities, it is natural that some ideas will get actioned and others will have to wait.
  • INSPIRATION LOG. You or your team members might find great inspirational social media posts on other social media accounts. This specific sheet allows you to log all those inspirational posts so you can always go back and make use of them.
customer cycle dream plan book experience share graph

customer cycle dream plan book experience share graph

The feedback from the social media team has been very positive. We have added some customisations to the template that fits the way we create strategy and manage campaigns. Thank you. Alan


  • Once you make the payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can find the link that takes you to the Google Docs where the template is located.
  • Making a copy is easy! Just go to File > Make a copy
  • Then, you are ready to use the Social Media Marketing Plan Template!
social media marketing plan google sheets how to-make a copy of template

social media marketing plan google sheets how to-make a copy of template


  • ✅ FREE Social Media Management Software Request for Proposal  – 50 Questions you must ask your potential social media management software provider. Choosing a social media management solution can be tough, especially for larger organisations. You or your team may not know what different tools may offer or what functionality you even need. That’s why the social media experts at eDigital rounded up over 50 popular questions to include in your Social Media Management Software Request for Proposal. The sections are broken out by different solution functionality, and you can delete any item that isn’t a consideration for your organisation. You can also add lines for functionality not listed. Once you have decided what features and solutions your team needs, brand this document and send it to providers. If you have your own RFP template, just pull out all of the questions you thought were important and put them in your own document.
  • ✅ FREE Hashtag Holiday Calendar. Whether you’re raising awareness for World Mental Health Day or celebrating your inner foodie with National French Fry Day, there’s a national holiday to link your brand to. Pro marketers like you rely on hashtag holidays to get people to engage, share content, promote a cause or celebrate. However, with the vast number of hashtag holidays celebrated across the globe, it’s difficult to know which version of the hashtags are correct and the most used. Access now the most popular and accurate hashtag holidays for 2018. eDigital has cherry-picked a combination of generally celebrated, industry-specific and lesser-known hashtag holidays and compiled them into the social media marketing plan template for you.
  • ✅ FREE Live Streams Calendar Section. Facebook live streams and Instagram live videos have taken the world by storm. Make the most of them by keeping a schedule of what live streams you plan to cast through the month.


You will adapt this Social Media Marketing Plan as you bring learnings and insights from your key social media metrics, sales data, marketing data and customers feedback, competitor review and observation and evaluation of your industry environment.


Your Social Media Marketing team should be actively involved in the production and tracking of all the elements committed in your Social Media Marketing Plan. Assigning responsibilities in advance will clear up any questions to make sure everyone is on the same page.



The last phase during the execution of your Social Media Marketing Plan is to ensure you are measuring progress, tweak template accordingly and have your success metrics ready to be compared with your initial baseline.


Once you have a first draft of the plan, you should stress test the assumptions for achievability. For example, can you hire the number of people you are planning to hire? Have you factored in ramp-up time? Have you factored in social media marketing training and/or software management and analytics costs? Have you factored in customer attrition?

Eventually, a company is not a democracy, and planning is only useful if you make choices along the way. At the same time, you need to make sure your marketing team buy into your social media plan, including the key assumptions/metrics. And if they don’t really buy-in, then you need to make the choice of changing the plan or letting them go.

Annual Social Media Marketing planning, done well, is an opportunity to set the overall direction for your company, empower the team, and deliver clear SOcial Media Marketing leadership and best practices.


  • Not sure whether your Social Media Marketing Plan is ready to be presented to your team?eDigital helps you draft and review your Social Media Marketing Plan. Contact eDigital today!
  • eDigital can also run workshops and training sessions for your team to ensure you have a sound Social Media Marketing Plan.


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