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A “Social Media Policy” for employees or a “Social Media Guidelines” is a document written by Marketing, Human Resources or lawyers that provides a standard of acceptable professional and personal online behaviour for employees when talking about the company, its brands, employees, activities and intellectual property.

A social media policy document can be both a public document accessed via the internet on a public company website, privately via a company intranet or physically via reading a printed copy accessed via a tea room or another area within your workspace.

A social media policy should be of easy access by any employee, franchisee and contractor at any given time. This document is the “true” source when someone at your company is not sure what, when, and how they can talk about your company, your employees and its products and services via social media platforms.


Step 1: Define your goals

It is important that you partner with your HR manager to discuss the most important elements to include in this policy. You want to acknowledge that social media errors can occur to anyone across all levels of your organisation and to ensure all employees feel supported with the new or updated social media policy. You should invite employees to directly communicate with you their ideas for a social media policy. A great tip is to share some past issues and challenges that you happen to you, a senior member or anyone else in your organisation. This exercise will open the door for more discussion with your employees. Employees’ feedback can surely give you valuable feedback and insights into exactly how you can reach the goals you define. 

Step 2: Research

With goals and employees’ feedback in mind, you should get a frame of reference by researching other social media policies of other companies in your industry. From here, you can then dig into what social media experts recommend for supporting employees’ social media usage. This step is especially important if your organisation has never had a comprehensive social media policy/guidelines in place. Even if you already have a social media policy, regular research keeps you up-to-date on the latest trends from social media experts to ensure that your policy’s language, guidelines and any rules and regulations best support your employees. 

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Step 3: Write the first draft

After the research is completed, you write the first draft of your social media policy. It is still a work in progress at this point. Incorporate your initial ideas in a way that promotes your organisation’s values and alignment with other policies. 

Step 4: Consult a Social Media Policy specialist

If you do not have a social media specialist or expert in your organisation, you will need to hire an expert to offer you some hours of consultation. A social media professional plays an integral role in helping your team refine and implement your social media policy. Sometimes this expert’s involvement can be the most important component in this process. You are welcome to contact one of our Senior social media specialists. To help you, we can provide guidance on appropriate language, open communication techniques and creative solutions for working alongside your employees to support them. We will highlight details you may have never considered which can mean the difference between a policy that will be forgotten and a policy that is truly effective. 

Step 5: Write the second draft

After external consultation with an expert has been completed, we are now ready to write the second draft of your policy, incorporating the top tips and advice given by the social media expert. 

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Step 6: Get approval from your lawyer/attorney

Once you have your second draft prepared, you are ready to send it to your lawyer/attorney who can provide additional expertise and recommendations to ensure what the policy suggests and promises are legal and aligned with other organisation’s existing policies. A legal advisor can help you revise the language does not break any legalities. The last thing you want is to spend resources creating a policy you can’t legally introduce or enforce. Get feedback from your legal counsel before moving on. 

Step 7: Introduce the new/updated policy and provide training.

Do not risk your employees misunderstanding specific policy recommendations, guidelines or rules. You can create an event or a workshop around it to clarify exactly what this policy means for each team member and how it came to be. You can invite back an external social media expert to run training sessions about your new policy for your employees. You will find, the process will be much smoother with the help of an expert.  You may decide to run two workshops: one exclusively for your senior leadership team and direct support and another one for the rest of the employees. You should include a presentation that covers recognising signs of miscalculated social media posts or even signs of an upcoming social media crisis. You can also include how to ask for help when not sure how to use social media. With the new knowledge and policy in place, your team will feel more prepared and supported. 

Step 8: Follow up

You can include a periodic session (maybe every 6 months) to review any debatable or controversial social media posts or commentary and provide feedback to your team. 

Step 9: Make changes/updates if and when necessary

Your employees will love working for an organisation that is progressive and open to making changes and updates to policies. Policy updates (especially from employees’ feedback) will certainly make employees feel more comfortable and valued. 


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A social media policy is not a new concept.

Organisations around the world have been introducing social media policies, especially in the last year’ as social media communication has become more popular as not only a way to promote a business but also as a way to communicate with different parties including customers, partners, media, providers and even detractors.  

As a company leader, you have the power to change your team’s attitude and support system around social media usage for the better and at least one of your team members is waiting for you to realise it. 

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Ideally, effective social media policies should be fluid and responsive to the fast-paced digital world. But at the very least, taking the time to perform a yearly review can check the validity of your guidelines, save your employees a lot of confusion and help your company avoid potential pitfalls.

social media policy guidelines template

social media policy guidelines template

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Crafting a good social media policy can be tricky since it has to include legal considerations, brand guidelines, and your employees’ needs. Keep in mind the goal is not to restrict their sharing to a handful of approved corporate messages. Rather, your guardrails should give them the creative space and encouragement to hit the road for your company. When your employees advocate for your company responsibly, they bring humanity to your brand and help further their professional development at the same time.

Personal use of social media is not private. Appropriate regulation of your employees’ personal social media use is acceptable and enforceable.

Social media policies are an excellent way for businesses to regulate a technology that can harm them.

Mastering your business’ social media policy implementation, content and enforcement will ensure that your business maintains a strong and positive online presence.

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